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It was the time of the winter solstice and all the gods were gathered and it was the same argument they all had been arguing for who knows how long. Suddenly a group of people materialized in front of the gods. They were Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, and Grover.

Zues as usual demanded in a booming voice, "What are you demigods doing here and who are you?"

The demigods and satyr were confused, "Didn't you summon us lord Zues," asked Annabeth? Just as Zues was about to reply three old women appeared in front of everyone and they all recognized who the three were. They were the fates and whenever they appeared either a death or something important would happen.

Fate#1 spoke first,"We called them they are from several years in the future to read these book series, however you won't be reading about strictely you're adventures but with another in you're group." Fate#2 spoke next,"You will be reading an interdimmensional crossover version of the future, well the book will be reading itself and for certain events there will be a projection of what is happenning." Finally Fate#3 finished up the three part talk,"What none of you know is that there are millions of different dimensions and more are created everyday and quite often many dimensions interscect and create a whole new dimension."

Naturally everyone even Athena and Annabeth were shocked at hearing what the fates just said. To hear that they have different versions of themselves and possibly several thousand versions at that would shock anybody. Also to hear that there are dimensions that they don't even know existed was a little disheartening especially for the gods.

Percy was able to summon up his courage to ask why they were being told to read these books if it wasn't about their… dimension. It was Fate#3 who answered "This is because of something you once asked Chiron Perseus Jackson, you had asked what good one hero can do; now you will be getting a real answer to that question."

Fate#1 stepped forward to continue, "What you are about to read is a crossover with the shinobi world, now there is something that we need to tell you about how they fight. In their world they fight with abilities called jutsu which have several categories such as ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. We will no be telling you what they involve you will find out when you read however you will be given some history knowledge. With that as the fates left the basics from the bijuus to ranks began to run through the minds of all those present.

It took twenty minutes but they were able to sort everything and they were astounded. Now it was time to read. "So uhh let's do this," Percy said. So while the demigods sat down on an elongated couch that facing the gods it was going to the right Percy, Annebeth, Thalia, Nico, finally Grover.

Now the book shimmered and ststed out loud the title Naruto Prince of the Underworld. The title of the book definitely raised eyebrows but found them selves unable to say anything about it but definitely thought that it was about another son of Hades. Chapter 1 A Whole new World.

Two teenage boys were facing off in a place called the Valley of the End. This place was the final battle site of the First Hokage, the founder of Konoha, and Madara Uchiha, leader of the Uchiha clan. The two boys were Naruto Uzumaki, who was in his one tailed form and Sasuke Uchiha, who was in his curse seal level 2 form. Both boys were using malevolent powers, but for a purpose.

"Wait what kind of power" shouted everyone.

Sasuke Uchiha was using his power to gain a greater power and finally avenge his family by killing his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. That one man, in one night, literally obliterated the clan.

Everyone's eyes widened at the fact that this boy's older brother had murdered his clan.

He was going to kill Naruto to gain the ultimate power of his clan's power; the Mangekyo Sharingan. To gain the twisted power of the Sharingan, one has to lose something very precious to them.

Okay now everyone thought that both brothers were completely sick.

Naruto, however, was using the dark power sealed within him to bring back his best friend to the village…back to Sakura Haruno. She was the girl he loved but she love Sasuke for some reason. He would bring back the last Uchiha for her. He would even use Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox, the bane of his existence, to bring him back.

"What the hell"

For you see, Naruto was supposed to be seen as a hero for keeping the evil fox at bay, but he is seen as the Kyuubi itself and so, he is hate by all but the younger generation. Naruto saw Sasuke as his brother, because while he was at the bottom of the ninja class and an orphan, Sasuke was at the top and the Uchiha was the first person of the younger generation to accept him. So, he would bring him back no matter what!

"I am not going back Naruto. That place is only holding me back! I need to get enough power to beat HIM!" Sasuke said as he flapped his giant hand like wings, while activating his best jutsu, the Chidori, a weaker version of the Lightning Blade. It was also black because of the evil chakra he was using.

