Krieg Chapter 5: Madly In Love

The Crimson Raiders swept through the city like ghosts, taking down Hyperion GUN loaders and Combat engineers as if it were child's play. Krieg lead the large group, taking lead with his Buzz Axe roaring for more blood and gore pudding. Krieg hated Loaders, they only bleed out oil and Hydraulic fluid, none of the delicious red stuff that had him on a constant craving. The comparison between Blood and Oil is like drinking Vodka then apple juice, not near as satisfying as one would hope, Krieg did love cyborg commando's however, they were a mixture of blood and oil, Krieg drooled over the prospect of the theoretic Apple juice plus vodka, making the ultimate kill fluid. Krieg giggle and chucked to himself, accompanied by the confused stairs of his current allies.

Roland tapped his shoulder "We have cleared about 90% of the town Krieg, the last 10% are held up in Moxxi's saloon"


"I guess you said it, partner"

Krieg became a little more sane "What about Maya ? Is she going to be alright ?"

"Hmmph ... seems you do care for her, well she should be fine. She is the care of Zed and is being guarded by two of my men"

Tossing his sanity aside, Krieg purred rage "If something happens to her ... THE P.E. SHED WILL HAVE A LOT OF HEAD SHAPED DODGE BALLS !"

Roland had dealt with psycho's before, but what made Krieg truly scary was the fact, he had a cause to fight for. Roland doubted he would turn into a flaming or Suicide Psycho any time soon.

Maya sat up from the table, Zed was applying last touches to the wound in her leg, which had reopened when Krieg faced near execution from Roland. She had come in just in time, she was worried that he may be facing more danger now, she had great faith in his strength but he was going up against Hyperion. Zed stirred, looking up at her concerned

"Even if I would like to, miss ... I can't let you leave this room until Roland get's back. His orders"

"I need to get out and find ..."

"Find Krieg, yes I know. He's a pretty big guy though, I doubt he could be taken down by some petty Loader. Sounds like he has a pretty big heart too"

"He does, he is one of the most caring guys I have ever met, beyond that hard shell of course"

"hahaha. Hard shell is an understatement, I heard what he did outside Moxxi's ... to those bandit drifters who gave you cheek"

"What about it"

"Nothing, I just hate measuring out coffins, that's all ..."

"What's that supposed to mean, Zed ?"

"He is a lose wire when he is not with you, if someone hurts you or gives you shit, they die. Now I don't know if you have noticed, but Sanctuary is filled with liars, drunks and assholes. Krieg is going to find a lot of people to kill here ... More danger for the both of you"

"We wont be here long"

"I'm afraid trouble is going to follow you where ever you go, darlin"

"We can handle it, no one will stop us ... Krieg has something special"

"Oh yeah ? What's that"

"Unlike other Psycho's he has a reason to fight, a reason to live ... our love"

Krieg swung down his axe, tearing through the collar bone of a screaming engineer, the blade cut him from collarbone to hip, slicing the man in two. the meaty corpse hit the ground in a splat and Krieg felt alive again, the crimson juice dancing along his hands, his thirst began to rise with each drop that hit the concrete, then he was at it. Swinging through Loaders and Engineers alike, their screams and electronic gurgles were like a symphony, and he was the conductor. Krieg vision grew sharp, the edges of his vision tinting a light red and blurring as he ran through mists of blood, he was on his buzz-axe rampage.


Roland was reminded of the savage nature of psycho's 'He is going to become a problem when he runs out of bodies to hit ...'

"Krieg ! We are moving into Moxxi's now, get to it soldier"


As if responding to his call, A group of EXP Loaders marched out of nearby alleyway, picking up speed as they spotted their targets, fusion cores heating up and getting ready to explode, tearing both metal and flesh apart. Krieg pulled his sidearm and began blinding each of them with each shot, shattering their visual sensors like burst light bulbs, allowing the Crimson Raiders to charged up behind the Loaders and tackle them down, shooting their cores before they could ignite. Moxxi's bar was in sight, combat engineers and loaders took cover behind wasted bandit technical and Light Runner's their engines long since stripped in Sanctuaries most shift street.

"Concentrate fire of the fuel tanks, there may still be a bit left" Roland hoped Sanctuaries Citizens had not drained the tanks, many fuel openings required keys or bypass codes to open, and no one was ballsy enough to shoot one in the middle of the day.

