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Cas chuckled. "What do you want for your reward?" he turned the question on Dean.

"I—I'd like you to eat my ass out again, if you'd be willing, Sir," Dean stumbled, blushing like mad at his insanely perverted request.

He nodded then smiled broadly, his eyes meeting Dean's abashed ones. "Yeah, okay Sweetheart."

Dean gulped. He wanted to do a good job—not only to get his treat but also to make his master happy. He had a suddenly overcoming desire to please his master as best he could.

So he scrubbed at Castiel's flawless and lightly tanned back. The angel had extraordinary back muscles and some tiny little dark moles splattered here and there. His shoulders took longer because the angel began to mewl in appreciation so Dean spent more time there.

When Castiel tugged Dean's arm, the brunette boy knew he needed to get in with his master. To his surprise, Castiel didn't move an inch but just sat there smirking. Dean sat down on Castiel's lap and the angel snaked his arms around the brunette boy's waist to pull him in closer so that they were flush together.

Dean made a soft whimpering sound in his throat and Castiel lifted one hand out of the steamy water to clasp his chin. "Is there a problem?" he inquired roughly. It was not helping that Dean liked being pushed around.

"N—of course not, Master," Dean added, putting the cherry on top by using the formal address.

The human begins to scrub his fingers over the hard muscle of Castiel's chest. His body is tight and so seducing that Dean can't help but roll his hips up when his cock touched Castiel's semi-hard one. He breathed out low and steadily as he continued to wash over Castiel's arms and shoulders and hips until the angel's cock is directly in his face.

Castiel kind of looked at him impassively, and Dean doesn't understand if he's supposed to lick it or just continue on. He doesn't want to do anything without being asked to as to not get in any more trouble… But it's still hard to imagine that Cas would be upset with him performing such an act…

So Dean lets his eyes slowly shut as he dipped his head down and licked a soft kitten lick up from the middle of Cas' thick cock to the very tip, tonguing his slit.

He chuckled darkly and his smile did extraordinary things to Dean's stomach. "You always seem to know what I want," Castiel murmured, his hand reaching up and sliding around Dean's neck to pull him in so that his cock is quickly hidden inside of Dean's throat. The human choked slightly but Cas hushed him. Dean tried his best to stay silent as he swallows around the cock in his mouth, making his master squirm and gasp.

Feeling encouraged, Dean started to bob his head on the cock, lifting up slowly and then dropping down to hollow out his cheeks and suck like a fucking vacuum.

Unconsciously, his hand reached around and prodded at his hole, not planning on really getting anywhere with himself but it's still there and the pressure is welcomed.

The water splashed and Dean's arm was placed in a tight death grip. The brunette boy screamed in pain and alarm and looked into Castiel's furious blue eyes.

"What the hell do you think you're doing touching yourself, slut?"

Dean stumbled in the water and looked like he was just caught with his hand in the cookie jar (almost figuratively, if you can consider an ass a cookie jar) and gulped nervously. "I—Cas—"

Castiel looks even angrier and Dean yipped when the grip tightened. It hurt, oh shit it fucking hurt—he could practically feel the bruises forming—but Castiel doesn't let go. "You think you can touch yourself whenever you want?" he inquired; his face impassive but anger still emanated from him.

"Master, I'm so—sorry!" Dean cried.

"Next time you won't forget to say please," Castiel said in a husky voice, his lips in a forlorn smile.

He stood up in the tub and stepped out, his body shining with a layer of water and bubbles that weren't properly washed off, and grabbed his blue towel to dry off. Dean began to get up but Castiel turned on his heel and glowered at him. "Follow me."

Dean got out with his own pink towel and covered himself because there was an ict draft in the house and hurried to follow after Castiel.

They approached the bedroom and Castiel threw the door open. Dean moved quickly behind him but the angel thrust a hand out and grasped the boy's face. "You don't listen very well, do you?"

The brunette boy cocked his head to the side and took a step back.

Dean's face fell but his bit his tongue, fighting himself internally to not make another outburst and ruin the little, though solid progression they had made so far.

"Also, before nightfall you will come to my room and kneel before my door. You will wait there all night if I'm not in the house at the time. You should be craving my instruction and I will decide if you have been good enough to sleep or if you deserve further punishment."

It dawned on Dean at once that he needed to wait outside the room. He fell to his knees, dropping the towel to the side since he was mostly dry now, and chewed on his lower lip—he was definitely about to be on the punishment receiving side of Castiel's anger.

Would he really not let Dean sleep with him at night? Dean caught his breath.

Castiel spoke something quickly which sounded like his Enochian language that all angels understood and then appeared in the doorway, looking down at his good little boy with a gallant smirk. "Perfect."

