The truck squeaked as the two shadows in the night moved about, trailing kisses and jumbled whispers across each other's skin. Gendry had Arya pinned underneath him on the tailgate, the hem of her tank slowly rising higher and higher. He moved his hand to push it up more, but stilled when he heard the slap of a screen door a few doors down. Before the porch light even flicked on Gendry was falling off the tailgate, scrambling away from Arya as if she had turned into some monster. The light when off as quickly as it had come on, but Gendry couldn't hear the smack of the door over the pounding of his heart.

It wouldn't do to have anyone see the lovely Stark daughter rolling around the back of some of the help's pick up truck.

Arya hopped off and lightly smacked Gendry on the back of the head chuckling softly.

"I thought I had grown a third head or something, good gods Gendry. Come on, let's go inside." She helped him stand up and tried to drag him towards his quarters.

"No Arya – " Despite the lack of light, he could see the stricken look on her face. "No, not like that I mean… we can't have anyone see and it getting back to your parents." Her face softened, but still looked sad. "Come… come here, follow me." He motioned towards her with his hand.

Arya just nodded and walked over to him, and much to his surprise, threaded her small fingers through his much larger ones.

Lightening flashed and thunder crashed, illuminating the little john boat tied up at the docks. Gendry glanced down at Arya and caught her smile. He helped her into the boat and sat down with the oars in hand.

It was far too fairy tale like – the songs of the crickets and frogs, the wind of the storm mussing the cattails and reeds, the ripples of the water with each stroke Gendry produced. All too fairy tale like until the last crack of lightening that brought down the torrential rain. Arya just laughed and leaned back, arms spread wide. Gendry laughed along with her, burying his worries for the moment.

Is this a good idea?

His strokes became fast, trying to get them off the open water while lightening was striking all around the marshes.

Arya stood up, with surprisingly good balance, and smiled, head thrown back, embracing the hundreds of fat rain drops. The flashes of light illuminated her figure on the water. The tight tank now soaked by water, drenched hair stuck to the curve of her neck and cleavage. Gendry moved the oars, drinking it all in, wishing he could be all of the rain drops kissing her skin. He glanced back up at her when another flash of lightening lit up the world, and felt chills run down his spine. She could never be tamed, and he didn't dare want to try.

Finally he reached the grove of trees and moved the boat along the creek, docking it under the masses of willow branches whipping around them in the wind. Gendry went to take Arya's hand, and was taken aback by her expression.

She looked so… so soft. Her eyes had a gentle look about them, her mouth set at an odd quirk as she attempted to push her wet hair back of her radiant face.

"It's so… so odd. I mean coming here like this, compared to every other time ya know? It was such… such an innocent place for us." She turned her head towards him for a moment, then took a couple steps towards the face in the weirwood. Something about her right now just sounded too unfamiliar, so vulnerable. Gendry fumbled with his words, struggling to make her feel secure once more, something he felt he'd never have to do.

"Arya, we can go back, I'm sorry I should've realized tha-" Before he could finish his rambles, her lips were smashing against his, hungry and searching for something.

He gladly obliged, picking her up off the soggy ground effortlessly as she wound her legs around his waist. One hand cupped the bottom of one of her highs, the other cupping the back of her head. She was so furious and desperate in her kiss, moving her lips as if she had something to prove. Gendry tried to slow the pace, slowly nipping at her lip as he walked towards the base of the weirwood and tree house. His gentleness only caused her to press herself against him harder, grinding her hips against his and pulling at the hair at the nape of his neck.

Gendry timidly set Arya down as her kissed her, not wanting her to get the wrong idea, but there was no way he could manage the ladder whilst holding on to her. At first she let out a grunt, then managed to catch on when she looked where they stopped.

"Anxious are we?"

"Shut… just shut up." Her tiny body flew up the ladder trying to get away from the slight embarrassment.

When Arya got to the landing and opened the door on the second level, she stopped, her breath caught in her lungs. . The tree house looked so utterly perfect. The vines were still creeping through the window with their blooms, creating a perfect and fragrant wildness that went straight to her heart, forever locked in her memories. The masses of spider webs were gone along with the layers of dust and grime, and the whole place was tidied up, but still had its natural essence, its homey messiness accumulated through random collections of her past, their past. The only new addition was a wooden crate next to the door. Arya stepped in on the carpet and had another look around, and lit an old oil lamp she had stolen years ago from the attic. There was conveniently oil in the base with matches next to it. She turned around, facing Gendry with a bit of a smirk..