Streams of energy and bullets collided with the gas tanks, some of them thudding with empty contents, the rest of them exploding and hurling both Loader and engineer limbs into the sky, fire following close behind. Roland thrust his rifle, the group charged, Krieg in front with his buzz axe roaring. The smoke shrouded the moaning bodies with thin cover, but they could not hide from Krieg's fury, his blade found the napes of their necks like hawks to prey. Roland had to tap his shoulder to make him stop, the pulverized Hyperion soldier beneath him twitching with rigor mortise.

"As much as I hate these Hyperion bastard ... There is a difference between justice and over-kill"


"It's just human decency ... honor among men"

"I don't know if you have noticed but ... I AM NOT A FUCKING HUMAN. I AM A MONSTER, A LAB EXPERIMENT SHAT OUT BY HYPERION BASTARDS LIKE THIS LITTLE FUCKER ..." He kicked the dead body in the gut for emphasis.

"Look .. we all have a beef with the yellow armored pricks. Some more than others ..."


A Crimson Raider approached "Sir, All Loaders have been neutralized and the drop ships have pulled away. We have the shields up and running now"

"Good work, focus man power on civilian support, medical treatment and construction" The Raider nodded and left

"I have no memories ... No past, no family ... Except Maya. All I want to do is kill those fuckers and keep her safe"

'going to the Hyperion Lab's might have the answers we are both looking for ... Stick with this Roland guy, he may be of use'

"I understand ... Just consider the people watching, what you do in your own time is none of my business. It sounds like you are up for anything then right ? I have been looking for a man who would go all the way to see Hyperion wiped off the map, I may have a mission for you, if you are interested ?"

"Spill it"

"Perhaps it would be better if we discussed it at the base, you can pick up Maya along the way, she may want to hear it"

Zed cursed, slapping the computer in annoyance, he had lost another patient, this was the 10th time in a row he had lost a game of Online operation simulator. Maya was sitting in the corner, her knee's tucked up to her chin as she sat. she wondered if a crimson raider, helmet in hands wold deliver the news of his death and leave Maya tumbling into a dark world of pain and sorrow. A knock came at the door, Zed got off his computer chair to investigate, his eyes peering over his shoulder at Maya, his hand slowly creeping into his back pocket where he kept a scalpel handy. He prayed it would not be a Loader.

"OPEN UP !, It's me Krieg"

Zed almost jumped out of his skin "Dammit boy, you scared the shit outta me !"

The door opened and Krieg walked in, Maya leaped off her chair and dove into his arms "Krieg ... Oh jeez I was so worried"

"Never mind me pretty lady, I aint going no where"

She pecked his cheek and whispered into his ear with seductive sweetness "I no a few places we can go ..."

Krieg blushed deep "We got to go talk with Roland, Can I borrow her off you Doc ?"

"Please please, Be gone you two love skags ... Not many couples round these days"

Krieg walked Maya out the bulkhead doors, his arm pulled closely to her waist, never wanting to let her go. He had gone berserk today, all because she was not by his side to calm him down. What ever would he do the day she is gone ? would he be able to control himself ? The questions burned through his mind like Elemental cartridges.

They passed the two positioned guards who asked for Identification, Krieg giving a growl and Maya showing a distracted smile, they were sent through, one guard with a boner the other with a little crap in his pants. The steel bulkhead opened up and Krieg and Maya seemed to be in a make-shift lab. a short women with relative short hair and glowing goggles looked up from a stack of papers, her face registering disgust in a way only nobility can show.

"Roland is upstairs ... just please, Don't touch anything"

"We understand ... bitch" the lady, her name badge labelled Tannis, did not hear the last word. But Maya did, elbowing him in the gut and giggling

Roland's voice called from upstairs "In here soldier ... you too Maya"

Maya whispered "He had always been weird around me, let's just say he has had issues with Sirens in the past"

"Understood" Krieg had no idea why, to him Sirens were the most beautiful things in the universe

They entered a large bunk room, a large holographic tables positioned in the middle, displaying Hyperion Intel and decryption codes, that were no doubt being cracked by Tannis down stairs. Roland stood outside the room on a balcony, which looked out over Sanctuary's town square. He turned and nodded, crushing the his cigarette under his boot, life on Pandora was shorter than that of a smoker.

"Glad you two could make it on such short notice, How is your leg, Maya ?"

"Good, Zed got it all healed up. What mission did you have in mind for us ?"

"I know you two are eager to find the vault, but I'm afraid it's not as simple as you think"

"I know it will be hard, but that's the point of a hunt right ?"

