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High-jacking a Car, Grievous Style

They had been walking for a total of three hours now. Tracy's limbs screamed for her to stop and rest, but she kept going, even though the pain was unbearable. Grievous kept glancing at her from time to time and would sometimes ask if she could keep up. She wasn't sure why he was showing any concern to her. Maybe it was because he needed her to find a way off this planet?

Tracy shook her head and sighed. Behind her, she could hear the three droids groaning to themselves quietly, about how they were tired and how their batteries were running low. This made Tracy nervous even more. They needed to get to civilization, fast. But judging by the signs beside the motorway, it was another three hour walk to the next Motor Services.

Another problem Tracy faced was the fact that when they would eventually get there. How could a Human, being a sixteen year old teenager, disguise characters that were supposed to not exist, so that nobody would suspect a thing? It just seemed impossible. Her thoughts were cut off with a loud, and painful, groan from her stomach. She was starving.

"What was that?" a droid blurted out loudly, looking at its comrades, who just shook their heads in the same amount of confusion and curiosity as their friend. This got Grievous's attention to turn to her. "What now?" he growled irritably, his golden eyes flashing dangerously. Tracy flinched at his gaze. "I-I think I might be hungry..." she admitted weakly, chuckling nervously afterwards.

She expected Grievous to yell at her or slap her but he didn't. Instead, the cyborg General turned around with a swish of his cape. "Why don't you just eat that?" he rasped, pointing one metal talon at something furry on the road. Tracy tried hard not to gag and vomit on the ground. "Are you nuts?! Do you really expect me to eat road-kill?!" she snapped angrily, glaring at him.

Grievous was taken aback from her sudden disgusted, defiant tone. "I was just pointing it out!" he hissed furiously, trying hard not to rip the girl to shreds. "Besides, food is food. You must make do with what you can find" he added in an annoyed tone. Tracy snorted and crossed her arms, huffing. "I would rather starve than eat that! Why don't you eat it!" She then realized that Grievous couldn't eat. "Sorry" she murmured as she looked at him.

Grievous just grunted in response. He then sat down on the ground and put his hands on his 'chin', a dark gloomy aura surrounding him. As if he gave an order out loud, the four droids around Tracy slumped onto the ground, sighing in relief. Tracy looked at Grievous before slowly sitting down, clutching her groaning stomach.

For a long while, the unusual group watched the cars speed across the motorway, until Tracy got a sudden idea. "That's it!" she cried out loud, smacking a fist into her other hand's palm. The cyborg General turned to her and coughed. "What are you thinking about now?" he asked sarcastically, his reptilian eyes glinting menacingly slightly.

Tracy blushed in embarrassment when she met his gaze. Either way, she had to explain her plan to him at some point, so she called to the droids. "OI! Get over here, lazy bolts!" The droids groaned, and one even whined, as they got up and walked slowly over. Grievous just snorted in great boredom. "What does this have to do with the droids?" he growled, coughing at the end of his sentence.

The Human girl cleared her throat before gaining a confident, but somewhat sly, expression on her face. "How are you with high-jacking a vehicle?" she asked slyly, smirking as she said it. And she could have sworn Grievous was smiling behind his mask as he leaned forward (along with the four droids) to hear her more carefully, clearly interested.

"Are you sure this going to work?" one droid asked worriedly, looking at Tracy with it's blank face. She just snorted. "What's the matter? Too scared of carrying out the plan? I thought you would want a vehicle. Unless you like walking for another six hours..." The droid instantly stood rigid for a moment before nodding. It then walked onto the motorway, and waited.

Meanwhile, Tracy, Grievous, and the other three droids hid in the bushes, not making a sound and waiting for their bait. As if on cue, a white van slowed down and stopped in front of the droid. "Hey, buddy! What do you think you're doing in the middle of the road like that? Kids these days with their immature imaginations!" the van owner yelled out loud, making Tracy instantly loathe him.

"Now!" she yelled just as the driver was about to apprehend the droid. Charging out of the bushes, Grievous and the droids ran over to the man. The droids went to the van and quickly opened the back of it, their baiting ally running after them. "What the f-?!" the man screamed in bewilderment, eyes bulging as the cyborg General from Star Wars loomed over him. "Give us your, uh, keys!" he snarled menacingly. He held his activated light saber in front of the poor driver's face in a threatening manner.

The man looked at him for a moment before laughing. This obviously stung Grievous, for the Kaleesh warlord's golden eyes flared in rage and confusion from this. "Why are you laughing! You should be begging for mercy now!" he demanded before coughing. By this time the man had tears in his eyes. "OK, very funny kids, but the gigs up now! Thought you could prank me with your 'fandom' now, eh. Real mature..." This caused Tracy to do a facepalm in clear annoyance and frustration.

She had to forget that some people might take the attack as some joke or a prank set up Star Wars fans. Grievous growled in rage at the man and grabbed his shirt with his metal taloned hands. "If you don't stop talking nonsense and me those keys, you're going to wish you had never angered me!" he hissed. The man gave another laugh at this threat. "And you got the costumes and personality of the characters too! Those costumes look and even feel realistic. Not bad I guess for teenagers impersonating droids."