"He really sounds disgusting" cried Aphrodite. For once everyone agreed, two hand like wings out of the back is disgusting. It wasn't the having wings that was disgusting but these wings were handlike.

"I will take you back no matter what, even if I got to break every bone in your body!" Naruto yelled as the tail of the fox cloak swished behind him. He brought his hand to the side and a ball of energy swirled on to it. The Rasengan, normally blue thanks to human chakra, was now purple because of the mixing of human and demonic energies.

The two were at the bottom of a waterfall that had the statues of the two who once battled here. Sasuke was at Madara's feet while Naruto was the First Hokage's feet. With an unspoken word, the two flung into the air at each other, their attacks colliding.

The demigods were a little anxious for naruto. They could tell that naruto had to hold back if he was to bring this sasuke back to their home in their world. That would put him at a disadvantage against someone trying to kill.


The energies combined around the two thirteen year old boys, creating a large sphere of purple energy around them. Then there was a flash of light, as if there was an explosion of pure power, and now Naruto was knocked out on the ground while Sasuke was standing above the boy. "I am still better then you." Sasuke said as he walked away in the nearby forest. He would not kill Naruto, because then he would be just like Itachi.

That was a matter of opinion to the demigods. However something didn't feel right to Athena and annabeth. They were wondering why did Itachi kill his clan. For some reason they both could tell there was something bigger in play.

A few minutes, the rain began to pour down, the seal that held the evil Kyuubi glowed brightly through Naruto's clothes on his stomach. Then in another flash of light, the one who sealed that terrible beast inside Naruto appeared next to the blond haired ninja, the Fourth Hokage himself. The two looked almost like, except for the whisker marks on Naruto's cheeks.

The Fourth looked at Naruto sadly and said, "I'm sorry my son, I should have never sealed Kyuubi into you. I should have just let the village be destroyed by the beast." The Fourth Hokage then got down to his knees and put a hand on Naruto's seal and slowly a ball of crimson red energy with the seal surrounding it came out. "It is time I take you to your true home." He said after he pocketed the ball of energy and held up Naruto's unconscious body, bridal style. That is when Kakashi, Naruto's sensei and the fourth's old student, came on the scene.

The jonin's lone eye widened to that of a dish plate. "S-sensei? M-minato-sensei?" "Oh hello Kakashi." Minato said as he leveled a glare at the one eyed man. "Sorry to say but I am not truly here. When I sealed the Kyuubi into Naruto, I sealed part of my soul as well. Oh, and just so you know, I saw everything!" This one statement made the jonin pale and starts sweating.

"For some reason I don't like where this is going" said Hades in his mind as he had figured out that this Naruto was his son and because of how he was reacting it could mean that his son had not had a very pleasant childhood.

"I saw how the villagers ignored Naruto when he was just a child, they overpriced everything he bought, the academy held him back not for being stupid,

"What" yelled everyone, Athena who was very repulsed at a school doing their very best to hold back children from gaining all the knowlwdge they could while the demigods were furious that one of their own was the target of an entire village, and for Hades you could literally see his eyes alight.

they caused that, but because of the fact that they hated Naruto. No one gave him a chance and when he got onto your team, you turned your back on him AND the girl to train ONLY the Uchiha.

That made the demigods even more angry then before, to only train one student and just forget about the rest of a teachers students was repulsive, even if there were demigods that were more powerful that others each got equal training time.

You are just like the villager: at least the third Hokage helped him when he could without that that damn council interfering. That saying, 'Those who don't follow the rules are trash, but those who don't help their comrades are worse than trash', does not apply to you. You are such a hypocrite, and a failure in my eyes." Minato growled out as he walked to a black portal. "I hope you are proud of yourself"

"Sensei wait!" came the shaky voice of Kakashi.