"The vault we all know and aspire to find is not the kind of vault you think it is. It's a prison, holding one of the most powerful creatures on Pandora, the warrior. The vault was made to keep it contained. don't get me wrong, there could very well be other vaults, but that vault in particular is what handsome Jack is trying to open, if he opens it and let's out the Warrior, Pandora is screwed"

"So is that our mission ... To stop Jack and save the planet ? a bit cliche don't you think"

"Not exactly, I need you and Krieg to break into one of Hyperion's underground research labs and find out as much as you can, then torch the damned place"


Roland Chuckled "Haha I figured"

Maya bit her lip "Give us at least a few days to relax and gear up, okay ?"

"Not a problem, just tell me when you are ready and I'll open up the fast travel beacon to The Dust, that is where we have picked up Hyperion signals. Best you start there"

Krieg and Maya nodded and left the room, they had been pushed from bed to bullet for the last hour, all they wanted now was to relax. Maya wanted to use the next few days to get to know Krieg better personally. She remembered seeing a small restaurant where the two could enjoy food peacefully, hopefully without any fights and blood shed, but beggars can't be choosers. She wanted to know the man inside as much as she wanted to know the mad man on the outside.

Despite all that had happened, Sanctuary life carried on as if nothing had happened, it seemed these situations were a regular occurrences, the market became lively with the banter and barter of the busy morning. Krieg's large hand wrapped around the delicate palm of Maya, like a vice around a rose bud, she led him towards the small restaurant, both of their stomachs grumbling.

"Want something to eat ?"

Krieg patted his pocket and sighed, his eyes becoming glum "I'm sorry ... I have no CREDITS TO BARTER !"

She chuckled "It's okay Krieg, It can be my treat. It's the least I can do for the towns Savior after all ..."

"You are too kind, It's almost like an angel got it's wings ... SHOT OFF AND FELL LIKE BODIES FROM A CLIFF TO THE EARTH !"

"Oh believe me, I am far from an angel" reminding herself of the monstrous atrocities she did when she was the puppet tool of the Order, whom she had fled from to Pandora.

They entered the empty Restaurant and were led to a private booth, electric candles glowed in the romantic darkness, the interior was a surprising contrast to the war torn streets. laid with alluring red velvet carpet and silk curtains, a laser scanner literally burned all the dirt and blood off their shoes as they walked in. In the background a radio was playing a song by the Famous Pandora band The Heavy, the song sung about Pandora being no place for a hero, no place to call home. The attendant pulled their chairs for them and said she would return with the menu in a moment. Maya could not help but giggle inside, Krieg made the delicate wooden chair seem tiny in comparison to his large bulk, she was reminded of a clown on a tiny bike.

"I know you must be eager to get going and look for some Hyperion cronies to kill ... But I thought it would be nice to ... You know, get to know you better without an armada of Hyperion or bandits interrupting us"

"To tell you the truth ... Pass my mind, my past is as good as cabbage flavored sprinkles ... I barely know who I am"

'It's true, I can't even remember the most sane parts of my life, now I have to just wait and watch what this side of me does with the rest of it ...'

"I understand"

"Why on earth would I want spend a day hanging out ?"

Ugh you are right, what was I thinking. You must be mad at me for prolonging our mission huh ? I'm so sorry Krieg I just ..."

His finger pressed down on her smooth blue lips, hushing her with a relaxed voice she had seldom heard "That's not what I meant, Maya"

"It wasn't ?"

"I want to spend all the moons and suns with you MY GLORIOUS LADY ! one day is never enough ..."

She blushed and grabbed her chin, pulling him into her cool lips "You are such a damned poet" her heart racing with excitement.

The waitress returned with the menu and waited patiently

Maya scratched the back of her head "Gee ... I don't know, it all looks so good. I have no Idea"

"2 platters of steamed Threehorn clams with Highlands wild berries in a fine salad garnish. A small platter of Skag stewed onions for two and Also your best bottle of bourbon spirits, we will not need any glasses for today's meal, thank you kindly"

The waitress nodded, wide eyed, she had not expected to hear such intelligent knowledge from the hulking figure "Um ... Payed by ?"

"Put it under the Pandora federation bank located in Hyperion capital, account number 1234-234-78-1234 and be sure to add a 10 credit bonus for your tip good lady"

The attendant hurried off, leaving Maya wide eyed and mouth open ajar. what she had heard belonged to the mouth of one like Hammerlock, it was as if Krieg had forgotten who he was and picked up his character from a high society magazine. Maya could only stare in disbelief


"I ... I Don't know ... It just came out like a reflex or Rigor mortise !"

"So you had no Idea what was going on ?"

