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The Crash

[All droids to battle stations! I repeat! All droids to battle stations!]

The battle droids rushed around in a hurried manner, frantically getting to their stations as the voice over the intercom barked orders out. Outside, the ongoing conflict against the Republic cruisers was a very troubling one: never had the Invisible Hand been outnumbered before. Not only that, but there was another problem the droids altogether faced; one very ticked off, angry general. Thinking of him made the droids on the ship work harder than ever, just to keep their heads intact.

As the enemy ships kept firing, and the battle droids filling up the ion canons with more energy, they were completely oblivious to what was going on in the command room...

"Where's the backup I ordered!" roared General Grievous, his infamous temper kicking up from impatience with the droids. How he wished - no - longed for the Confederacy of Independent Systems to actually see through his point and get real warriors for him to command instead. Not stupid, dispirited droids. One of the droids looked at him with it's usual blank face and replied, "But Sir! We've only just sent the-" The droid never finished his sentence, for the Kaleesh cyborg had ripped off it's head with one force powered slap of his durasteel hand. Growling to himself and muttering about how worthless these droids were, Grievous started to walk towards the battle droids at the ships controls. "Keep firing! I will not let those Jedi scum win!" he ordered in a demanding tone. "Roger, roger" the droids at the controls replied unenthusiastically.

For a few more moments, Grievous glared at the Republic battle cruisers firing at his ship with pure hatred, before he started pacing left and right, thinking of possible strategies. But he knew that the more time he just sat there and did nothing, the more danger he and the ship were in. Suddenly, it wasn't long before there was a massive BANG and the ship shook with such force that the droid general lost his balance and fell over completely, landing on his back with a thud. Cursing to himself, Grievous got up and started taking his rage out on the droids again. "What in the force just HAPPENED!" he roared before bursting into a coughing fit. A droid at the controls answered his question: "Sir! One of the blasters hut one of our engines! We're losing power!"

"What!" the general snarled, his golden, reptilian eyes wide as he looked over the droid to it's controls. As if living proof, one of the engines was flashing red. There was another loud BANG and the ship rocked more violently than before. Already, there were droids running amok, panicking for their lives.

[Attention all units! Attention all units! Evacuate the ship immediately! That's an order!] the intercom commanded in a panic stricken voice. As if that were enough to reassure the droids on board. Grievous smashed the droid that done so without his permission. "Idiots!" he hissed, his voice full of venom. "We're not going anywhere!" he shouted over the intercom. One of the droids, either they were brave or completely foolish, looked at his general. "But Sir! We're sitting ducks! If we stay, we're all going to die!" The droid flinched at Grievous's fierce, fiery golden gaze, his pupils narrower than usual. He was about to one of his light sabers out and slice the droid in half when a thought struck him; maybe it did have a point.

I can't believe this! Outsmarted! By a droid! the cyborg thought furiously. As if he were gritting his teeth, he growled in a dark voice, "Fine. Go into hyperspace." The droid looked at him, as if he had an ugly hat on his head. "But Sir-" it protested, only to be yelled at. "NOW!"

Without another word, the droid turned around and kicked into hyperspace. But before they could even enter hyperspace, a Republic cruiser shot at the navigation system of the Invisible Hand. But it was already too late: the ship activated into hyperspace mode. Never before had Grievous experienced such a frightening ride since his shuttle crash. The warlord had to dig his talons into the floor as the ship went out of control.

Suddenly, the ship dropped out of hyperspace and started drifting towards a planet he had never, ever seen before. "Sir! We're going to crash land!" a battle droid exclaimed the obvious, as the massive cruiser headed towards the unknown planet. Already the emergency beacons inside the ship were flashing red. "Evacuate the ship and set for self destruct!" Grievous ordered before sprinting out of the room, grabbing his cape along the way. The General made his way down to the escape as he heard over the intercom, [All droids go to the escape pod bay! The ship is going to self destruction mode in five minutes. Over and out.]

After swatting a droid out of the way, Grievous entered an escape that was already occupied by six droids. He shut the capsule's door, lock it shut, and pressed the button that would send their pod speeding away from the damaged battle cruiser. The Kaleesh cyborg watched the ship for five minutes before it exploded. He noticed some of the pods were crashing into the debris, while his was well away from the damage. But there was another, unsettling feeling in his mind. He noticed that the pod was heading straight for the strange planet. As the pod started heat up as it started the re-entry process, Grievous knew that this was going to be a very long and uncomfortable landing...

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