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Life, Love & Madame Esme Outtake Part I

Summary: Bella and Edward tried for a long time to have a baby, but it was time to let that dream go. Justine and Alex were more than enough. They were happy and loved their family, but a suggestion could change everything and grant them the gift they had wanted the most. Written for Fandom for Oklahoma.

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I turned to my side, looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw for some reason.

"How do I look?" I asked my husband, still looking at my reflection.

"You look beautiful, Bella. Now, can we please go?" Edward asked for what felt like the hundredth time.

We were meeting Esme and Carlisle for dinner, something we'd been doing more and more lately. I had a feeling Carlisle was ready to pop the question, but something was holding him back. Nonetheless, watching those two falling in love again had been quite the beautiful sight, and it made me wish that Edward and I would be like that at their age.

I sighed as I looked back in the mirror, once again checking the dress I was wearing and noticing it looked tighter than how it'd originally fit when I bought it.

"I think I gained another five pounds and they went straight to my ass!"

I heard Edward groan behind me.

"Pas cette fois, Bella! Tu es magnifique and, most importantly, you are healthy."

I scoffed. "If I was healthy enough, I probably wouldn't have to take these stupid hormones! I'm a big fat failure—"

"Ne dis pas ça!" Edward yelled, cutting my rant and making me yelp in surprise. He came to stand behind me and turned me around from the mirror. "Do not say that, that is my wife you are talking about," he said with a soothing voice, making me smile a little. "What brought this on, Bella?"

I shook my head, not meeting his eyes and playing with the top buttons of his shirt. "I don't know, I just feel so…"

He kissed my forehead softly. "What are you feeling? Tell me…"

I bit my lip, feeling the tears pricking my eyes. "I just feel fat and inadequate all the time…"

He lifted my chin until my eyes met his. "You are not fat. You have gained a little weight, yes, but you are by no means fat. You say inadequate, about what? Us? Because, Bella, I will never get tired of telling you how special you are to me and how much you have brought to my life— je t'aime tellement."

"Yeah, well… at least you don't have to worry about me spending the day with supermodels," I snapped, pushing him back.

He crossed his arms and frowned. "What do you mean by that?"

I groaned and rubbed my forehead. "Well, you're surrounded by perfect bodies every day. I'm sure your eyes wander!"

He gasped and took a step back. His eyes shone with hurt, which was then quickly replaced with anger.

"Have I ever done something for you to mistrust me?"

I shrugged. "No, but I know what men are like."

"No, you knew what Peter was like."

I flinched at the way he spat my ex-husband's name.

I thought we were past this, Bella. I thought you trusted me!" he cried out.

My anger quickly evaporated at the sight of his tears. "I do! I don't know why I said that!"

He shook his head and sighed heavily. "I think I know why…"

I quickly grabbed his arm when he tried to leave and shook my head. "No, Edward… please! I don't know why I said that!" I cried, feeling hot and dizzy. "I trust you with my life. I swear!"

Edward pulled me into his arms and murmured words of comfort in my ear, but it wasn't working. I was all over the place and I suddenly felt a bit claustrophobic. I tried shaking off the feeling, but I could feel the anxiety rising quickly.

I stepped back and turned around. "Look, we're gonna be late and—"

Edward grabbed me by the hand when I tried to pass him.

"Attends! I do not care about the dinner; we can meet Esme and Carlisle another time. I want to know what is troubling you, ma douce."

Whenever he called me that, my walls always crumbled. Tonight was no exception, only as soon as my confusion and insecurities evaporated, tears immediately followed.

"I don't know what's wrong with me!" I sobbed in my hands, hiding my face from him, ashamed of the things I'd said to him.

Edward pulled me against his chest again, his arms wrapping tightly around me, making me feel loved and protected.

"Ssshhh… it is all right, do not cry, mon amour. Que se passe t-il? Tell me what is troubling you, please!"

I pulled back a little, and he tenderly started drying my tears with the cuffs of his shirt.

"I don't know what's wrong… I just feel out of sorts. One minute I'm fine; the next, I feel like an ugly whale."

"You are not ugly, you will never be ugly! You are the most beautiful woman in my world. Maybe you should see someone."

"Like a therapist, you mean?" I sniffed.