"Not a single clue ... What do you think ?"

"Pieces of your past life ? Or someone you knew well enough to have those details ... You could be on the verge of getting your memories back, Krieg"

"I don't know if that's good or utterly NIPPLE SHIT !"

"Good ... At least I hope it will. Let's discuss it after our meal ... By the way, thanks for treating me"

"Least I could do for the savior of my heart ...

They left the Restaurant will full bellies and full hearts, Maya was too awestruck by the food to ask more about Krieg's past and personality. She promised herself she would get more achieved today, but she had no idea what to do, Sanctuary was such a bland town filled with violence and debris, she could not think of any attractive places to sit and talk with Krieg except a battered hotel room. She spent the next few minutes trying to think of something romantic or entertaining for them to do, only to feel the cold regret of this town weighed her down. It was then that her Knight in shining armor took grasp of the situation and surprised her furthermore, Krieg tapped her shoulder

'I think it would be a good Idea to show her the overlook camp, it's always been a great place to relax and think about life, even before we became ... this'

"Maya ... I uhh ... Want to show you a place, We can hang out there for a bit if you want ... Ugh what am I thinking, STUPID IDEAS IN MY SKULL"

"no no no ! Please do, I was trying to think of something along those lines but ... I don't really have anything"

"Let's find a fast travel console and I'll SLAM IN THE NUMBERS !"

"You mean it's not a certified location on the network maps ?"

"Custom receiver ... I stole one from a Hyperion outpost when my former bandit clan raided them ... SO MUCH CRIMSON .. SO GLORIOUS"

"Wow ... That's impressive, your own receiver node. Well what are we waiting for .. Let's go !"

Krieg walked across the Town square with Maya, passing a digital newspaper stand with the iconic screaming cockney boy screaming out Extra Extra. They reached a boarded up central building that housed piles of containers, electronics, clothing consoles and the Fast travel console. Krieg looked over his shoulder and began punching in the custom codes to the designated location and receiver. Maya could hardly believe Krieg had such locked potential behind his rough outside, he may be a more intelligent man then most people thought him to be.

"Are you ready?"

"More ready than I'll ever be, Krieg"

He hammered the button and their bodies twisted and broke down into the machine, as if they were made of digital cubes, they were being sent piece by piece to Krieg's custom receiver across Pandora, Maya hoped the Receiver was an up to date model, there have been cases where travellers have materialised in all the wrong ways, a pile of mince was the best way to describe the horrors of fast travel malfunctions. Their vision turned into a purple tunnel of Data, energy and warp space, it reminded Maya of a TV show she had flicked onto one night about a flying Communication booth that travelled through time and space. Their vision and bodies began to take shape, the cold air of a new location hitting them like cool water.

"We made it"


"I'm fine … Where exactly are we ?"

She gasped at the green meadows that lay below them, the sky a pale blue. They were standing upon a steel lookout platform that was built on the edge of a large cliff overlooking the valley below, Maya figured they were somewhere in the Highlands, the pine trees, meadows and crisp air was evidence to that. She turned towards the pine forest, in the distance she could see a small steel building, standing triumphant over the seasons in a clearing of tree's, she began to piece things together when Krieg enlightened her on the matter.

"We are in the Highlands, pine tree and Skag Free!"

"So this whole area … you own it ?"

"I took over that bunker and set up the teleporter … SURE !"

She turned to the clear valley "Krieg … It's beautiful"

He blushed "I figured it would be better for us to stay here than in sanctuary …. Safer for you"

"It's perfect …."


Krieg opened the steel door and flicked on the lights and Air conditioning, cool air flowing into the room and clearing the dust and muggy atmosphere. Maya's peered in and smiled. Krieg house was filled with comfortable furniture ripped from Runners and Caravan's, computers, TV's and trophies, some impressive, some gruesome. The floor was decorated with red animal hides and furs, some of the animal horns and bones decorating the arch doorways. Maya then realized this building was an old Hyperion outpost station for garrisoned forces, no bigger than a house, these stations used to be used for garrisoned troops to deploy from, now abandoned and forgotten.

"Oh my god, Krieg. Did you do all this?"

"This is where I come to try remember who I once was …. I've made it comfortable for the long periods I spend here, WAITING FOR BLOOD AND CARNAGE HAHAHA !"

