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Ten minutes from the time Soul had originally said he would come get me had come and gone. Despite my efforts not to, I found myself getting antsy. I took a deep breath then made myself settle down while keeping my phone close by when I cracked my book open to start to read to try to pass the time until Soul came.

Four or five chapters into the story I started to get fed up. Where on earth was he? I slammed my book shut then snatched up my phone, checking for messages, voice mail, anything. Nothing, nothing but old messages. I gave a strangled yelp of frustration before I threw my phone away in mild disgust, grumbling while I settled down on the chair again, pouting.

"Is he standing me up?" I murmured to myself, then straightened hearing a knock on the door. I was glad to go see who it was, hoping desperately that it was Soul. The familiar mop of white hair immediately calmed me before I smiled despite my irritation at his tardiness.

"Soul, glad you stopped by. You had me worried there for a little bit." I admitted aloud while closing the door behind him, trying to figure out the weird expression on his face. Not quite blank, nor was it any particular emotion. Just…..nothing. There was nothing to it, like he was deep in his thoughts about something. "Soul?" I asked softly, this time eliciting a response from him.

He blinked looking as if he had been woken from a trance, giving me a slight smirk of a grin, an attempt to reassure me I bet. An attempt that only slightly worked.

"Sorry to keep you waiting Maka, didn't mean to stop by so late. That wasn't cool of me, sorry." Soul apologized with a little shrug of his shoulders before he pressed a kiss to my cheek, taking my hand a second later and spoke again before I could get in a word in. "Let's go then, shall we? I wasted too much of our time as it is, thanks to my family."

I gave a mute nod before reaching over to grab my keys to lock my apartment for when we left, idly wondering if the family he spoke of meant Wes, and what the fight I had witnessed earlier had been about. Hopefully it wasn't anything that would cause a problem for Soul. I pushed the matter to the back of my mind, and gave him a small smile. "Let's go, and just enjoy our time together. You're here now, that's all that matters."

Soul grinned back at me, leading me out of the apartment, giving me time to stop and lock the door behind me before we continued on. "So you going to tell me where we're going yet?" I tried only for him to laugh and shake his head at me. "Nope. You have to be patient, to wait and see." Soul answered flicking the end of my nose lightly, making me giggle and swat at his hand in return.

I was curious to see where it was he was taking me, a curiosity that only grew when he had us catch the bus rather than take the car. Most of the seats had already been taken, so I had to cling to the pole and Soul for dear life whenever the bus lurched forward when it did move, to which he laughed whenever I clung to him and jokingly complained a few times about my nails.

"Why couldn't we just take the car Soul?" I murmured when the bus lurched over a speedbump, making me grab ahold of him once again while trying to right my balance. Soul laughed before he ruffled my hair slightly, making me glower at him briefly before he gave me an answer. "Because parking won't be easy to find where we're headed, I wanted to prevent anymore bumps in today from occurring."

That narrowed down our destination's position slightly. Death City was often pretty good about parking space and the like, traffic itself only got bad in the heat in the height of summertime. "How long until we get there Soul?" I asked looking up at him, watching him get the faraway look that hinted he was calculating an answer for my question. "Maybe ten minutes. It's a good thing you're not wearing white; you'd stick out like a sore thumb."

His joke made me furrow my brows in confusion before I brushed it off, leaning into his side slightly while watching the city go flashing by through the window. I started when Soul moved; tugging on the yellow line to signal it was our stop, giving him a confused look as I got off the bus with him. The building that flashed its neon sign at us made me stare for a moment before I grinned. A laser dome. That meant that we were here for laser tag, and that this was going to be fun. "Liz and Kid are coming along too, they're probably already inside. I hope you don't mind, I thought it would be more fun if it was girl against guys, or couple against couple."

I shook my head, not bothered in the least, only eager to get inside and play a round against our friends and see who would win. I gave him a smile before I began to go for the door, humming happily under my breath as I tugged it open, walking inside a moment later with Soul in tow. As he had predicted, Liz and Kid were already inside. Kid was trying to make everything more symmetrical while Liz appeared to be checking her nails, practically ignoring him while he ranted about symmetry.

The simple familiarity of that sight made me relax, made my worries and concerns about what was going on with Soul just seem to…vanish, for the time being. I laughed watching Liz point out Kid's hair stripes, walking over to defuse the situation before Kid's symmetry rant continued on for much longer, more due to the numerous odd looks being sent their way rather than to preserve dignity for Kid.

Liz shot me a grateful look, fixing the odd cowgirl hat she had on her head, something I couldn't remember if she'd worn before or not. "Thanks for that Maka. He was going a little overboard there…even for Kid." I gave a smile and a shrug of my shoulders in a sort of what-can-you-do-about-it kind of way. Kid, well, he was Death the Kid, son of Lord Death. You had to take his symmetry obsession with a block of salt at times, but past his odd need for perfection, he was a good loyal friend….and completely wrapped around Patty and Liz's little fingers.

"Don't worry about it Liz, I'm used to it by now. Take it with a grain of salt and all. What set him off this time? Before you pointed out his stripes? Someone tie their shoes differently, uneven haircut, one hand painted nails the other not, uneven line, the dye of someone's shirt being slightly different on one arm…?" I counted off each statement with my fingers, naming past incidents that had set him off. Kid, followed the same symmetry patterns a lot, we'd noticed a long time again. The reason Liz and Patty had a blindfold with them was to prevent him from having one of his fits…..or so we, or at least me, hoped.

Liz shrugged her shoulders before linking her hands together behind her head, swaying her hips as she walked with me to the prep area to the laser arena itself. "Beats me. Dunno if anything actually set him off this time Maka." Now that was surprising. There was always something that made him go off. Maybe Liz knew something…..or maybe she just didn't know what had set him off. Yes, that had to be it. "Hey Maka, Soul's acting a bit odd, don't you think?"

I cast her a surprised look, then sighed softly. There was no point in denying something I could see myself. He was acting a little peculiar. I just figured it was from something his brother, Wes had said….after all, Soul never really talked about his family to me. "He's being a little weird, but I'm sure it's nothing Liz, don't worry about it." I put a smile on my face, making sure to do every little movement I did when giving someone a happy smile to try to cover up my weak lie. Liz gave me a look for a while then shrugged her shoulders at me before she simply started walking again, accepting what I had said.

I glanced back behind us, watching Soul and Kid talk amongst each other before I turned on my heel, lengthening my strides to ensure that I would be able to catch up to Liz. Before I had hoped I was only imagining it that Soul was acting strange, but Liz's question made it certain that it wasn't all in my head. Something was off. Maybe it was just a matter of time until I found out what. Maybe Kid or one of the others had told him that I intended to attend DWMA next year and he didn't? But why would he act different finding that out? It was his brother, I was almost certain of it. I'd confront Wes later.

For now, I picked up the vest with the rifle clipped to it for the laser tag game, watching Liz put hers on before I did the same, making sure it was secure. I could hear Kid and Soul snapping the buckles of their own vests behind me, then turned seeing the employee come in, and explain the rules to the game, using a sort of scanner to put the four of us on color coded teams, red versus blue. Liz and I, versus Kid and Soul.

"This ought to be good." Liz spoke with a fiendish grin as we started in first after we were told, making mad dash for the top of the playscape. I grinned over at her in agreement, then hurdled myself over one of the cover obstacles as the robotic voice began the countdown.

Ten….nine….eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one…Game on!

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