Yay my first fanfiction! I've had the idea for this for a really long time so I finally decided to write it.

Enjoy :)

"Stop seeing that mangaka." Usami Akihiko spoke clear, seriousness flowing throughout his voice as he tapped away at his laptop. Misaki had just come home an hour late from working with Ijuuin Kyo, the creator of his all-time favorite manga The Kan.

"Usagi-San, stop it. I wasn't with Ijuuin-Sensei if that's what you're getting at. The train was delayed, that's all." Misaki hissed back at the author as he stripped off his coat. Lately Akihiko had been more protective then he ever had. Every time Misaki set foot in the apartment he was bombarded by questions and accusations. The twenty-two year old could feel his tolerance breaking; all he needed was another hit and he would crack.

"I never said you were with him, I only said to stop seeing him." Akihiko replied, furring his eyebrows in irritation at the thought of Ijuuin.

"And how do you expect me to do that when I work with him?" Misaki questioned, crossing his arms.

"Simple, just stay with me. I can support you financially so there will be no need for a job."

Misaki rolled his eyes as a reply. "I'm just going to take a bath. I'll make dinner when I'm done." he sighed, dragging himself up the stairs.

As the noise of a faucet running sounded throughout the house Akihiko gently shut his laptop and placed it beside him. He sunk into the cushions behind him and leaned on his faithful companion Suzuki-San. "Misaki..." he sighed, running a hand through his silvery locks and digging a pack of much needed cigarettes out of his pocket. After lighting one, he didn't hesitate it suck in a lung filling cloud of smoke. His mind drifted as he thought about Misaki, which was something normal for him. Only this time, he didn't think about his soft brown hair or sparkly emerald eyes. Rather, he pictured his beloved drooling over Ijuuin. The image disgusted him as usual.

Why did Misaki love him so much? What did Ijuuin have that he didn't? Akihiko often asked himself about Misaki's true feeling for the mangaka but constantly reminded himself Misaki only had eyes for him. However, never hearing the three simple words "I love you" really brought Akihiko down and made him second guess himself.

The author's eyes quickly shot open at the startling sound of a door closing hard. Was Misaki done with his bath already? Akihiko glanced at a clock hanging on the wall and was surprised to find he had been daydreaming for half an hour.

"What do you want for dinner Usagi-San?" Misaki asked, climbing down the stairs while he toweled off his wet hair.

"I'm not hungry." Akihiko replied, standing up from his seat on the couch. "I think I'm going to bed early tonight."

"What?" Misaki raised an eyebrow. "It's only seven o'clock!"

"Goodnight." Akihiko ignored Misaki and continued to his room. Misaki watched with large green eyes filled with confusion. What's his problem? Misaki thought to himself as he searched the large fridge for something to prepare. He's acting weird again... Misaki frowned at the thought of him causing Akihiko to feel uneasy yet again. I hope he's not still worrying about Ijuuin-Sensei. Misaki rolled his eyes and closed the fridge. He too wasn't very hungry tonight.

"He always over thinks things." Misaki whispered to himself. "Baka-Usagi..." he quickly filled a cup with water and walked his way over to the couch. The brunette switched the television on with hopes that it would make him forget his worries about the author. Sipping at his water he relaxed his body, freeing his mind of his concerns. Before he knew it he was snuggling into Suzuki-San only to find Akihiko's smell lingered on the teddy bear. Cigarette and cologne scent instantly filled his nostrils, bringing back all those thoughts he was trying to rid of.

"Usagi-San..." Misaki mumbled as he rubbed his temples. "I wish you could just realize I really do love you." the brunette's thoughts were shattered by the sound of a doorbell ringing. Misaki lazily stood up and trudged towards the door.

"I-Ijuuin-Sensei?!" he spit, shocked by the face he met with when he opened up the entrance.

"Hello Takahashi-Kun." Ijuuin smiled at the younger boy. "May I come in?"

"Yes, yes, of course!" Misaki stepped out of he way and allowed the mangaka into his home, praying that Akihiko was already asleep. "What brings you here?"

"I wanted to speak with you about something." Ijuuin replied, glancing around the astonishing apartment in awe.

"What do you want to talk about?" Misaki asked, his innocent eyes sparkling with curiosity. Ijuuin smiled at the boy's ability to always appear cute.

"You know I like Takahashi-Kun right?" he took a step closer to Misaki.

"Y-Yes, I know that..." Misaki instantly turned a shade of pink at the sudden reminder.

"Well, I was wondering if Takahashi-Kun might want to go out with me." Misaki's pink cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson at the frankness of the mangaka. The brunette opened his mouth to reply, but nothing would come out. Once he mustered up enough confidence to speak he stumbled upon his words.

"S-Sensei? I... well, I...uh..." he nervously searched for words he couldn't find.

"I don't expect an answer right away." Ijuuin added, noticing the boy's panicky expression. "I know full well that you have feelings for Usami-Sensei. Just think about it okay? I'll give you as much time as you need."

"O-Okay!" Misaki blurted out impetuously.

"Well, I suppose that's it." Ijuuin grinned, running his hand though Misaki's chocolatey locks. "I really do like you, Takahashi-Kun." as the man inched closer and closer to Misaki, his heart raced faster. Before Misaki could realize what was happening, he mangaka had pressed his lips against his. As Ijuuin forced his tongue into the boy's mouth Misaki went numb. His head desperately wailed at him, screaming for the boy to pull away but he found himself paralyzed.

"Misaki?" a voice that was all too familiar to Misaki's ears was heard. Ijuuin broke the kiss and stood up straight and tall, grinning devilishly.

"Evening, Usami-Sensei."

For the record I will never ship Misaki and Ijuuin because Akihiko is too perfect, but this story (without too much of a spoiler) contains Misaki x Ijuuin only because it makes stuff dramatic.