"I never figured you to be a ….. Interior designer"

"This is nothing ... LET ME SHOW YOU IT ALL"

He showed her the bathroom, which was a row of Toilet booths ripped from Bandit camps and lined up. Hubcaps and skulls hung off the walls like crude paintings. One of the skulls was flipped upside down as if it were a fruit bowl, Maya had to admit, and the place looked pretty badass. He led her into the master bedroom, once the office to a Hyperion general or a commander; it looked out over the valley through a long thin window. There was a king sized bed with a large furry hides from a bullymong, the head of the beast severed and hung elsewhere. She knew and hoped all to well they would make use of this large bed. The opposing wall was covered in Bandit Masks, all customised and different from one another, Krieg walked up to a spare hook on the wall and hung the same Mask he had met Maya wearing.

"What are all these Masks ? Are they all yours ?"


"A mix ?"


Maya then realized some of the Masks housed bleached skulls "How long have you been fighting ?"

'Not even I know that answer ….'

"Ugh … Let's get something to eat, Do you want a beer?"

Maya craved the bitter cool taste of a beer, she had spent too long eating fine dining snacks and exquisite liquors from Hyperion reserves, something barbaric and brutal like beer simply called out to her, many people believed her to be a posh elegant women, but her choice of man is answer enough. She nodded and pulled in Krieg, their lips locking in a short moment of bliss, their eyes meeting and closing as they parted, her breathe ragged and heavy, warm tingles shooting down her spine.

"You …. You are getting real good at that"


She giggled "C'mon cowboy, let's get something to eat"

Roland downed his last beer and threw it at the can, laying back on his bunk all he could do was wait for sleep to take him, he was lucky to come across the two vault hunters when he did, he was not too worried about Krieg, as long as he had Maya to keep him contained and at peace, he would be a great battlefield asset to use in the coming incursions with Hyperion, he was supposed to be planning their raid on the laboratory, but his mind and his beer kept disappearing into deeper thoughts. He opened the bedside drawer and popped open the false bottom, pulled the whole draw out and sitting it on his lap. He pulled a small Data frame, inside the digital screen was a still image of Roland and Lilith, his arm around her waist and her lips planted on his cheek, in the background a purple-green aura glowing. He remembered that mission all too well, a raid on a Hyperion train resulting in the Crimson raider victory and over a years' worth of shield cores that would keep Sanctuary safe for a long time. The beautiful glow of the snowy landscape was romantic.

"How times have changed …. aye Lilith ..."

he felt guilty for how it had ended, he wanted to hear her voice and touch her, but he knew it was all far from reach.

'I should call her ... think of some random topic to start us off ... god dammit Roland you are a soldier ... then why is this so hard'

He reached for the phone, but it rang before he could pick it up, he jumped surprised by the alarming ring. He picked up the receiver and answered

"Uh ... This is Roland, Crimson Raider headquarters"

"Hmmph still formally answering the phone huh ?"

His mind froze, the last voice he expected "L...Lilith ... what are you doing"

"What does it sound like ? I'm calling you ... cause"

"Why ? Is there anything I can help you with ?"

"N...No not in particular, sooo uh how is life going ?"

"Not bad ... Raiders are still holding up"

"Oh ... good, good to hear"

"What are you doing ?"

"Uhh nevermind, it's not important I really gotta ... go now" he heard her hand tighten on the phone, she was about to hang up.



"You there ? please tell me you are there ..."

"I'm here, Roland"

"I ... what am I saying ..."

"Go on ..."

"Dinner ?"

"Dinner ? what does dinner have to do with this ?"

"I mean ... Do you want to get some dinner. Now ... with me"

she paused, strong tension building in the air between the two "Your place or mine ?"

"Well ... I have yet to see your hideout, I'm stil in that crabby old bunker"

"Okay ... Sounds good"

"Sounds Great uh ... I'll pick up some takeout and take a Fast travel booth to your hideout, send me the Receiver password"

"Oh ... The password is ... well, our anniversary date. I kinda need to change it sooooo ... yeah. I'll send it now"

"Uh .. no need, I remember it. 19th November right ?"

"Yeah, I'm surprised you remember ... you know"

"Oh no, I understand completely ... It was just an important number me"

"Uh ... me too"

"See ya ?"

Lilth smiled behind her phone piece "Yeah, later"

Roland hung up the phone and laughed to himself long and hard, he had slain monsters, bandits and zombies. Achieved high military levels and established a militia, governed a town and took Hyperion by the balls and yet, the one conversation he had with his Ex-Girlfriend was the hardest of them all. The call was filled with too many awkward pauses and small chit-chat, he really wished he was confident like Mordecai after a cask of spirits or as bold as Brick with a hammer, but inside he felt weak and warm under the cool voice of his Ex, yet he liked it still. He got up out of his bunk bed and stretched, pulling on his trousers and Beret, looking over his shoulder and slipping a Anshin Shield company branded Condom and slipping it into his wallet, every soldier had to suit up one way or another. He was glad he did not purchase the torque branded ones, god only knew what effect they would have.

