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I woke up to the sound of knocking.

"Bella? Are you awake?" I heard Esme's voice from the other side of the door.

I got up from the bed and picked up my robe, tying it as I went to open the door.

Esme stood there with a tray of food and a tender smile.

"I have breakfast. We have a little over an hour for us to get ready and then go to the spa. Your mom and Heidi will join us there."

I nodded and thanked her.

She and the rest of the bridesmaids had stayed here with me at Edward's apartment after last night's bachelorette party. It had been a fun night with drinks, games, spilled secrets, naughty confessions and a display of sex toys. By the time the party came to an end, it was too late to go back to the château, so we decided to crash at Edward's apartment. He and the rest of the groomsmen were staying at the guest house last night, following the tradition of keeping the bride and groom apart.

My parents arrived late last night, so they weren't able to participate in the celebrations. They chose to stay at the château and sleep off the jet lag.

"I called Heidi; she is going to bring the dresses so we can get ready at the spa."

I nodded, drinking some of the orange juice. "Okay, I'd like to take a shower first. I'll meet you and the girls downstairs in thirty minutes."

Esme left after we finished our breakfast and I quickly jumped into the shower, making sure the water was slightly cold. The heat had been unbearable lately, even though it was September. It made me more uncomfortable than I already was, and I honestly couldn't wait until this was all over.

One hour later, we all got into the two town cars that we'd rented for the day and made our way to the spa. There, we all got a nice cooling facial mask, waxing (for those that needed it), manicures, pedicures and finishing off with hair and makeup.

The whole time we chatted animatedly about the day's preparations and I honestly couldn't wait to see Edward in his suit.

The ceremony was going to be casual and relaxed. At first, the wedding was planned as a big formal event with hundreds of guests, but the idea was quickly discarded for a more private affair, more casual and only close family and friends.

I was getting my manicure while Tanya and Jessica were getting their hair done. Even though they weren't bridesmaids, they had been invited to get ready with us.

"You should do your nails in a light color, sweetie," advised my mom when she saw me picking up a dark color.

I looked at her, seated right next to me, and nodded. "You're right, maybe a French manicure."

"That would be lovely," she said, picking up a light lavender color. "Here, this should match the color scheme of the wedding."

I nodded, as she was right. It matched perfectly. The whole wedding was decorated in two-tones of purple and silver, matching the new lavender bushes that grew this summer in the château's garden, where the ceremony would be held.

Alice, who was seated on my other side, asked to see the color of the nail polish. "I want mine like yours; in fact, I think we should all get the same color, so we can match!"

All the girls agreed.

Finally, after two hours, we were done with our beautification. I was trying to think of a way to put on my dress when Heidi came into the dressing room that the spa had provided.

"Hey, let me help you with that."

She looked lovely in her dress; the aubergine color looked amazing on her skin.

"You look beautiful, Heidi."

"Thanks, the dress is very pretty. Thanks for not picking out an ugly bridesmaid's dress."

"That was all Esme, I only helped a little. I swear she wanted to control every single aspect of the wedding, but the stress caught up to her quickly, so I had to intervene."

Heidi chuckled. "I bet, but I'm glad everything worked out for the best," she commented as she zipped me up. "There, you look lovely."

The dress was very simple yet beautiful. It was an empire waist one-shouldered dress, with large opulent fabric flowers decorating the single strap, which lent it a romantic flair. The fabric was loose, flowing all the way to the floor.

"Do I look too pale? I should have picked another color."

"Nonsense, you look beautiful."

I frowned. "I look fat."

"Stop it! You look stunning. Now, let's get out of here before you have another panic attack about the dress."

She was right, I'd been going crazy trying to find the right dress for me, and I kept changing my mind all the time. Finally, Edward had been the one who put his foot down and made me pick one and stick with it. He'd even come to the fitting with me, but Esme was there, so he didn't really go inside the store. The dress looked exquisite on me and it was then that I knew this dress was the right one.

We drove back to the château, the car ride filled with exciting chat and nervousness.

Esme sat next to me, looking positively radiant. Her dress was a romantic A-line gown featuring lace and organza. The fitted bodice had a flattering V-shaped neckline and lace back, while the waist was defined by a ruched band and flowers. Her hair was up in an elegant twist and her makeup was natural, except for a lovely shade of red lipstick.

