omg, it's been ages! Well her is the third chapter. Thank you for all my faithful followers and people who have favourited this story. And for my one reviwer, no this is not a cross over. Enjoy!

Jack was again being taken by the king. His eyes were half shut, arms and legs suspended in the air by black chains. Pitch moaned as he slowly slid back and forth, jack's whimpers matched the pace set by the cruel rapist king. As soon as jack felt the king release he shuddered and choked back a weak sob. Pitch kisses his back.

"You've done so well for me. But I'm afraid I must share you. Come now pet" Pitch pulled out and wrapped the shadows around himself, the chains released jack and instead formed a collar and leash. Pitch led the unfortunate boy out of the ice room to a grand ball room where nobles were gathered. Eyes drank in jack's naked body hungrily, hands stroked and pawed him as he was led to a pole in the centre of the room. The leash was tied to the pole and Pitch turned to address his guests.

"Whoever makes him scream and cum wins"

No one got a chance to move because the doors were suddenly thrown open. In the doorway stood 5 people; the guardians, the rebels and jack's saviours.