"Sirens will make a man go crazy ... Luckily Krieg was crazy prior to meeting his"

Krieg and Maya lay on the soft ground, a hide laid out under them and they lay together overlooking the valley and stars. Maya snuggled close to Krieg and rest her head on their chest, she caressed his hand, which was wrapped around her own like warm mitts. The night was quiet and peaceful, not a gunshot or a scream to be heard for miles around. Maya saw why Krieg came here to think, she herself was cast into a deep thought with the lingering serenity of the night sky. She looked up at the stars and smiled, each tiny orb a glistening prick of light in a vast black and blue void that man had conquered long ago. Maya got up on her elbows and pointed to the constellations

"Do you know any ?"

Krieg nodded then shook his head "Oh so very few ... More drops of blood in my veins then there is stars in my mind"

"Quite the poet hmmm ? Show me all the ones you know"

"That one up there ... That's the Skags pup, that one over there is ... THE BURNING EYEBALL OF A HUNDRED SUNS !"

"Also just known as the flaming eye ... but both translations seem accurate. Although I doubt there are 100"

Maya giggled than shivered, Krieg noticed and massage her shoulders "SPEND ANY LONGER OUT HERE AND YOU ARE A SEXY POPSICLE!"

She pulled him close, their lips locking again, but this time she made her move, allowing him to cup her breasts as she kissed down his neck and whispered calmly into his ear "Let's go inside and get warm ... you ... me ...and some of those fur hides"

She kissed the top of his ear and teased "Nothing on except that ..."


She giggled, biting her lip "Take your time, Cowboy ... but don't keep me waiting, I might start without you ..."

She walked into the house and closed the door. Krieg was excited, nervous and over joyed. When they had last had sex they were half drunk half blood crazed, the sex they had was out of simple animalistic desire and deserved no real description, what was about to happen was Krieg and nothing but Krieg, no booze or blood, he stood up and shook his fist in a almost triumphant gesture, he pulled his wallet from his back pocket and pulled free the Hyperion Branded condom and sneered, he had to resort to Handsome jack to keep Maya safe from pregnancy. The thought was short lived when he spotted Maya peering out the window, a cheeky grin on her face. At that Krieg was running towards the door and and bursting through both the bedroom and his buttons as he spotted Maya sitting peaceful on the bed awaiting him.

Maya led him to the bed and lay him down, unraveling the bandages on his arms and removing his shoulder pads, tossing them across the room. Pushing him back she slid down to his orange combat trousers and popped the button open and unzipped. Tossing it also aside she grinned at the large package that bulged from his loincloth undergarments. she kissed him on the cheek, then trailed her kisses down past his collarbone, to his chest past his nipples and down his belly towards the waistband. She was blushing the whole time, both a pro and an amateur to the act of pleasing. She decided to stop teasing the poor man and stepped back, turning away from Krieg and looking over her shoulder as she pulled the zipper down the back of her Combat tank top. the smooth pale skin of her back calling to him.

"Lay back, Krieg. Enjoy the show"

He was awestruck for words "Yes ...Mam"

She smirked and pulled the top down off her back, the leather sliding off her skin like silk with gentle ease she pulled. she slid it off her body and turned to Krieg, his eyes going wild at the side perspective of her supple Breasts, their beauty like sculpt marble ending with the delicately placed bead of her nipple. Her skin was clean and clear, not a freckle or spot tainted the beautiful canvas of her body, Krieg had no idea if this was from her Siren blood or her angel like form, she turned fully to him, his eyes darting all over her chest and eyes, which stared warmly and without shyness. she ran her hand down her collar bone to her breast, massaging it with her fingers, grinning all the while. Walking towards him, she popped open her belt and unzipped her pants, turning away from him as she pulled them down to her ankles, her ass rising as she descended. Her cheeks were strong and firm, her whole body was built and toned. She looked over her shoulder and cooed, running her hand over the round cheeks. Krieg could not handle anymore


she laughed, losing her seductive composure "shall I speed it up then ?"

