Wait, You Did What, Now?

"You did what, now?"

Frodo looked up from the batter that he was stirring to his older cousin. "I arranged the food you bought in the first pantry." he repeated matter-of-factly.

Bilbo raised an eyebrow at his young ward and examined the pantry for himself.

The lad certainly had; sorting each item into its own place, carefully dating everything 3 Rethe with thick black paint, filling in every gap that he could - why, the place didn't even look like his own pantry anymore.

Frodo was watching him closely. Stars, was this some sort of test, and if he failed Frodo would be devestated? After all, the lad was just trying to find his place in Bag End. He needed encouragement. As Bilbo looked about he did have to admit that it looked much more efficient. Everything was easy to find, and it would be a simple matter to tell the older produce from the newer now and use it up first. Seeing his younger cousin's neat script everywhere caused the older hobbit to smile. He hadn't known that the lad could stock a pantry so well. It made him wonder what other 'talents' might be hidden from everyone else's eyes.

The only problem was that several of those freshly painted baskets belonged to the farmers that he received produce from, and not him at all. He exchanged the empty baskets for fresh goods every Mersday. Of course, the lad wouldn't know this yet, having arrived less than a week ago... It seemed that they both had a lot to learn about each other.

Bilbo turned back to Frodo, who was now looking a bit anxious, and gave the tween a reassuring smile. "It's lovely, Frodo-my-lad, but there's something you need to know about the baskets..."