TITLE: Life, Love & Madame Esme

PAIRING: Bella/Edward

BETA: Mauigirl60

PRE-READER: Alterite

CATEGORY: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

SUMMARY: January 2013 Drabble War Entry - Isabella is a successful writer, living her happy life in Seattle. She thought she had it all, until her life was thrown into disarray when her husband leaves her for another woman. To escape her routine life, she accepts an assignment to interview a Parisian Madame. Isabella believes this Madame is running a brothel and vows to expose her for what she is, but Isabella will soon discover that there are more facets to love and romance, especially when Madame Esme selects her as her next project.

DISCLAIMER: This story is a Twilight spin-off/crossover of the movie made for TV in 2000 titled Sex and Mrs. X. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, dialogues, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


I'm re-posting this story because I have received many PMs asking me to do it. I have no intentions to claim the plot or the characters as my own. I didn't came up with anything, I'm just putting two things that I love together and I'm doing it for entertainment purposes only. The character of Madame Esme is completely taken from the movie, I haven't changed a thing about her, I could never do that since the story is about this woman's unique look on life, love and sex. I have changed a few things plot wise and added a few characters of my own, but the rest it's in the movie. Dialogues, scenes, setting, it's all from the movie. All I ask is to please respect this story for what it is. A tribute to a movie that touched me dearly and that I wanted to share with you all through the characters that I have cherished for the past six years of my life.

There will be mention of gay couples, sex, and unconventional families, if these things are against your beliefs, please just click on the red x on the top right corner of your screen and leave in silence.

Thank you to all of you that showed support for this story, I don't expect any reviews, I have all the old ones saved in my inbox and I cherish them immensely.

Okay, now that's out of the way... Enjoy!


We laughed.

We fought.

We made out.

We traveled.

We got lost.

We found our way back.

We picked paint colors and furniture.

We debated life insurances policies and encouraged each other in our careers.

We did everything married couples do, and then some.

For years, we lived as husband and wife, sharing all facets of our lives; from the most boring activity to the most erotic fantasy.

It was more than a marriage; it was two people who loved each other, growing old together.

Until one day, a door opened, and then everything changed…

CHAPTER ONE: Friendly Surprise


I jumped back in shock at all my friends and family standing in my living room.

"Did you know about this?" whispered Peter in my ear.

I shook my head, my eyes wide and my heart still racing. "Did you?"

"Woman, we've been married for ten years. I know how much you hate surprises."

"Well, hell… so much for sleeping in, huh?" I cheekily whispered into his ear.

Peter groaned, his hands tightening his hold on my hips.

"Stop molesting my friend and let's get this party started!"

"Rose!" I admonished my best friend.

The bitch only smiled and shrugged.

I shook my head and pulled her in for a hug.

"Happy Birthday!" Rose exclaimed and then pulled back to hug my husband. "By the way, you should clean up the lipstick you have around your mouth and on your neck, Peter," she whispered to him.

Peter glared at my best friend, and then leaned down to give me a heart-stopping kiss.

"I'll be back in a minute." He winked and then walked down the hallway to the bathroom.

I made my rounds, greeting everyone. Most were friends I had met through Peter and his co-workers, but my family was present and so was my editor.

"Hey there, Bells. Happy Birthday," he greeted me, followed by his usual bear hug.

"Hey, Emmett. How was New York?"

Emmett McCarty was the editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine. He was the youngest editor and also the first man to take on the reins of the magazine. I met him when I was in college and won a national writing contest, he had been one of the judges. Emmett had done an amazing job at updating the magazine's content, so when I graduated and started working as a freelance writer, Emmett contacted me. Since then, he'd always had a good article for me to write.

"I came back with very interesting information."

I raised an eyebrow. "Did you?"

He nodded. "Oh yeah… but I'll tell you tomorrow. Tonight is all about having fun."

"Stop hogging the birthday girl," Rosalie butted in. "And no work talk, this is a night for fun!"

"She's all yours now," he laughed, leaving us to get a refill of his drink.

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