She turned to him, her blue lingerie the same color as her hair, she moved to him, climbing on the bed and over Krieg until she sat on the smooth surface of his belly, her body move and swaying over his, grinding Krieg's body for what was left of his self control. she leaned down, her breasts dancing near Krieg's face, he could not control himself anymore. He grabbed Maya and eased her down, kissing the tender skin of her neck and collarbone, trailing down to her breasts and kissing the smooth skin, she moaned in enjoyment, savoring the sensation of Krieg's mouth gently kissing and sucking on each breast. His tongue exploring the edge of nipple, making her throw her head back in heat, her breathing becoming harsh. With her left hand she squeezed his crotch, lightly juggling his balls in he hand and rubbing the shaft. He was immediately harder than a Hyperion force shield, Maya could not wait to have his large cock inside her, this time she intended to savor it's touch, enjoy the ride for as long as she could, until they filled each other up.

Maya's mind was filled with perverted imaginings 'His cock is so big ... I guess his experiments had really built him up for fighting, is it gong to hurt alot like last time ? I should have told him I was a virgin ... Oh man, corrosion damage wont be shit compared to this ... And yet it will feel so right'

She cared little now, from what she had heard from late night drunken talks with Moxxi, it hurts the first time, is utter bliss the second time. She hoped Moxxi's slutty intuition was right, Krieg had put a lot into tonight to make it romantic for the two, the last thing he needed was an awkward silence as Maya told him to stop, but this time she would be ready. She climbed off him and blushed lightly as she stood, tucking her finger into the waistband of her Lingerie, she slowly became to lower the expensive fabric, they dropped to her ankles and she kicked them off, blushing a brighter red than before. Krieg's head was spinning, harder than a vault door he stared widely. Maya stood naked before him, her pussy bare and beautiful. The patch of her pubic hair was small and trimmed into a square, not in the way of running and maneuvering during everyday movement or dangerous trouble she found herself in, no one wanted irritation when there is a clan of bandits on your heels, or was it simply for Krieg's enjoyment ?. She had her legs held tightly together, her hips round and alluring.

She timidly mused "S...So what do you think ? you are just standing there ... I don't know what you are thinking"

Krieg spoke with an almost clear and sane voice "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen ... like a blue rose ... a calm sea ... A BLUE ENERGY SHOT TO THE BALLS !"

Her face brightened, no longer shy or curious she leaped ontop of Krieg, both of them laughing as she rolled with each other, very seldom had Krieg laughed purely, Maya loved the sound, it was so calm and kind. Their lips met again, both of their tongues exploring one another, their taste buds and sensations interlocked with one another, Krieg's hand sliding over her ass and in between her legs as they kissed, his fingers lightly rubbing the tender peach of her Vagina, her moans vibrating into his mouth and resonating with his own as she rubbed his cock. His quickened his fingers, rotating and rubbing faster, she pulled back from him in a loud groan, her eyes light and relaxed by the movements. Her leg's and inside began to grown warm, like someone had set her insides onto fan bake, she found herself fighting the urge to close her legs from the spasms her body was going through, she groaned

her breathing like a piston, rising and falling between each word "Ooh I can't take this much longer ... Let me see your cock, oh god yes"

Krieg nodded and pulled his fingers away from her, allowing her a chance to breathe "Pull it out ... UNHARNESS ME BABY !"

she noticed the slight blush on his face and smiled, it seemed even a badass ike Krieg could be nervous over such touchy matters. She dropped to her knee's in front of Krieg, tugging down the waistband of his loincloth and pulling free his large erect cock, it's sized was still a marvel to Maya. She looked up into his brown eyes and felt her heart race, like a connection of sparks between the too. Then she moved her lips over the head of his cock and eased it into her mouth, her tongue rolling around his hardness, moistening it. Krieg Relaxed immediately, all the shyness and nervous patience was gone in an instant as Maya ran her lips and tongue along the sensitive parts. Grasping her breasts in both hands she squeezed them together, Kriegs cock sliding in and out of her mouth. He threw his head back and gazed up at the ceiling, his head still spinning from the excitement.

Her head moved faster, her lips pumping down his hardness "Oh fuck yeah ... don't stop .. Go deeper uh"

She took it out of her mouth and breathed hard, licking her lips "Yeah ? You like that ?"

"It's like sunshine ... in a women ... wrapped in bacon" his disillusion mind wandering

She chuckled and went down again, taking his cock as far as it would venture, she pulled back and coughed, gasping for air as she smiled. She needed a light break, she moved her tongue down the shaft of his cock and gently licked the shaved area of his balls, jacking him off with the other hand as her gold eyes stared into his. Krieg began to feel a sort of regret, he had no idea why however

'Forget about me ? dumbass. Always remember to ted to her needs more than your own ... Or do both ?' for once his inner voice was right.