Oh crap! Tracy thought, knowing where this was going. Grievous seemed to be losing his control to keep himself from tearing the driver to shreds, for he was now practically yelling in his face. "I AM NOT A DROID, YOU PIECE OF FILTH!" he screamed at him before shoving him forcefully from his grip. This attracted a lot of attention, for now there were more cars stopping at the road. Soon enough, a fascinated and furious crowd had gathered around them.

With no time for thinking, Tracy ran towards them, pushing into the crowd of spectators before getting into the actual buzz of the attention. The cyborg was about to crush the man's skull with his foot when something hit his head. Tracy watched as a snarling, ticked off General Grievous turned his attention to a young man around his twenties, who had thrown another stone at him. "Hey! Leave the guy alone, freak! Why don't you just go to the Star Wars convention instead?" he yelled out at him.

Deciding where this was going, Tracy ran into the crowd, saw the keys hanging out of the distracted van driver's pocket, grabbed them while he wasn't looking, and ran to Grievous. Without hesitating, the Human girl grabbed his cape to gain his attention. "Van. NOW!" she yelled, just as the van driver noticed that his keys were missing. "Hey! They just stole my keys!" he screamed in rage.

Grievous didn't object to the girl's demands. Quickly, he opened the van's door, and got inside while Tracy got in on the other side. She put the keys into the keyhole, which sprung the engine to life again. As an angry mob of people advanced towards, Grievous had a sudden, horrible feeling in his gut sack. Turning to Tracy, he asked, "You know how to drive this thing, right?"

To his surprise, Tracy confidently replied, "Nope! But I'll start today!" And with that, the Human stamped on a pedal and the van started speeding off at a dangerous speed. Grievous literally screamed his head off at the top of his vocabulator, while the four droids on the back cried out in panic and confusion. Several times the van narrowly collided with other cars, signs, and occasionally, trees.

As the van drove off, the angry mob of people stood there in utter shock before getting back into their cars. The poor driver could only watch as his white van traveled off into the distance with the crazy high-jackers. He couldn't believe that he had just been high-jacked by a group of convention nerds.

At the Jedi Temple, Yoda sat alone, meditating quietly. He was just concentrating on a subject that greatly disturbed him when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker entered the room. "Master Yoda?" Anakin asked, noticing the look on the wise Jedi Master when he walked in. Yoda sighed and stood up, shaking his head.

"A disturbance I feel, in the force. Great danger ahead, there is" he murmured to himself as he started walking slowly towards them. He couldn't bring up what he had felt to the master or knight. It greatly confused him. He felt as if something was out of balance, but from another universe. And the part that really got to him was that it occurred after the disappearance of Grievous and his ship.

As he left the room, Anakin looked at Obi-Wan in confusion. "I wonder what he felt?" he remarked to him, completely puzzled by this. Obi-Wan shook his head and sighed. "Whatever it is, Anakin, it can't be good" he replied, concern showing on his face. "Do you think it has anything to do with Grievous's disappearance?" the young Jedi Knight asked curiously.

"Let's hope not" Obi-Wan answered simply as the two of them started walking out of the room, lost in their thoughts.

"That's it! I'm driving this thing!" Grievous yelled as they almost crashed into yet another car. The driver in the car was yelling at them and Grievous thought the man was saying, "Look were you are going, you morons!" The cyborg General tried to grab the steering wheel off of Tracy, but the stubborn teenager didn't budge. Instead, she kept smacking his hands away from her.

"No way! I'm quite capable of driving this baby just fine, thank you very much!" Tracy yelled back stubbornly. The van veered left and right as the two kept fighting. From behind, the two could still hear the droids scream. "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!" screamed one droid in blind panic.

"I WISH I DIED DURING THE CRRRRRRAAAASSSSHHHHH!" wailed the other hopelessly. The van soon reached the junction, where it made a sharp turn to the right and headed down towards buildings. "Look out!" Grievous screamed as they almost ran into people who were minding their own business. It was that time that he got a hold of the wheel.

Quickly he jerked it sideways, narrowly avoiding an old lady who was crossing the road with her dog. "Maniacs!" she yelled out afterwards, clutching her walking stick in her hand and waving it furiously in the air. Never before had Grievous felt so scared after his transformation into a cyborg. But this ride... he thought Skywalker was bad, but Tracy was worse!

It wasn't long before Tracy regained her dominance over the wheel, putting her hand to Grievous's eyes while the other holding the wheel. Eventually the van jerked to stop suddenly, and there was a loud smack at the back of the van. As if nothing had happened, the Human girl looked at the bewildered and panting cyborg, smiling cheerfully. "I guess we're here!" she cried out before getting her seat belt off and opening the door to get out of the van.

General Grievous just groaned as he regained his calm breathing after coughing several times. He looked unsurely outside with his golden eyes before getting out himself. He wrapped himself in his cape and glared at Tracy, who was now helping the four poor battle droids out of the van. Note to self: Never get in that 'thing' with that insolent girl ever again! he thought as he joined Tracy and the battle droids.