One Year Later

Letty woke in her gigantic hotel room bed in Rio de Janeiro. She wore a smile on her face from the instant her eyelids fluttered. Getting out of bed to go brush her teeth, she had an extra bounce in her step.

Most people here were smiling endlessly because it was the start of Carnaval. However, Letty knew there was only one person in this country smiling as much as she was today.

Dominic Toretto. He was meeting her here today to make up for all their months apart.

When she returns from the bathroom, she reaches into her duffle and pulls out his note. He had left this on the nightstand with the money and the cross exactly one year ago.

You're right. Rio is nice this time of year. Meet me there, one year from today. I bet in a crowd of 5 million people, I can find your face.

She felt like a silly teenage girl carrying around the note he'd left in her locker. She had no idea how they were going to find each other in this madness. Though she knew neither of them was leaving without the other. Neither of them were even lying down tonight without the other.

She felt a spark of heat run through her, followed immediately by a chill and she pulled the robe she was wearing tighter around her. He was here. She knew it. She felt him.

Letty had gotten a room at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, because it was the most obvious place in this whole city. This was going to be an amazing day because soon she'd be with him again.

Early in the morning, Dom's flight landed in Rio and this was the last place on earth he wanted to be. Especially on this day. Why had he even come here? Why did he think that he could endure this for her?

Damn it! He was wrong.

He should turn around and get back on the chartered jet and head away from this place.

Every breath he breathed here was like inhaling darkness and despair. He was choking on how terrible it was to be here today. On days like today he wanted to vomit Letty out of his system, but he knew that could never happen.

To lose any of the parts of her he had left would be like losing all the parts he had left of himself.

She was in him deep. Bone deep. Cell deep. Soul deep. Fighting her was impossible. She would consume this trip and he would be powerless to stop her.

Dom knew he shouldn't have come.

The last time his steps had been this heavy was the night he left her on that bed in the Dominican Republic. He should have let those lead legs force him back into their bed and made a run for Pamana City with her on his arm.

However, he hadn't done that. So his punishment was to suffer through this day.

Eleven Months and One Week Earlier

Dom laid his head on his pillow in Panama and he wanted to rip that pillow to shreds. He wanted her head beside his or on his heart.

He put his hand on his heart and could feel her cheek there. Her ear there listening to his life beating behind the walls of his skin. Just like it had for eleven years of his life.

Why was this so hard? This is what he had wanted to once and for all get her out of danger. So far the cops had completely turned every place they had touched in the DR upside down. His fear was that one day, they just wouldn't be fast enough.

Dom was reasonable, he was willing to trade. This fast paced, adrenaline pumping life where they drew too much attention to themselves, for lazy Sundays and Friday movie nights draped across a sofa in her arms. So he would cover his tracks and find a space on this Earth just for them.

He wanted to build a life with her. She was his woman and he wanted to be the man she deserved. To give her the type of life she deserved.

For most women that would be more money than they needed. Designer clothes and shoes. Trips around the world. A bunch of shit that meant nothing.

For her, for Letty, that meant a house where they could be alone, but live amongst real people. Shorts and sandals or jeans and boots. Seeing the world together and getting to know the culture they happened to find themselves in at the moment. Things in life that meant everything.

Three weeks of torture knowing that he left her so sad. However, he knew. He knew he was doing the exact right thing. He was going to buckle down and build them a legit life and meet her in Rio. Spend the week in a hotel somewhere reuniting with her, while the whole country partied around him. Then take her to a place they could call home.

The memory of their last night together caused him to break into a sweat and grind his teeth. He was rock hard and couldn't help reaching into his sweat pants to stroke away the pressure building inside him.

He missed her body around him. He ached to touch her and feel her lips against his. Just like their last night.

"What changed?"

"I want you to sleep at night."

Letty pulls his hand to her lips and places a kiss on his palm.

Dom pulled Letty so tightly to his body he could feel the breaths making their way through her body. He pushed her ponytail aside and kissed her cheek.

"I love you Letty."

"Come on Dom. You know I know that."

"I just want you to hear it."

Letty smiles to herself. "I love you too, Dom."

Dom reached up her tank and pulled her leg up so he could slide into her easily. He moved slowly inside her and she reached over her a shoulder to put her hand behind his head.

Neither of them have anything to say as they let their bodies say their goodbyes.

Dom pulled out of her and turned her in his arms. He kissed her deeply and pushed back inside her causing a moan mixed with pleasure and pain to make its way out of her. As they kissed Letty sped up their lovemaking.

Dom tightened his arms around her and buried his face in her neck as he felt himself starting to come.

He nuzzled the skin there and gave her neck a wet kiss.

He locked eyes with her.

"I'll see you soon."

Letty was her bed in California and couldn't sleep at all. She couldn't get their last night together out of her head as she allowed her own fingers to retrace the path Dom had taken that night. Making their way down her body and into her opening.

She wanted more of those nights with him. Alone with him. Now.

She hadn't known how hard their separation would be when she agreed to do this. How would she make a year when three weeks was already killing her? And what if for some reason this wasn't it?

Letty gave up on pleasure and got up and went to the shower. After staving off her desire for him for another few moments she gets dressed. She goes down to the garage to work on the Charger.

It was going to be her gift to him when she saw him again.

Letty looks up from her work as Mia walks into the garage a couple of hours later. Letty could tell there was something particular that Mia had come to say.

"Hey girl," Mia greets, looking over the car in annoyance.

"Hey," Letty answers, turning back to the car. "Your brother really needs a foot in his ass for what he did to this car."

Mia chuckles at Letty's joke and then more so at the intense look on Letty's face as she studies the car.

"So Letty," Mia starts. Letty knows this is why Mia is really here. "I just want to talk to you for a moment. About my brother."

Letty looks up at her to show she's listening before going back to work.

"So you go through all this and you let him do what he's going to do. In the end he's still a wanted man. You two still have the same issues and if he thinks you're at risk you'll have to do this all again."

Letty nods to herself about the car and to Mia in reply to her words. "I've been thinking about that Mia. I know how Dom works and I've been having this fight with him off and on for five years. It's exhausting."

Mia picks up a wrench and squeezes it in her hands. She puts it back down nervously and takes a seat across from Letty on a box of parts.

She hadn't been in the garage much while everyone was away. She used it for storage or a place to think about her Dad sometimes. This was the first time anyone had worked in here for years.

"What what does that mean?" Mia asks. "I just don't want you disappointed by Dom. I know you two love each other. But you said yourself, you're exhausted. I love my brother more than anything. I love you too Letty. That's why I don't want you wishing that you didn't waste this year if he hurts you later."

Letty drops the tool in her hand on the ground. "I don't know what exactly it means Mia. I know that I can live on the run with Dom indefinitely and he can cope with us apart if it means I'm 'safe'."

Letty walks from behind the car and sits down in front of Mia. She leans her back against the tire of the Charger.

"At some point we're going to have to make a choice. One happiness over the other for good. Every decision we've made up to this point as been a temporary one. My hope for the end of this year is that we can make a permanent decision that doesn't kill us both."

"Somehow I don't just see you sitting at home for this year, hoping it'll work out," Mia says, wondering what was going through Letty's mind.

Letty smiles and looks away from Mia. "I don't see it happening that way either."