"You… you've been in here recently. Why did you go through all this trouble?" However, she wasn't ready for the sight waiting for her.

Gendry's toned body was bare from the waist up. He held his shirt in his hands, wringing it dry next to the entrance. Arya couldn't stop staring at the soft glow and the reflections of the light against his still wet skin. His muscles flexed as he twisted his shirt, and his mop of hair had glistening drops fall from it, landing on his shoulders and chest, leaving little streams in their wake. She was entranced, surprisingly at a loss for words.

"I, I don't know I mean yea, but I wanted to bring you back here with it all tidied up, proper like ya know, surprise ya." He caught himself and began to spit words faster than she was expecting. "NOT LIKE THAT I mean, not like this! I didn't expect this to happen, I'm glad it did but I didn't plan on it! Not saying you're – "

"Shut up stupid. Just shut up." Arya locked eyes with him and reached for her hemline.

Gendry swallowed and threw a hand out

"Wait.. just… one second. Please?" He went over to the crate and reached down, pulling out a couple old blankets and a pillow tossing one to Arya.

"Weren't planning this were we?" She raised an eyebrow and chuckled, throwing the blanket across the rug.

"Arya I promise – "

"Look at me, I meant it when I said shut up." She watched as his head jerked up, focused only on her. She crossed her arms, and with one fell swoop, stripped off her tank. Gendry's face was an adorable red, burning all way up to his ears, peeking through the dark shaggy tangles. She watched him visibly swallow as his adam's apple bobbed. Arya liked this power, this sensual side to her. Watching Gendry melt before her was alluring. She undid her buttons on her shorts tantalizingly slow, leaving herself only in her lace trimmed silky undergarments, still soaked to the bone.

"I believe we need to even things out Gendry." She gestured at his pants. He nodded frantically and started to fumble with his belt, eventually stumbling out of his jeans, hopping from foot to foot.

Gendry couldn't stop staring. He could see every curve of Arya clear as day in the glow of the lantern, from her collar bones down to her hips, her nipples straining against the thin fabric, down to the water sliding down her thighs. Before he could somehow convince himself this was a dream, he took one long stride towards her and pulled her in with his arms, crushing her against him. He matched her desperation from earlier, not caring about savoring one bit. That notion was thrown to the wind when the clothes hit the floor. All he cared about was the feel, taste, and the sounds of Arya. Gods the sounds. Her little yelps as he pulled her tighter, her moans as he kissed and sucked along her neck, and her gasps as he found her nipples with his thumbs. He could never hear enough. Each sound sent jolts straight to his groin, causing his motions to become more and more frantic.

Arya grabbed at anything her hands could reach, clutching at the muscles beneath her, wet bodies sliding against each other creating heat and friction. Somehow Gendry had guided her down onto the ground with her back against the blankets. She canted her hips upwards wanting more contact, and he happily returned the favor. She dug her nails into his massive shoulders and down his back, causing him to utter her name over and over like he was afraid he'd somehow forget.

Every so often Gendry would guide her head and lips back to his, ceasing her exploration of his body. He needed those soft rosy kisses, those urgent movements at his lips. He wanted her tongue thrashing against his and her hands pulling his neck towards her. She nibbled on his earlobe eliciting a growl, and felt her hot breath tickle him.

"I've wanted this Gendry, for so long."

Gendry dipped his head lower and lower in response, leaving a trail of kisses from her neck to her breasts. He ran a thumb over the nipples again, rubbing the fabric against them. Before he had a chance to take it of himself though, Arya threw the garment off and was arching her back into his hands. He took one of his large hands and squeezed and caressed one breast, while taking the other erect bit of tender flesh in his mouth, swirling his tongue around, rolling it gently between his teeth. Arya cried his name out and reached for his waist, shoving the remaining fabric down.

He froze.

It's not like he hadn't thought about this before tonight, but… here he was, in the heat of the moment.

"Gendry, don't do this to me, please none of the noble crap, not now."

"Arya I.. I want this, more than you know, but have you ever…."

"No. I waited Gendry."

"I'm not judging Arya, I love that you've made that choice actually, but please, don't waste it, don't throw it away on me."

"Shut up stupid, I waited. For you. Only you."

Gendry looked down, directly at those steely greys he loved so much. He must've heard her wrong. There was no way. Not him. Not some stupid bastard that did her families chores. Not Gendry.

