"We all have different reasons for forgetting to breathe." - Andrea Gibson

She watched her as she tucks a red curl behind her ear.

Lily desperately wished she could be the one to tuck that loose curl behind Rose's ear.

She's perfect, really.

Perfect in every single way.

Even her name was perfect.


It captured the her completely.

Her beauty, her aura, her personality.

Perfect, just like a rose.

She bloomed for everyone, showing off her talent.

But Lily wanted to be the only person Rose bloomed for.

They belonged together.

Rose and Lily.

Two flowers; both had indescribable beauty.

It made sense that only they would understand each other.

But that would never happen.

Lily wasn't stupid, in fact, she was rather smart.

(Not as smart as Rose was though)

Rose was dating Scorpius Malfoy.

She wasn't even into girls.

Not like Lily was.

But Lily wasn't just into any girl.

No, only Rose.

Beautiful, perfect Rose.

It was immoral, to love your own flesh and blood in that way.

But she just couldn't bring herself to care.

Lily was in love with Rose.

Beautiful, perfect Rose.

She was Lily's reason.

She was the reason Lily pushed so hard to impress everyone.

She was the reason Lily never gave up on her dreams, no matter how silly they seemed.

She was the reason Lily would forget how to breathe.

Written for:

The Harry Potter Femmeslash Project: theme: angst/tragedy

The Ultimate Femmeslash Competition