Thom looked at the Mage and sighed.

I'm sure that Alanna isn't having this trouble. Thom thought, slowly looking away from the Mage. Alanna had always been the stronger of the two, he had even told her. She had always insisted they were just as equal. Even if she had been better at everything then him.

"Come on Trebond," The Mage said, tugging at Thom's ear.

"Yes sir." Thom said, trying to cast the spell again.

Alanna would be at the Realms capitol right now. Training in secret to be a knight-not one of her best ideas.

It had been a month or so, and Thom was really missing Alanna. They had been very close, his twin sister and him. They had even shared a room until they had separated. Thom had to admit to himself, that he had doubted that Alanna could do it at first. He honestly thought that she would be found out in less than a week. But she hadn't, she had stayed. So had he.

Now he was separated from her for what seemed like good.

She had been a very strong tower in his life. She had always been the bolder of the two. Even when they were younger.

Slowly, Thom finally completed the task given to him. And then went with the mage to go find something to eat.

He seemed always to be hungry these days, he just figured it was because he was heading into puberty and was going to eat a lot. All the other boys did that were his age.

He had made few friends, coming here. But he had wanted to be a mage. And it took work.

Sometimes Thom was glad Alanna wasn't around to get them into trouble, or to suggest random wild ideas that would eventually lead to either someone getting hurt, or someone getting in huge trouble.

But still, his sister, despite her flaws was still his favorite person in the world.

Much better than the stuffy mages and professors that where here teaching him.

Thom was struggling to stay awake and write in his journal about the day, he occasionally did this when he missed Alanna the most.

It helped him take his mind off of his sister.