She was twisting a handkerchief in her hands, and I put my right hand over hers to stop her.

"Calm down, Esme. Everything's going to be fine."

She blushed, something she rarely did, and nodded. "I don't know what's wrong with me. It's not like I haven't gotten married before."

I chuckled. "True, but this is Carlisle we're talking about. The one who got away—"

"—and came back to stay. I know." She rolled her eyes. "I'll be fine. Maybe I need some liquid courage."

"We'll get you a glass of champagne when we arrive. Besides, it's my duty as your matron of honor to make a toast."

She laughed, relaxing at last. "You are right." She grabbed my hand between hers. "Thank you, Bella."

I squeezed her hand. "You're welcome."

"No, thank you for everything, not only for putting up my tantrums during the last months of planning this wedding, but also for being the support I needed. And most of all, for bringing him back to me."

I hugged her then, teary eyed and feeling so much love for this woman. "Thank you," I whispered in her ear, "for everything."

We arrived at the château and quickly made our way to Esme's studio. After a toast and two glasses of champagne for the bride, everyone grabbed their bouquets. Esme's was a beautiful cascading tonal bouquet of lilacs, ranunculus, magnolias, clematises, and anemones. Heidi's, Alice's and mine were smaller versions of hers.

We lined up, and after kissing our cheeks, Esme let us go so she could marry the man of her dreams.

One hour later, after crying over the exchanged vows, I stood by the dance floor, watching Esme and Carlisle dance to "At Last" by Etta James. The song was perfect for them, truly defining the love they had for one another.

I watched them, reminiscing of my first dance as Mrs. Masen.

Like Esme and Carlisle, Edward and I had wanted a small wedding. Since we had relatives all over the world, a destination wedding had sounded like the right choice for us. We made arrangements to marry on a cruise on the Spanish coastline surrounded by our closest family and friends. My father walked me down the aisle, giving me away to Edward after kissing my forehead softly as he had many times before.

Edward and I exchanged traditional vows six months after he proposed. Although these vows had been said by many others, to us, they were unique and more than real. The promises we made that day would never be broken intentionally by us, and ever since then, Edward had made it his life's mission to fulfill them all every single day.

Strong arms wrapped around my waist from behind, open hands on my abdomen.

"Are you remembering our first dance, Mrs. Masen?" whispered Edward in my ear.

I hummed, nodding, and leaned against him, feeling his lips kiss my exposed shoulder.

"You looked so beautiful that day. You were a dream come true."

I smiled, feeling my cheeks getting warm. "You looked quite dashing yourself, Mr. Masen." Movement to my left caught my eye and I giggled. "Have you seen the date your son brought to the wedding?"

Alex's date couldn't be fifteen years old—she looked too developed but, according to Esme, she was.

Lucky girl, I wished I'd had boobs like those at that age.

Crisvely was lovely, a little loud and blunt, but I could see that Alex really liked her, much to Cara's dismay. She kept chanting under her breath that he was still her baby boy, while Lexi just rolled her eyes at her.

Edward chuckled. "Yes, he has good taste."

"Really?" I asked, looking back at him over my shoulder.

He hummed and nodded. "Though I think he got that from his mom, I'm more of a derrière kind of man," he said with a wink and a squeeze to my derrière.

I elbowed him in the ribs, making him groan.

"Behave," I chastised.

"Papa! Papa! Papa!"

Justine came barreling through the crowd and right into Edward's arms.

"Ma petite fille, ce qui se passe?"

"Grandpa said that I could eat one more chocolate pastille if I got your permission first. Can I? Pleeeeease?"

I laughed, knowing that Edward would never refuse her, especially when she pouted the way she did just now. He was such a sucker. He barely glanced my way when he nodded and Justine ran off to find my Dad.

I try to contain my giggles and Edward simply shrugged. "She will burn off the sugar by the end of the reception."

"For your sake, and Justine's, I hope you are right."

Edward gave me his crooked smile and then pulled me to the dance floor when a new song started.

Justine Camille had been a blessing for us.

