Guys I forgot my password for my other account so I just got a gmx account and signed up again. Sorry, here's the two chapters of my story.

The village was in an uproar. Small hits made clumsily were greedily eaten by the fires that seemed to erupt randomly, children screamed and cried as they were hauled away by parents or the dark shadow soldiers that had invaded. Jack was running through it all, one name echoing through his mind, he didn't even realise he was screaming it out loud.


He panicked when he received no reply, he couldn't focus, his heart pounded and he didn't even feel the shadows until it was too late and he was on the ground, writhing underneath the suffocating dark shadows. That was when he heard the scream, the one voice he was waiting for.


He only had time to scream...


Before the darkness claimed him, a dark laugh echoing in his mind..