He nodded, kissing my forehead tenderly. "I think the stress is getting to you. Between Justine adjusting and your worry about the hormone treatment, it cannot be easy for you."

I understood what he was saying, but it only made me feel more like a failure. If I wasn't so broken, I wouldn't need those stupid hormone injections—

It was then that it hit me.

Like a light bulb moment, I knew what was wrong with me.

"The hormones," I murmured against his chest. "It's the hormones, Edward! They're messing with my moods…"

He pulled me closer and kissed my temple. We stood there, embracing each other for a few minutes until Edward said something I never thought I would hear.

"Then, you stop them," he said firmly in my ear. I pulled back a little and watched his determined face. "We stop them, ma douce. I want you happy and healthy, and this is not the way. I love you so much, Bella, but this is not making you happy."

I knew he didn't need me to give him a child in order to love me more—he already did. He'd proven that to me every single day since I'd met him. He'd always included me in every important decision. We'd adopted a daughter together and he was so happy when we'd brought Justine home. He thanked me for giving him a daughter, even though the only thing I did was fill out the forms.

He loved me enough to let this go, and I couldn't love him any more than I did in this minute.

I smiled sadly and slowly nodded. "We'll stop them."

The next day, we sat in my doctor's office, explaining the decision we'd made.

"Well, it's your choice. I hope you both really talked about this," Dr. Cleary said, opening what I was sure was my medical file.

Edward nodded and squeezed my hand. I gave him a confident smile.

"Oui, we are sure," he said, looking at me while he spoke to my doctor. "We think it is better this way. We already have Justine and Alex. They are all we need."

I mouthed "I love you" and he winked at me.

Dr. Cleary sighed and nodded. "All right… but, before you throw in the towel completely; can I make one more suggestion?"

I looked at her and tilted my head. "What kind of suggestion?"

She cleared her throat and leaned in, her arms crossed against the wooden surface of her desk. "Well, we determined that due to a hormonal imbalance, you weren't able to produce fertile eggs. I've had a couple of cases where the hormones weren't working, too. A few years ago, I went to an infertility conference in America and I met a colleague there who had an alternative treatment for women with that problem."

"What kind of treatment?" Edward asked, his hand tightening his hold on mine.

"It isn't like the other ones, right?" I asked, unsure about this. "I cannot bear to go back to taking more meds or shooting injections—that took a big toll on me the first time."

Dr. Cleary shook her head. "No, it doesn't involve anything of that sort. She'd only have to go to some sessions for a few weeks and then wait."

I was confused with what she was telling us; I could tell she was being evasive on purpose, but I was intrigued.

"Here, this is the doctor I'm talking about," she said, handing us a card.

Dr. Leo Chang
Endocrinologist & Acupuncturist


Edward frowned. "You are suggesting acupuncture?"

Dr. Cleary nodded. "I know it's not conventional, but it's worth a shot. It's been practiced for over a thousand years and it's shown remarkable results in different fields. I think you should give it a shot."

"I'm not sure," I said, weary of having needles stuck all over my body, not believing it would make a difference. "I mean no disrespect, but I don't think this'd work when the shots didn't."

"I understand," Dr. Cleary said. "I know you must've thought a lot about this. It might not be a permanent solution, but it may help you conceive. It's up to you."

We left after that, not really giving her an answer.

As the weeks went by and my body adjusted to the lack of the usual influx of hormones, I submerged myself in my new book, and with Edward and Justine. We had several dates and family trips. Justine was adapting so well. She was so loved by everyone in our mismatched family that the once-shy girl, who'd hid behind my skirt all the time, suddenly bloomed into the life of the party.

Justine had brought so much joy into our lives and, sometimes, I couldn't help myself and spoil her.

"You bought her a new wardrobe, did you not?" Edward asked me when I arrived home from shopping one afternoon.

He stood with his arms crossed over his chest, a stern look on his face; though the little smirk he was trying to suppress totally ruined the effect he was going for.

Esme had taken Justine to a tea party, which I'd declined, instead wanting to come home. I knew Edward was going to be here, and I was in the mood to play a little.

"I can't help it! It's a disease!" I mock-cried, dropping the bags onto the couch.