Dean positively beamed.

"Because of what occurred, I would appreciate it if you put this on."

He held his hand out and it was nothing more than a small black cock ring. Dean gasped and his cheeks turned pink because he's never used one before but he obviously knew what they meant.

He won't get to cum tonight.

Dean whimpered when Castiel pulled him to his feet and crouched in between the teen's legs to put the cock ring on. Dean bites his lip because his master's touch is so fucking good that he could just thrust into his hold and—

"Get on the bed."

Castiel glowered at Dean when the boy lifted his gaze so he shuffled out of the way of his angel and scurried to the bed. He decided he didn't like it when his master was angry.

Dean jumped onto the bed on his hands and knees but before he could turn around, two firm hands gripped his hips and he froze. Castiel didn't waste anytime; Dean heard the angel suck a finger into his mouth and pull it out with a loud wet 'pop' and then two fingers roughly entered him.

He cried out because he wasn't exactly prepared (at all) for that.

Castiel leaned over and bit straight into the flesh of Dean's ass and the surprised boy screamed in alarm. He thought he distinctly heard Castiel chuckle at Dean's cry of pain but then he added a finger and started pounding Dean's ass. His cock was harder than he thought it would be against his stomach and steadily leaking precum but there was no remedy to getting off when he had the blasted ring around his balls.

So Cas continued on and trailed his lips over the cleft of Dean's ass, licking the skin in between. Then, again, right at Dean's tailbone Castiel bit into the skin, his sharp canines puncturing the skin. Dean suddenly realized this was supposed to be his punishment—that buried deep stubborn part of him made his arm grab the pillow closest to him and stuff his face into it as he screamed.

Next came Dean's hipbone but Castiel trailed his teeth over the skin there, not completely biting in one place.

"You're delicious, Dean," Castiel growled.

A cold chill ran down Dean's spine at the aspect of Castiel biting Dean more. He was acting strangely cannibalistic and similar to how a vampire would—yes, Dean had read Twilight. Whole series.

Shut up.

What was disturbing about this revelation however was the fact that it was getting Dean off. Castiel's fingers crooked inside of him and put full pressure on his prostate right when the angel bit down on a place in the middle of Dean's back. It was the most delicious torture.

"Fuck!" Dean shrieked into the pillow.

"Ready to apologize for being such a slut?" Castiel asked, but Dean was ready years ago it seemed.

Dean nodded furiously into the pillow but Castiel bit down into the juncture between the seventeen-year-old's neck and shoulder and the fingers inside of him pushed forward. His greedy little hole swallowed them up, wanting more and more.

"YES!" Dean cried. "Master, I'm so sorry—aah!"

"That's good… You ready for my fucking cock now, whore?" Castiel inquired, pulling his four fingers out and sucking them into his mouth. Dean turned his head slightly so he could watch and he almost wished he hadn't because the view was so fucking good that Dean knew for a fact that if he hadn't had the damned thing on his dick he would shoot his load all over the mattress.

Dean involuntarily moaned when Castiel slid the fingers out of his mouth and held them out for Dean's mouth to take.

"You're so fucking dirty." Castiel shook his head. "Like the taste of your own asshole, darling?"

The human's head bobbed and his eyes fell to a shut as he sucked the fingers into his mouth. He couldn't say much for the taste but the fingers in his mouth crooked and it felt so good Dean's vision went white for a moment.

Castiel's cock was lined up with Dean's hole and there was a moment were Dean thought he could hear Cas' wings shuffling behind him. There wasn't another second to dwell on it because the cock was forcefully pushed inside of him and Dean screamed again.

"Such a vocal boy, aren't you?" Castiel teased. "I can put whatever I want into your little pussy and you'll give me these irresistible noisy moans."

He placed a firm hand on Dean's already bruising ass to stop the boy from pushing back onto his cock. Dean arched his back, pressing his forehead into the pillow so he could see where Castiel was connected to him.

Cas reached forward underneath Dean and squeezed his nipples. Dean growled into the pillow and thrust back on the cock impaling him. "Yeah!" he muttered harshly. "Fuck me!"

The angel smacked his ass and drove in harder. "Shut up!" he growled and pushed Dean's head into the pillow. He snarled and fucked into the boy faster which elicited the best sounding mewls.

He pulled out all the way at once and stroked his hand tightly over his cock.

"Get on your back," Castiel ordered and Dean yanked his head up to look at his master. His lust crazy eyes were a darker blue than Dean had ever seen so he complied quickly and fell onto his back, opening his legs in invitation for the angel hovering over him. "How far can you stretch these?" Castiel asked, an air of smugness in his voice.