A few weeks after we'd gotten married, Edward approached me with the idea of going to a specialist and see if there was something that could be done for me. We went to three different doctors and all of them had said that my chances of getting pregnant were pretty close to zero.

It was Carlisle who'd recommended Dr. Siobhan Cleary. She was fantastic; I liked her from the first consultation. She said that even though she couldn't guarantee success, she would do everything she could.

Nonetheless, we didn't get our hopes up, and we started the process of adoption just in case.

We had been lucky; after only four months of waiting, we were called in and met Justine. She was four; her parents had died in a car accident almost a month ago. She didn't have any close relatives, and was all alone. She looked so pretty in the white dress, jean jacket and white beanie she was wearing the day we'd met her. Her hair was a beautiful red color, like the sunset, but it was her eyes that completely made us fall in love with her.

Justine had an eye condition called heterochromia iridum, which basically meant her eyes were different colors, but what made Justine special to us was that her eyes were brown and amber—almost golden. Edward said she was a half-and-half conglomerate of both of us, and we'd known she was our daughter the moment we'd met her. We were told that babies born with her condition typically had one of several genetic diseases linked to contrasting eye hues, but Justine was healthy; except for a slight sensitivity to light, she was fine.

It had been a year since she'd come to live with us, and just recently started calling us Mama and Papa, which thrilled us every time she did.

I had always thought Justine had brought blessings into our lives, and my belief was confirmed just a few months ago.

Thirty eight weeks to be more exact.

Back then, I had decided to stop all hormone treatments. They were making me gain weight, something that didn't help with my insecurities. No matter how many times Edward told me I was beautiful, I always thought the opposite. It took a big fight to finally make us realize that it was the hormones which were messing with my moods, so I stopped taking them after that.

Dr. Cleary wasn't happy, but she understood and asked me to try just one more thing.

When she brought up acupuncture, I wasn't sure if she'd been jesting or just finally crossed over to the loony side. I knew this practice was thousands of years old, but I was a pragmatic and realistic woman. I didn't believe in yin and yang and energy and all that.

In any case, I gave it a shot. I went to five sessions and then the acupuncturist, Dr. Chang, asked me to return in a month.

I never went back.

Not because I didn't want to, but because the impossible happened.

At first, I thought I was making this all up in my head, but a blood test confirmed what I'd never expected.

I was pregnant.

Four weeks pregnant.

Edward found me on our bed, a sobbing mess. I couldn't even form the words. I tried many times, but the sobs were too powerful. When he finally noticed the paper I'd been clutching in my hand and read the results, he reacted in a way I never expected him to.

He didn't cry with me, he didn't laugh and jumped in joy, he didn't get angry or show any kind of extreme emotion.

He was too busy being unconscious on the floor.

Yes, he fainted.

He hadn't been able to live that one down.

Once I got the scare of my life and he regained consciousness, he went into full overprotective mode. He knew how much I wanted this, and God bless him, he was gonna do everything to help me get through it. I tolerated his constant calls and questions for the first few weeks, but when he started monitoring what I ate, I lost it.

He should have known better than to take food from a very hormonal and pregnant woman.

That day, he ended up with a broken nose.

I didn't mean it, but he was trying to pry the ice cream bowl from my hands, and when he tugged it a little too hard, my hands slipped and it whacked him in the nose.

That was my story and I was sticking to it.

He forgave me, of course.

That night, after returning from the hospital, we sat down to talk and he realized how silly he was being. We reached a compromise and then he made love to me all night.

Make-up sex was the best.

My husband really made it up to me that night.

Many, many, many times.

It had been smooth sailing since that night. I felt great and our baby boy was healthy. Lucas Antoine would be here any minute now, Justine was looking forward to having a baby brother, and even though Alex was a little grossed out that his Dad was still having sex, he was looking forward to meeting his brother and teaching him the wonders of Doctor Who.

Edward… well, in a word, he was ecstatic to have such a big family.

Everything was perfect, or as perfect as it could be. I no longer felt that sense of doom which was always constant in my life before. Not because I didn't think that anything bad would happen, but because I knew that whatever came our way, we would face it together, head on.

I had learned to finally live my life without restraints.

I had found a man who showed me what love was.

All thanks to a little article that I titled: Life, Love and Madame Esme.


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