Edward threw his head back in laughter. He then shook his head and came to stand in front of me, pulling me into his arms and kissing my forehead. "Did you at least get me something, ma jolie biche?" He pulled me closer, his hands rubbing up and down my arms.

I smirked and handed him a small white bag.

He frowned when he saw how small the bag was.

"This is it?"

I hummed, and plucked the little bag from his hand before he could peek inside. "Actually, I'm the one who'll be wearing it." I winked and turned around, walking up the stairs to the bedroom. I looked back over my shoulder and gave him a seductive smile. "Care to see it?"

He threw his hands up in resignation. "Tu me tues, Bella! You had to play that card!"

I shrugged and slowly pulled down the zipper of my dress when I reached the top step, letting it drop to the floor.

Edward groaned and took off his shirt as he advanced toward me. "Hell, we have the money—we can always donate the old clothes."

I squealed and tried to make a run for it, but he was quick to grab me around my waist, hoisting me up on his shoulder. He spanked my ass and picked up the white bag I'd dropped.

"Let's see what you got for me!"

The next day, I was cleaning out one of my purses when I found the card Dr. Cleary had given me at my last appointment. Out of curiosity, I went to my laptop and searched for more information about Dr. Chang on Google. There were a few entries about how his acupuncture treatment had done wonders for chronic pain patients, and a couple of cases about sports injuries.

I was about to give up, when an article caught my attention.

It was an article by Dr. Chang himself, explaining how his acupuncture treatment had helped boost the fertility of a couple of patients who were trying to have babies through IVF. Another case described how acupuncture could significantly improve the quality and health of sperm; still another case mentioned how he was able to regulate the egg production of a patient who'd been having difficulties with conceiving with only a few sessions. The article was very detailed, and I noticed a couple of patients shared a similar situation as mine.

I closed the laptop and sat there, thinking about the possibilities.

Could this be the answer?

Edward arrived just then and was quick to notice my mood. He sat down next to me on the bed, and I showed him what I'd found out about Dr. Chang's treatment.

"Do you want to try it?" he asked me after a few minutes in silence. He set the laptop on the nightstand and pulled me close to him. He slowly ran his hand through my hair as I lay my head down on his chest.

"I'm not sure. Right now, we've got nothing to lose; at the very least, this treatment could reduce my stress levels."

He nodded and kissed the top of my head.

"If you want to try it, then I will support you. But, if it does not work—"

"I won't go back, but I think it's worth a shot, don't you?"

He cupped my face in his hands. "I just want you to be happy."

"And I am, deliriously so, but…"

"You need to try one more time."

"I do."

He kissed my forehead, cheeks, and then my lips, then wrapped his arms tightly around me.

"Then, we will try."

Life carried on and, soon, Rosalie and Emmett were making a quick trip to visit us. We were looking forward to seeing them, as it had been a few months since the last time we'd seen them. It seemed like they had good news to share, though both were being very tight-lipped about it.

I had gone to five sessions with Dr. Chang by then, and it had been quite the experience. The needles had looked intimidating the first time I'd seen them, but they didn't hurt. All I felt when he pricked me with them was a bit of warmth on that spot, and that was it. It was a very relaxing experience; I'd actually fallen asleep during every single session. Dr. Chang was a very nice man, like a sweet grandfather. His English was very good, but heavily accented—I'd had to ask him to repeat his words a few times so I could understand him, but he was very patient and hadn't minded. He was a good doctor, and I could see why his patients always spoke so highly of him.

I was preparing dinner for our friends, a simple roast beef with salad, and a side dish of pasta for Justine and Alex. Those two had become as thick as thieves lately. Now that Alex was spending the summer with us, he was taking Justine everywhere with him, claiming this was a sister-brother date and no one else was allowed to go. It was so cute to watch him taking care of his sister, sharing all the things he loved and even teaching her how to play games on his precious Xbox. He even nicknamed her Tin-tin, for her read hair and her love for the books.

I was cutting up some tomatoes when I realized I hadn't bought enough. I'd been running late from an interview and picked up everything from the grocery store before coming home. I was still working for Emmett, in a way, but most of my work as a writer was for my books and every other article for a magazine. I was more of a freelance journalist these days, but I couldn't complain. The flexibility of the schedule allowed me to be a part-time stay-at-home mom, and that was a job I'd never give up for the world.