"Are you going to say sorry? Don't bother….it won't change a thing." Minato said as he adjusted his hold on Naruto and brought a hand into the air. "COME!" There was a pulse in the air and 8 orbs came and spun around his hand. "This world has seen enough of the Tailed Beasts, it is time for the power of the Kraken to leave this world."And this way, the other demon containers would not die, Naruto would hate me if I killed that Gaara kid. With that, the blond duo disappeared into the darkness, never to be seen again in this world.

The demigods and Hades sighed because they were happy that naruto was away from that world.

Kakashi fell to his knees, so lost that he never noticed the rain stop or how long he had been there. He slowly got back up and somberly walked back to the village, Lady Tsunade is not going to be happy.

Sasuke, who was almost to Orochimaru, the man who promised him power, felt a burning sensation in his eyes and quickly went to a nearby puddle. The sight before him was the Mangekyo Sharingan! "N-no….that means that…" Sasuke said to himself, not being able to finish his sentence. He silently cried to himself as he walked to Orochimaru's hidout.


Sakura, Lee, and a few others were freaking out. Gaara had a just screamed out when a tan ball of energy flew out of him. But now it seemed that he was fine. Temari was fussing over her little brother and when he said that he no longer heard the voice, she gave him a tearful hug. Though, one could not help but wonder what the hell just happened.

The demigods could simpithize that they all had had plenty of "what the hell" experiences.

Then a cry from the guards caught everyone's attention because they saw a figure in the distance. Taking a closer look, Tsunade saw that it was Kakashi. When the scarecrow haired man finally made it to the gates, he fell to his knees with a broken and defeated look on his face. This so did not bode well.

"Kakashi-sensei….what happened?" Sakura hesitantly asked. "They are both gone. Sasuke left the battle site, leaving Naruto to die. Only, what I got there, Naruto was unconscious but not alone." Kakashi droned out, giving the now present Jiriaya a sad look.

"My sensei was there as well. He said that he saw everything and that he should have just let the village be destroyed by the Kyuubi, then he called out to the Tailed Beasts and they obviously came and he took them and Naruto….to the underworld I would guess." Kakashi said while the younger generation gasped while Tsunade and Jiriaya looked away in shame. Sakura noticed this and asked.

"Sensei, who was your sensei?" She asked with tears forming in her eyes over her lost teammates. Jiriaya was the one to answer her question. "The Fourth Hokage and Naruto's father."

There was absolute silence at this statement. The ninja and the villagers who had arrived at the gates to welcome back the Uchiha, all stared in shock at the Toad Sage before everyone let out a paniced, "WHAAAAAAAAT!" that consumed the village.


A day after Naruto was taken from his world; the blond was now in a bed. From the sounds outside the window, it seemed that it was very noisy out there. Slowly waking up, Naruto bolted up and looked around, this place was not his apartment in Konoha, nor was it a hospital room. Looking around him, he noticed a scroll addressed to him:

Dear Naruto,

I am sorry for what I did to you all those years ago, yes I am the Fourth Hokage, but I am also your father. My name is Minato Namikaze. I understand if you hate me but know that I will always love you. Now, I have taken you away from Konoha, even from the Elemental Countries. You are in a place called the United States, more specifically New York City, New York. Though I am dead as Minato Namikaze, I am still alive, but thanks to your uncle I cannot be truly active in your life. Don't worry though, we will meet in time. When the time comes, I will be happy to see you. Now, since you are still young, you have to go to school in this world and I have enrolled you in Yancy Academy. In the seal at the bottom of the scroll, you will find all that you need in this world and that includes money. Also, there are some special jutsu that only you can learn since you are my son. Oh, just for a reference for the future, get a book on Greek Mythology, you will need that info, trust me. Be careful my son.


Naruto sighed as he looked out the window after reading the scroll. He had a lot to do in this new and strange world. Smirking, he created a shadow clone and got to work sorting out the stuff in the scroll. He did notice that his Shadow Clone came out differently; it literally formed from out of the shadows!

And with that the book stopped and left all the Olympians and demigods a lot to think about.