The nuclear winds were calm on this night of Tuchanka. Wrex breathed in through his colossal nose, smelling the rancid singe of the soil, a result of radiation.

Wrex would have seen it fitting to witness a great sandstorm, to honor the death of a respected warrior. For on this day, two galactic years ago, Wrex lost a valuable friend to an unknown threat. The krogan believed it to be a greater respect to Shepard's memory for the night to remain a somber, quiet event.

The feeling was alien to the krogan. He believed he'd lost his emotional capacity for sorrow. Yet nothing struck his heart with such grief as this.

Wrex truly believed a companion was taken from him. Since he'd left Tuchanka, other individuals were mere pyjaks. Yet Shepard anchored him to reality. The krogan had been so lost, turning to pathetic diversions to push everything else away. What a coward he'd been, and, oh, how he'd underestimated Shepard's influence and understanding.

Normally, Wrex's compassion would be cast over by the shadow of his stubborn disposition, but he would easily admit that Shepard changed his opinion about humans. They seemed to be pests, clasping desperately with their incompetent, covetous fingers at every foothold to gain in the galaxy.

But Wrex stood back and observed with some objectivity. He came to realize he'd mistaken human eagerness with almost indestructible vigor. Of course, krogan were usually mandated as the biggest brutes of the galaxy, but humans were armed not only with their technology, but also their insatiable hunger for survival and prosperity.

This process can be described as destructive and intrusive to other races, but Wrex couldn't resist beholding them with fond admiration. With sheer numbers and incredible willpower, humans could take control of the Citadel, the galaxy, everything. But even then, there was a restraint, a noble initiative of doing fairly unto its galactic neighbors.

Wrex was fascinated by this, for he knew that was what the people of Tuchanka lacked. The krogan are tenacious, unforgiving. Reasoning of this fact by other races gave birth to the Genophage. The krogan were condemned to a slow extinction.

But Shepard was an icon, a paradigm of human potential. A potential the krogan desperately need if they want to survive the Genophage. Wrex believes that by uniting the krogan clans, and helping them to reach for a peaceful future, he could save them all, and place krogan among one of the most respected races of the galaxy, much like the humans.

Wrex breathed in deeply, releasing the air of Tuchanka out of his nose. He silently prayed for Shepard's peaceful, eternal rest as he turned to the members of his clan and prepared to deliver yet another speech to further solidify his leadership.

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