I was thinking of asking Alex to go pick up more tomatoes for the salad, when I remembered there were a few left in the fridge. I cleaned my hands and opened the fridge, but suddenly swayed at the stench coming from inside. I actually gagged a little and clamped my hand over my mouth and nose.

Alex came into the kitchen just when I slammed the fridge door closed.

"Hey, Tin-tin wants an apple juice—what's wrong, Bella?"

I shook my head and took a deep breath, only to gag again when I was hit with the bad smell coming from the fridge again.

"Something's rotten in the fridge," I mumbled.

Alex scrunched up his eyebrows and sniffed the air. "I can only smell the roast..." He walked over to the fridge and I stepped back, my hand once again covering my mouth and nose. When he opened the fridge, I smelled the stench and gagged again.

"Oh, yeah… Phew! I can smell something, all right!" he said, waving his hand in front of his nose. "Maybe it's the fish Dad bought yesterday? I knew it was bad from the smell, but he insisted it was normal—"

When he opened the freezer, I made a mad dash for the bathroom. I made it just in time to throw up everything I'd eaten during the day in the toilet.

After a couple of minutes, I heard a knock on the door and then Alex's voice.

"Bella, you okay? Dad is home, and he's getting rid of the fish."

I washed my mouth and face, drying them with the hand towel. "I'm fine, I think..."

"Bella let me in," Edward's voice came from the other side of the door.

I walked out of the small bathroom and was quickly engulfed in Edward's arms.

He cupped my face tenderly, his face a mask of worry. "Are you sure you are all right? You look so pale!" He kissed my nose and hugged me close. I buried my face in his neck, his warmth calming me.

"I'm okay now, just make sure next time that the fish isn't bad."

He pursed his lips. "I do not think it was just the fish, ma douce."

I frowned, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Maybe you are coming down with something. Esme had the flu a couple of days ago, right? Maybe you caught it when you both met to discuss the wedding colors?"

Carlisle had proposed a couple of weeks ago, and Esme was in full wedding planning mode. They wanted something grand and decided to marry in March, eight months away. As her matron of honor, I'd been helping Esme any way I could and when she got sick with the flu a few days ago, I'd been practically at her beck and call during that time.

I nodded in understanding. "I think you might be right. The fish did smell bad, but I'd never thrown up just from a smell before," I said, looking up at him and kissing his scruffy chin.

I pulled back and he kissed my lips softly. "Maybe you should see a doctor, just in case?"

"I have an appointment with Dr. Cleary on Monday. I had it scheduled when I finished my last session with Dr. Chang two weeks ago. I also had a blood test done on Friday, so I just need to wait."

"I would rather you see a doctor now."

"Edward, it's Saturday and I feel fine now; what's one more day? Besides, Emmett and Rose are coming tonight and I really want to see them."

He sighed and reluctantly nodded. "D'accord, but if tomorrow you feel worse, I will be taking you to the hospital."


The night went by without a hitch.

Rosalie and Emmett dropped the bomb that they'd eloped to Vegas before coming here. I was in shock for a minute, but was quick to hug and congratulate them. I still took Rosalie aside and asked what had changed her mind. I knew she was waiting for Emmett to pop the question and had even found the ring one night when she was doing the laundry. She called me and started to immediately plan what she wanted for her wedding.

Rosalie explained that when Emmett popped the question, she knew that a big wedding wasn't for them. They wanted to get married and the minute they got the license to do it, they wasted no time in packing a couple of bags and flying to Vegas. They still wanted to have a small reception when they went back, but they wanted to celebrate with us first.

Edward had immediately reserved a table in one of the best restaurants in town, while I made the calls to invite everyone who knew Rosalie and Emmett. The celebration would be next Friday and everyone promised to be there.

Rosalie wanted to go shopping for a dress to wear, so I called Tanya to come with us. Tanya and I had become very close since Heidi moved to Seattle after she married Demetri. We often went shopping together and had lunch every other day. She'd become my confidante throughout the months of hormone treatments and mood swings. I knew she and Rose would get along just as well as we did.

Monday morning, I went to see my doctor. I hadn't felt sick since Saturday, but I did have a small dizzy spell on Sunday. Luckily, it passed quickly or Edward would have rushed me to the hospital in no time.

