Ok so to all those who are pissed at me for the Misaki x Ijuuin at the end of the last chapter...

Prepare to get a lotangrier.

"You want me to do you? What do you mean?" Ijuuin asked.

"What do you think I mean? I want you to fuck me."

"Takahashi-Kun..." Ijuuin sighed. "You don't mean this. Just go home."

"Oh believe me, I mean every word." Misaki smirked.

This was too weird. Misaki would never ever do something like this. Or... would he? No, he wouldn't! But... it was happening right in front of the mangaka's eyes! Ijuuin's mind began racing, his confusion growing bigger and bigger with every second. The brunette then invited himself in, bumping past Ijuuin as he did so.

"Takahashi-Kun, seriously... I don't want you like this. Go home and sober up. If you still want me by then, I'll gladly give myself to you." Ijuuin glared at the boy.

"Look," Misaki growled. "I want to fuck you, okay? Just do it!"

With his eyes locked on Misaki, the mangaka took a deep breath through his nostrils. "Fine." he gave in. "Let's go to my room." Misaki's eyes grew wide; this was actually going to happen.

"O-Okay." Misaki replied and followed Ijuuin to his bedroom.

"Undress yourself." Ijuuin said smoothly, then took a large step back for a good look at the brunette. Misaki's heart nearly stopped when he heard this, and he looked at the mangaka to make sure he actually said it. "Something the matter? Shall we just stop this now?" Ijuuin asked when Misaki wouldn't comply.

"No! I want to do this." Misaki scowled, then gripped the end of his shirt with a force of confidence. However once he had the fabric in his hand, he grew timid again. "Nnn..." he noised as he pulled the clothes over his head. A shiver went down his spine when the air touched his bare chest; it was a feeling that was almost arousing. Misaki's pink nipples then grew hard from the mixture of cold air and the plain fact he was half-naked.

His hands moved south and unbuttoned his pants. The boy hesitated to unzip the zipper, but when he did, a warm feeling erupted in his stomach. Almost nothing had happened, but... it felt so good. Although he wasn't going out with Akihiko anymore, he had an odd feeling that he was cheating... and he liked it. He felt so powerful, so devious, so... naughty.

"Pull 'em down." Ijuuin stated. Misaki complied and pulled his pants down, then his underwear. Ijuuin let out a tiny gasp when he noticed Misaki was already semi-erect. "You're so..." he gulped hard.

Misaki stepped out of the cloth at his feet and willingly laid down on the bed. He then glared at the mangaka.

"It's your turn." he smirked. Ijuuin gave a seductive grin in return, then began unbuttoning his shirt. He quickly whipped it off along with his pants, then climbed in the bed with Misaki. It was almost unbelievable; with just one glance at the boy's naked body Ijuuin had gone from uncooperative to fully willing. Suddenly, Ijuuin went in for a kiss.

"Takahashi-Kun..." he breathed before capturing the boy's lips. Misaki moaned in response, but the intimacy was completely shattered when Ijuuin tongue swirled sloppily around Misaki's mouth. The saliva spilled down Misaki's chin, and it disgusted him completely.

"Mmm, mmm!" the brunette noised so Ijuuin would stop.

"What?" Ijuuin asked as Misaki wiped the spit away.

"Nothing, I just... don't want to spend all night kissing." Ijuuin smiled devilishly when he heard this, and nodded.

"I see." he reached for Misaki's nipples, then harshly pulled on one.

Ow! Misaki screamed in his head. "Ahh..." he let out a fake moan. Jesus this is unpleasent... Well, at least he's got big dick. Ijuuin kissed at Misaki's neck, sucking hard at the skin as he continued to squeeze the boy's nipples too hard. Ugh, don't just suck the skin, lick it... Nibble it... Come on, do it like Usagi-San!

"Takahashi-Kun, are you okay?" Ijuuin asked in a concerned tone.

"What? Oh, I'm fine. Keep going." Misaki put on a fake smile. Ijuuin then continued and kissed one of Misaki's nipples, his tongue flicked it gently.

"Ah..." Misaki moaned genuinely. Mmm... at least he's good at this. Misaki smiled. Ijuuin's tongue on his sensitive buds were enough to fully harden his erection.

"You're gorgeous." Ijuuin said before pumping Misaki's cock sloppily yet good enough to make the boy moan. "I'm gonna use my mouth, okay?" Misaki nodded quickly, his hungry arousal wanting more. The mangaka kissed a trail down Misaki's stomach, the brunette shivering with each smooch.

Oh, yes... Ye – wait. I... what the hell?! Misaki yelled in his thoughts as Ijuuin licked his member quite awfully.

Oh. My. God. I've never even sucked a dick before and I know I'm better at it than this!

"Oh, more...?" Misaki grumbled. Ijuuin gave a smug smile, believing himself to be doing a fantastic job. The mangaka continued for a good five minutes, not one action turning Misaki on.

"Okay..." Ijuuin grinned at sat up. "The fun part."

Oh, yay... Misaki thought sarcastically. Ijuuin used lubed and positioned himself, then quickly thrusted inside. Misaki jumped when the mangaka suddenly slammed inside. When the older man began moving, Misaki couldn't deny it felt good, but it was still unpleasant. Why can't I just enjoy myself? Misaki suddenly came to the realization that he didn't want to think about.

You can't enjoy yourself because you're not making love to Usagi-San.

Misaki squeezed his eyes shut, his broken heart cracking even worse.


"Oh... Takahashi-Kun..." Ijuuin moaned.

Usagi-San, Usagi-San, Usagi-San...

"Takahashi-Kun... Yes..." Ijuuin moaned once more.

Usagi-San, Usagi-San, Usagi-San, Usagi-San, Usagi-San, Usagi-San, Usagi-San!

"Misaki!" Ijuuin groaned loudly as he felt his orgasm coming. Misaki frowned, wishing nothing more than to have Akihiko be the one inside of him. With a few quick prayers, Misaki's eyes slowly slid open. When they opened completely, the sight nearly shocked him into a heart attack. The reason he was so surprised was because the person the saw in front of his wasn't Ijuuin Kyo.

It was Usami Akihiko.

"Misaki... Oh..." the seme gasped, the voice belonging to Akihiko. It seemed too real; Misaki saw the face, smelled the smells, heard the voice... It was as if he was actually having sex with Akihiko. After several minutes of deep thrusts and seductive groans from "Akihiko", Misaki was ready to blow.

"Nnngh!" he cried out, the thrusts speeding up. Before he knew it, his orgasm was hitting hard. Ijuuin came with the brunette, then collapsed on his chest.

"Oh... Takahashi-Kun..." he panted.

Ugh, Misaki thought, the image of Akihiko gone. All he saw was Ijuuin.

What on Earth have I done?

Well there you go! Look, I apologize completely, that chapter was rushed and not worth the wait. But if you've been reading my fic "The Wish" you know that I've been way too busy since school started, and I felt horrible for not updating this, so I wrote one really quickly.

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