He placed his arms on her shoulders and ceased her movements, she was worried she had done something wrong or something worse, Then she was spinning, Krieg picked her up fast with lightning agility and landed on the bed, her legs around his face his face. She gasped in surprise, not knowing what the hell had just happened, Krieg grinned and calmly spoke

"I ...Ur...Was feeling bad that I was the only one getting attention ... Sorry"

She bit her lip and eyed his crotch "No ... You're right, this will work out just fine ..."

Her mouth moving over his cock again and descending. Krieg wanted her to feel the pleasure he felt, something about giving and taking seemed more fair and pleasurable than being ignorant and greedy. He spread her two cheeks and felt himself grow even harder at the sight of her delicate woman's rose, he was nervous yet again, he had to be careful not to hurt her, while every animal instinct in his body roared for him to bite and win, but this was different. He stuck out his tongue and gently pushed into Maya. Her muscles tightened for a second as she gasped and moaned out in surprised pleasure, shivering with enjoyment. He figured he had done something good so he carried on, with more force and dexterity he massaged her with nothing but his tongue, her moans and groans turning into long cries for more

Her body shaking for something more "OHHHHhh GOD YES ! OOOOH FUCK ME .. FUCK MEEE !"

"Yeah ?!"


Maya got off Krieg and lay back on the bed, her Firm breasts rocking with each deep breath she took. her hand rubbing against the hot warmth of her pussy, as if trying to cool it down. Krieg stood and knelt on top of the bed, lacing himself between Maya's legs and grunting with cooling breathes. He looked down at her, her eyes partly closed with a relaxed expression on her face, He kissed her on the lips and whispered

He pulled the Condom from his tossed aside pants and unraveled it on "Ready, My lady ?"

"Yeah ... Do it"

He rubbed the head of his cock against her entrance and slowly pushed in, her eyes widening and her lips pressing together hard with each Inch he pushed into her. Maya was not in pain however, she felt amazing, Moxxi had been right about the second time. She spread her legs wide like an eagle in flight, as Krieg pushed in and out of her. She moaned with each motion, his cock filled her whole body up, she felt there was hardly any room for air, he rocked back in forth, their moans sounding in unison. Krieg picked up the pace, fucking Maya with faster dexterity, he could feel himself hitting almost all the walls, he could not help but grunt out in protest


"Oh feels so good ... mmmm"

Krieg and Maya fell into a Rythem, Maya using her arms to push back into Krieg as he thrust inward, the clapping sound of their love, created a beat they both played too. Maya breathing was at its highest peek, she began to cry out her pleasure screams as Krieg speed up, filling his head with bliss. Her breasts bouncing up and down with each pump into her, the bed shaking in unison. Krieg felt his orgasm coming, an oncoming train of pleasure about to erupt. Her gazed into Maya's eyes, her bouncing breasts and dirty stare only speeding up his climax, he gripped the bed harder and felt Maya reach her own climax,

Her legs kicked outward as the orgasm rocked her body "AAAAAaaaAAH KRIEG YES !"

her eyes rolling back as she screamed out. Krieg pumped into her again and again until hot spasms climbed up the shaft of his cock and burst. Cool calamity filled the room as they both met their Climax. Maya's hand on her chest as she tried for ragged breath. Krieg collapsed onto the bed, his muscles relaxed and tired from all the work, Maya felt much the same.

They could barely talk for the next 10 minutes


"Y...Yeah ... We are, aren't we ?"

"I love you, so much it drives me crazy"

"Oh so blame me huh ... hahaha I love you too"

She nested her head on his naked chest, trailing her finger up and down the scarred and built body, he picked her up and pulled down the fur covers, laying her down and pulling the covers over the two of them. she hugged his chest and was sound asleep in a matter of minutes, Krieg felt himself falling too, the inevitability of sleep pulled him down into darkness, he planted a kiss on Maya's forehead and closed his eyes. His past flashing too him like broken strobes. His dreams were no different, if not more vivid. He knew he would forget everything he saw in the dream by morning, all he could do was live the dream, til morning came

The room was silent, Maya and Krieg both asleep. It was then that Krieg muttered a distant name, a name that had been locked away through Hyperion testing and torture. The name of someone important, whom his old self had thought to of lost. Krieg tiwtched, his fingers digging deep into the mattress as he mumbled the name to nothing but an empty room

"T...Tina" he then became silent, until morning woke him from his nightmares.

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