I was waiting for my name to be called when the nurse came out and spoke in French to the patients in the waiting area.

Everybody stood up and I sat there with a confused expression. The nurse noticed and addressed me in English. "I'm sorry to have to inform you that Dr. Cleary had an emergency and won't be able to see you this morning. I can reschedule your appointment if you follow me to the office."

There were just four of us in the waiting room, so she was quick to give us a new day and time. I allowed the other women to go first, seeing as they were very much pregnant. When it was my turn, I asked the nurse if she had my blood tests results.

"I'm afraid those are in Dr. Cleary's office, but I can send you a copy later this afternoon. In any case, I'll make sure Dr. Cleary calls you as soon as she's able."

I thanked the kind nurse and rescheduled my appointment for Wednesday, and then went back home. Edward's apartment had changed quite a bit since I'd moved in. He'd gotten a new dining room set and the small study on the second floor was converted into a bedroom for Justine. The small studio on the terrace was expanded and, often, we could be found there, working in companionable silence.

I made my way up there now and found Edward on one of the computers, his glasses on and his lips pursed in concentration.

"Knock, knock!"

"Ma douce…" He smiled and stood up, taking off his sexy glasses. He pulled me into his arms and kissed my temple. "You came back quickly—how was the doctor's appointment?"

I sighed and cringed, knowing he wasn't going to like my answer. "She had an emergency and I had to reschedule for Wednesday."

"Bella…" he groaned. "Did you tell the nurse you were not feeling well?"

"Um, no?" I bit my lip and closed my eyes, waiting for him to get mad.

I heard Edward sigh and felt him pull me closer. "What am I gonna do with you, ma douce?"

I giggled. "Love me?"

He smirked and kissed my forehead reverently. "Always."

Just then, his cell phone rang. I recognized it as the alarm he always set to remind him of meetings and appointments.

He sighed heavily and pecked my lips. "I will be back this afternoon. Alex said he was taking Justine out, so do not worry about picking her up from dance class."

"Okay," I said, pulling him by the collar of his shirt for a more thorough kiss. I had no idea what had come over me, but I was suddenly overcome with a need for him. The kiss was hard and deep, I had an urge to consume him like never before. When I finally pulled back, we were both panting, and I smirked when I felt his arousal poking my hip.

"What was that?" he asked breathlessly, peppering kisses down my neck.

"Something to remember me by," I murmured against his ear, palming his erection.

He groaned and, in one sweeping motion, picked me up, his hands kneading my ass. He pushed me against the closed door and kissed me senseless, his hips grinding and pushing his erection right against my clit.

I moaned and fisted his hair while my other hand scratched his back just the way he liked it. I whimpered when he finally pulled back, my head hitting the door. I arched my body, trying to get closer to him.

"Bella… What are you doing to me?"

He kissed down my throat and collarbones, ripping open the front of my dress; a few of the buttons went flying from the force. I released his hair and my hands fumbled with his belt buckle.

"Tu me rends fou, Bella," he whispered in my ear. "Je ne peux pas obtenir assez de toi."

His cell phone rang again and he groaned.

"Ignore it, we have time," he grunted, pulling the rest of my dress off while kissing me senseless.

I pushed his jeans down with my feet, his erection hitting his lower abdomen once it was released. I licked my lips, but Edward grabbed my chin and pulled my face up.

"Later, right now I need to be inside you."

He pushed my underwear to the side, his finger circling my clit and opening.

"Putain, you are so wet… Est-ce tout pour moi, mon amour?"

He knew how much I loved it when he talked dirty to me in French, and he was using his deep, smooth and sexy voice to drive me crazy.

"Oh, God, just fuck me already, Edward!"

He slammed inside me and I screamed out his name, his cock filling me was the greatest pleasure he could give me.

"Oh, yeah… you love it when I fuck you, mon amour? Tu aimes quand je suis à l'intérieur de toi, non?"

He slowly pulled out almost completely, only to plunge back in hard—so hard that my back hit the door. I dragged my hands higher and grabbed hold of the doorframe.

"Yes, hold on for me! Je vais te baiser exactement comme tu le veux."

