Coy brown eyes peered at him behind equally shaded bangs, framing a blushing face whose smile was both shy and eager. Sasuke was in the middle of trading his white in-school shoes for his standard brown ones, ebony eyes side-eying the girl standing before him with a look that portrayed nothing.

He shut his locker after putting his shoes away and adjusted his backpack over his shoulder with a quick shrug before giving her his full attention, knowing she'd demand nothing less as he jammed one hand into his pocket. He regarded her with a bored stare, hoping against all odds that she'd leave him be, but she didn't falter, standing her ground with determined eyes he both admired and loathed; instead, she bowed, caught in between her hands a pink envelope sealed tight by a small, red heart.

There was no doubt about it.

She was a fan girl.

"A-ano, Sasuke-kun!" He nearly winced at her piercing tone, but remained silent as she continued. The quicker she got her words out, the faster he could leave. "My name is Haruka of Class 1-E. In this letter is a token of my deepest and sincerest affections. Please, accept it!"

Sasuke's gaze shifted from her bowed form to the letter crumbling in her deathly grip. His first thought had been to accept it, just to get rid of her faster, but past experiences reminded him that accepting anything from a person, especially if said person was a girl, was a bad decision. They usually wanted something in return, something he'd never offer nor willingly give, be it his heart, mind, body, time, or energy. And considering the fact that this was school - high school, no less - rumors were bound to come up regarding him and this... female.

So, he found himself repeating words he'd done countless times before, tapping the tips of his shoes against the wooden floorboards with closed eyes.

"Sorry." Except, he wasn't. Not really. "Not interested."

He turned on his heel, leaving her to stand in the hall alone as he walked off. He didn't need to turn around to know that she'd stuffed her letter in his locker, completely ignoring his rejection. With a cry that may as well have rivaled a siren, she called after him.

"I won't give up on you, Sasuke-kun! So, don't give up on me!" she yelled between cupped hands before darting off.

Persistent girl, he thought, thoroughly annoyed. He had no doubt that she'd try her luck again tomorrow, just like the rest. She was the eighth girl today that approached him with a confession. Granted, she didn't cling to him like all the others had, but she was just as loud and just as annoying.

Pfft, don't give up on her? He never pursued her from the start! He didn't even know that girl! Just where in Kami's name were these girls getting their convoluted ideas from anyway? The last girl had told him to stop playing hard to get. The one before that called him a 'shy, bad boy.' And the one before that told him he'd 'come around eventually' before flashing him her underwear.

What part of 'not interested' did they not understand? He hated repeating himself. The silent treatment simply wasn't working anymore, as they'd started taking it as 'yes' for an answer, and it angered him knowing that he'd been reduced to talking to them.

Kami, he hated girls.

note1: This was inspired by Hyouka, "Dreamcatcher" by Airyo, and "Stay" by Rihanna/Mikky Ekko.
note2: Itachi is alive in this fic and chapters - depending on its significance and my inspiration - won't be long.
note3: I'll try my very best to base this off of Japanese high school; though, it'll most likely be romanticized in that I get a lot of references from anime.