He tried to look away, trying to think of a way to show her that he wasn't deserving of this, that she needed more than himself. He couldn't find any words, and all hope was gone when he felt two tiny arms slip around his waist.

Arya was on her knees behind him, snaking her hands around his torso towards the waistband of his boxers, slowly inching her way down until her hand was around his cock. She began to slowly move it up and down, whispering in his ear.

"Gendry, I know what you're doing, and you better stop." She took her other hand and rubbed circles on his inner thigh with her thumb. He leaned his head back onto her shoulder and she heard that sigh of defeat, her victory.

"Arya, I want this so badly - "

"I noticed."

"Stop, seriously. You're absolutely certain? There's no going back." She began to stoke him a little faster.

"Never been so certain." After one more deep moan, Gendry flipped her over and pulled her panties down, and Arya did the same with his boxers. He held himself over her with his arms, leaving inches between them. His eyebrows were scrunched up and she could see he was still having thoughts.

"Gendry… have you ever done this, had sex?" He opened his eyes, looking directly into hers with such intensity.

"No. I haven't. But I don't want this to be just sex ok?" She raised an eyebrow and motioned to prop herself up on her elbows, but Gendry lowered himself on her, his weight trapping her underneath his. His lips were ever so lightly brushing her ear.

"Arya, I want to make love to you."

She took his lips in hers, slowly massaging them, trying to pour every emotion running through her into that kiss. She felt Gendry's cock against her and she moved her hips forwards in agreement.

Gendry broke the kiss, wanting to watch her face as he entered her. She canted her hips to meet him one more time and he took one hand and placed in on her hip bone, and pushed himself into her.

Her face looked pinched for a moment, but then she relaxed it, still holding his stare. She realized she had been clutching his forearms rather hard and began to move her hands about, caressing all that was in reach.

Gendry never felt it so hard to exert self control as he did right now. Everything below the waist urged him to thrust harder, faster, but he waited, watching Arya's expressions. Slowly he started to pick up the pace, matching his moans with hers as he felt her tight walls about him. The fact she was so wet, for him, only made the experience that much more intoxicating. He began to pull out completely, only to push back into, causing her to arch her back off the floor and grasp wildly at his hair and back. He sucked on her neck then moved over her breasts, bouncing up with each thrust of his hips. Once he licked across her nipples as he filled her again and she cried out his name. it was surely one of the best things he had ever heard, full of need and want and lust. He chanted her name over and over as she continued to buck against him, finding his rhythm at last. She threw her arms out to the side clutching at the blankets, forming fists, and he felt her tighten around him. She bit her lip and Gendry went in to kiss her as she gasped for air. Her warmth, her wetness, the tremors of her walls, it was building so fast, but he found it funny that at a time like this, he still remembered his manners.

Ladies first.

Arya came with a scream and with her back bending well off the floor, legs kicking beneath him, while Gendry grabbed wildly at her hips, thrusting himself into her again and again as she rode her after shocks. He felt as if fire were in his veins and his vision went white as he came, falling down on top of her, still careful not to put his full weight on her.

Both of them traced fingers along damp hot skin, chests heaving. Gendry felt Arya turn into him and place a thin arm across his waist, and he pulled her against his chest, placing a chaste kiss on her forehead. She replied with one of her own on his sternum, mumbling something incoherent.

Gendry scratched her back idly, running through the events of the last hours in his mind. He had a million things he wanted to say, but for some reason felt she should be the first to speak. She'd like that, controlling the conversation. He began to stroke her hair, and chuckled when he heard soft snores.

Of course.

Arya was fast asleep against him, arms propped on his chest and her body, slowly rising and falling. He laughed and gently rolled away, walking to the vine covered window, plucking a strand of yellow honeysuckle. He turned and put out the lamp, looking back at Arya. Her body was glowing in the soft light of the moon peeking through the window, the storm finally having ridden through. He was mesmerized by the silhouette of the curves of her shoulders, down to her waist, filling back out at her hips and stretching down along her lean legs. He felt like if he stared any longer she'd wake, knowing what he was doing, and call him some name. He smiled at the thought and knelt down, putting the flowers behind her ear into the mess of dark hair spread across the pillow, as he kissed her heated cheek tenderly. He pulled the blanket over them and as he went to cuddle Arya, she rolled into his embrace of her own accord. It didn't take him long to be lulled into the best, most content sleep of his life.