He fucked me that way, his body flushed against mine while his cock pounded into me, stroking my G-spot deliciously. He moved steadily, one hand pulling my thigh up higher, the other reaching out for my clit. His thumb pressed down on that bundle of nerves, making my eyes roll to the back of my head.

"Edward! Yes! Don't stop!"

"Look at me, Bella. Look at me!" he hissed.

I tore my eyes open and immediately saw his eyes lit up with fire, his hips never stopping their assault against mine, his movements harder and faster. I knew he was so close and so was I.

"I-I can't stop!" I moaned.

He pinched my clit and I cried out as pleasure surged through me, coming hard, my eyes locked with his. He soon followed, his brows creasing and mouth dropping open. He was coming, gripping my hips almost too tightly. He didn't stop moving, shooting his cum hard inside me in several long bursts. After a few more strokes, Edward stopped his movements at last, resting his head on my shoulder.

We both dragged in desperate breaths, coming down from our joined climax.

"Fuck, that was…" I squirmed a little and whimpered when he slid out of me.

Edward chuckled. "My insatiable girl." He kissed me, his lips pressing down softly against mine, tasting my lips and sucking on them. "I do not know what has gotten into you lately, ma douce, but I love it!"

I knew he was referring to the fact that my libido had gone off the charts lately, and I'd literally taken every opportunity to pounce on him every chance I got. I guessed because I was finally free of the excess hormones and the acupuncture had reduced my stress levels significantly. I was healthy and my emotions were back to normal. I was feeling great.

I giggled. "I have no idea, either," I said, kissing his nose, "but I like it, too."

We cleaned up and then Edward ran from the apartment, already at least half an hour late, but saying it was worth it. He told me to dress up, that he wanted to take me out tonight, and I accepted.

Later that day, I was picking out my outfit for the evening when my phone rang.

I didn't recognize the number, but answered anyway. "Hello?"

"Isabella, it's Dr. Cleary. How are you?"

I sat down on the bed. "I'm very good, Dr. Cleary. How are you?"

"I'm all right. I'm just calling to apologize for cancelling this morning and to let you know I sent your blood work results to your email. Did you get them?"

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Oh, I haven't checked my email since this morning, let me just open it and print them out."

I picked up my laptop from the nightstand, turning it on and sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Don't worry, Isabella. I'll wait."

I waited until it loaded up and quickly logged in, but paused for a bit. Dr. Cleary had never emailed me my blood work results before and her voice sounded odd over the phone.

"Should I be worried, Dr. Cleary?"

"Oh, no, I think you'll be happy with the results."

"As long as I'm healthy, I'm sure I will."

The PDF file opened and I hit 'print' without even reading the results—not that I would know what the numbers for my blood count meant. We kept a small printer here in the bedroom on the small corner desk; I stood up when I heard the machine printing and made my way toward it.

"You both seem very healthy."

I froze, not at her words, but at the last page that the printer spit out. There were only a couple of results there, something about a hormone percentage and, below, one word that practically jumped off the page.

"Oh, my God," I gasped and clasped my hand over my mouth.

"Congratulations, Isabella! The pregnancy test came back positive."


How could my life change so much with just one word?

I could feel my heart pounding as the tears streamed down my face. I swiped at the tears, trying to clear my vision, but it was useless, they wouldn't stop.

I could hear Dr. Cleary still speaking and I tried to pay attention to what she was telling me.

"—I would like for you to come in tomorrow instead of Wednesday, I have an open spot around noon. Will that be okay?"

I nodded, but then realized she couldn't see me and squeaked out a "Yes", sobbing silently, my cheeks hurting from the big smile that was surely on my face.

"All right, then. I'll see you and Edward tomorrow at noon."


I picked up the sheet from the printer and went back to the bed. I sat down and stared at that word for so long, I didn't even realize it was night already.

It was then that I heard the front door and Edward's voice coming from downstairs.

"Bella? Why is it so dark in here? Bella?"

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Shit, what's wrong?" I heard Emmett ask.

"Bella? Are you okay?" Rosalie asked with concern clear in her voice.

They must've seen me on the bed because I heard them conversing in whispers, catching something like they were gonna wait downstairs, and finally the door shutting closed.

Suddenly, Edward was standing in front of me, and seeing him for the first time after receiving the news, all I could do was cry as the emotions overtook me.