Dean more than anything wanted to prove himself to Castiel so he got a grip on each ankle and lifted his legs up to get them as far up as they could get to his ears without hurting his muscles.

Castiel made an impressed face and placed his hands on either side of Dean's hips before thrusting straight in. The sudden intrusion hurt Dean although Cas had just been rhythmically fucking him a moment ago, and Castiel definitely noticed, so the dark haired angel pulled out and bent his back to spit right on Dean's hole.

"Fuck," Castiel cursed. Dean didn't think he'd ever hear the angel swear this much but it was such a turn on that he didn't want it to stop. "My wings are just itching to come out because of you."

Dean bit through his lip when Castiel pounded into him all slippery and hot. He could taste the blood but the cut was on a backburner in his mind. If anything, the pain that shot through him was what made him roll his hips up into Cas'.

"Plea—please…" Dean groaned when Castiel hit that spot inside of him. "I wan… wanna see 'em, Cas—!"

One of Cas' eyebrows shot up and he kept his thrusts quick and deep. "You've never seen them, huh? Well? Want to see my wings for the first time, Dean?" He had a wild grin. "Wanna see me lose control?" he asked, a snarky smirk on his plump lips.

Dean nodded his head eagerly and panted.

"So do I," Castiel admitted, "but you have to make me cum."

The brown haired boy didn't need to be asked twice. He just smiled brilliantly and reached up to pinch Castiel's nipple as he brought his legs down to wrap around the angel's waist. With the new purchase, Dean could easily angle himself up so that Cas' cock was drilling into him at every one of his thrusts.

Curses were spilling out of Castiel's lips left and right. He was close, Dean could tell. A little something inside of Dean felt victorious for being able to bring Castiel this close to the brink all on his own. It was Dean that was making the angel's cock sink into his ass, and he was doing a pretty fucking good job it appeared.

A sharp scream ripped through the air and Castiel's face contorted to one of excessive pain. He was red and panting now, his almost-black hair was plastered to his forehead. "Dean—it's—"

Castiel couldn't seem to get the adjectives out but it looked like the process was painstaking; anything that made Cas scream and pant must be extremely painful, Dean thought.

The brunette boy reached up and clasped his hand around the angel's neck and pulled him down so that they were just a breath apart. "I'm right here, Cas," Dean said tenderly, not minding the fact that he was ignoring Cas' strict orders to call him 'Master' only. "Let them out."

Castiel breathed heavily then let out an ear splitting scream and Dean quickly pressed their lips together. Their eyes were shut tight but when Castiel had to pause the kiss for air, Dean's eyes saw past Castiel's amazed azure blue eyes and saw the flutter of ebony black wings.

Dean wanted to compliment Castiel on them but he was too awestruck and found himself reaching forward and combing his fingers through the slightly sticky down feathers. They were the softest things Dean had ever felt.

Castiel's body started quaking and his hips moved erratically against Dean's. He growled into Dean's ear and clutched his leaking cock against the boy's stomach and began to jerk it off. His fingers got caught on the little black cock ring and Cas snarled. He carefully yanked it off and Dean could cry he was so delighted. The angel's hand went back to Dean's cock like a magnet just as the brunette's hand sunk into Cas' feathers and clutched his wing bone.

The angel was now blaspheming like Dean couldn't even imagine and pulled his cock out of his tight ass to cum all over the boy's stomach.

Dean reached up and helped Cas through his orgasm by stroking his cock along with the angel's hand. Castiel's index finger and thumb caught Dean's pert nipple and yanked on it, making the boy cry out and finally cream against his stomach.

Both males groaned loudly in unison as they came on each other's chests. Dean noticed that the minutes that followed that earthshattering orgasm, Castiel still left his wings out.

Castiel noticed him staring and almost self-consciously asked, "What?"

The boy just shook his head. "Your wings are amazing, Cas… I wanted to tell you right away but…"

Cas chuckled and kissed the boy's lips before pulling away and standing up. "Thank you. Nobody's actually ever, well, told me that," he admitted. Dean sat up and cocked his head to the side, his body feeling dead and weak.

"How is that even possible? They're—they're majestic!"

This time the angel laughed outright. It was melodic and Dean wanted to hear more of it. "To most other angels, they find it intimidating," he explained, sitting next to Dean and drawling him in close. "But you're not an angel."

Dean suddenly remembered something. He giggled and Jesus it's a miracle, the boy could giggle.

"What?" Castiel asked again.

"I asked you to eat me out, but I liked this a lot better."

The boy ran his fingers through the angel's feathers that were draped over his shoulder and a shiver ran through the male next to him. Dean looked over and unsurprisingly his cock had jumped to attention once again. "We have time for that. We have all night."

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