"Ma toute belle…"

Wrapping his arms around me, Edward hugged me tightly to him. I heard him shushing and asking me what was going on, but I just wasn't able to say anything yet.

"Ne pleure pas, mon amour. Please, tell me… what is wrong?" he pleaded. I knew he needed me to help him understand what was going on but I just couldn't. I was so overwhelmed with emotions—overjoyed as well as scared—the idea that I was finally pregnant was finally sinking in, and I couldn't form any words to try to explain.

Edward held me for a moment more before he pulled back, cupping my face in his hand.

"Ma douce, what is it? Did something happen this afternoon?" he asked, concern clearly written all over his face.

"Yes," I rasped out between sobs, nodding my head and wiping my tears with my fingers. "Where a-a-are Ale-ex and Jus-ti-ti-tine?"

"I asked Tatie to take them for the night since we were going out. I called Em and Rose to join us, but I found you like this... What happened?" he asked, worry laced in his voice.

"Dr. Cle-e-ary c-c-called… my b-b-blood test-t-t re-e-e-sults," I tried to tell him, but I couldn't. I simply handed him the sheet of paper I had been staring at all afternoon, and waited for him to read it.

He looked down at the paper, his eyebrows knitting together. Looking back at me, I held it out for him to take it from me. He took it and I noticed the moment he realized what he was reading, because his face turned pale and his eyes snapped back to mine.

"Is this real?" he asked, his hand softly rubbing my stomach in circles.

Tears starting falling again as the memory of him doing that when we first started trying to conceive came back to me. Edward would lay his hand on my lower stomach and plant a tender kiss right below my belly button after we'd finish making love, believing there was something created inside there.

I placed my hand over his and nodded with my eyes closed. "It's real."

Suddenly, his hand was gone and I heard a loud thud. I wiped my tears away and opened my eyes.

"Edward!" I screeched when I spotted him, passed out cold on the ground.

Quick, heavy footsteps came up from downstairs, and then the bedroom door slammed open. Emmett stood there, his eyes wild.

"What happened?"

"He passed out!" I yelled, pointing at Edward's prone form on the floor.


Emmett helped me get him onto the bed. I cradled his head on my lap and was trying to wake him up when I heard Rosalie come into the bedroom.

"Oh, my God! What happened here?" she asked, as she came rushing to my side.

"Edward passed out," answered Emmett.

"Why?" she asked with confusion.

I groaned. "'Cause I told him I was pregnant!"

"You're what?!" they both gasped in shock.


I snapped my eyes down and found Edward awake. "Oh, Edward! Don't scare me like that again!"

He rolled over and wrapped his arms around my waist, looking up at me. "Is it real? You really are…?" he asked, rubbing my stomach again and with hope shining brightly in his eyes.

"Yes, Edward… I'm pregnant!" I told him, squeezing his hand that lay on my stomach. "I'm finally pregnant! We're going to have a baby!" I told him, giggling.

"You are pregnant!" he said, the biggest smile on his face that I'd ever seen.

"Yes, we're pregnant!" I said again.

"You are pregnant… REALLY? And, you are fine, nothing is wrong?" he asked with worry, yet his smile never faltered.

"I'm fine, Edward. Dr. Cleary scheduled an appointment for us tomorrow, but she said I'm healthy and have nothing to worry about."

Edward jumped off the bed, shouting with joy, and then yanked me up. He spun me around once, crushing me to his hard chest as he brought me back to my feet.

"I love you, Bella. Je suis si heureux. Merci beaucoup, mon amour! Thank you so much for this amazing gift!" he said, between all the kisses he was raining down on my face.

I giggled. "I love you too, Edward. So much!" I told him, tearing up again.

He placed a finger under my chin and kissed me with wild abandon. Emmett had to clear his throat to remind us we weren't alone.

"Congratulations, guys!" said Rosalie, giving me a hug.

"I'm gonna be an uncle!" exclaimed Emmett, as he picked me up in a bear hug.

Edward pulled me back in his arms and kissed my temple. "I am going to take good care of you, Bella. You will see," he whispered in my ear.

I smiled and kissed him again, never doubting that he wouldn't.

I should have known that was more than just a promise.

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