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Summary: Jack is invited to a 'Guardian Gathering' and reflects on the differences between himself and the others.

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Cold; the one word describes my whole being. Everything I touch becomes cold, every piece of clothing I wear is cold, my limbs, my extremities - all cold. My staff is cold. Everything is cold.

I am the personification of winter, so it makes sense that I am surrounded by the cold; I am the personification of winter, and yet I despise the cold. I have spent three hundred years having nothing but the Wind and freezing temperature as companions. Is it so odd to be repelled by it? The Guardians don't understand. They think that just because I bring the snow and ice, I am immune to the biting sting of coldness - I'm not. I would love to be warm, just once, even if it was for just half an hour, I would give anything to feel the warmth of a fireplace wash over me. But it is never to be, for I can't get close enough to a flame without it freezing solid. It wasn't so bad before I remembered what warmth was like, before I got my memories back. Now it's all I can think about.

The other Guardians are enjoying hot chocolate in front of North's huge fireplace, and I long to join them.

I am secluded at the back of the room, as far away from the tempting flames as it is possible to be. I must forcibly restrain myself from joining them, for if I did, the fire would die and the others would lose the comforting warmth. At least this way, they can be cozy. As long as they're comfortable, I can suffer through the deadening cold I constantly feel. I'm used to it, after all.

"Oi, Frostbite!"

My head turns stiffly to face the shout, and I see Bunny approaching, leaving the lovely cocoon of heat surrounding the others. He's carrying a blue mug in his paws. I perk up slightly, unable to dispel foolish hope.

"Got ya some hot chocolate," Bunny says, holding out the deep blue mug to me.

My eyes widen. Maybe, just maybe, I can have a moment of warmth by drinking this most precious of drinks. Hot chocolate. It won't last long, that I know. But hopefully I can get in a sip or two before the wondrous liquid solidifies.

Almost against my will, my hands reach out eagerly for the mug. Bunny grins as he places it in my grasp, and shakily, I lift the mug to my face, impatient to swallow the hot chocolaty goodness.


"Cooled it down fer ya, o' course." Bunny smiles proudly, as if he has done me a thoughtful favor. Of course. The Guardians assume that I dislike anything associated with warmth. I should've known.

"Thank you," I murmur anyway, because it's not Bunny's fault that I'm cursed to be eternally encased in ice.

Bunny ruffles my hair and moves back to the others. How I wish I could join them! Instead, I look into my mug of frozen chocolate; I play with it, tipping the mug upside down and catching the rounded mound of icy chocolate. The ice doesn't melt in my hand. Of course it doesn't - why would it?

Miserably, I let the ice slip back into the mug. I see Tooth peek over and I give her a forced smile while I pretend to sip out of the mug, my lips tingling as they contact the ice. Tooth is reassured and she turns back to the others, laughing at something North has said.

Not for the first time, I wonder what I'm even doing here. Had I truly been stupid enough to think that this meeting would be any different than the others? If anything, this is more miserable than the last get together.

I half consider telling the Guardians about my aversion to the cold, but then I dismiss the idea. Why would they believe me? A winter spirit that dislikes the cold? Yeah, right.

I sigh and twirl the mug around in my hand. It has grown increasingly cold in the time it has been in contact with my frostbitten skin, and it burns my fingers, but I ignore the stinging pain. I am too used to it to care much; my staff is even colder, and I always have that in hand, what difference is a ceramic mug?

A particularly loud, booming laugh from North draws my attention back to them. North and Tooth's cheeks are a glowing red from the heat I long for, whereas my cheeks remain pallid. Coldness can bring out redness in your cheek, too, but mine are so cold that any feeling of warmth has been bleached from them.

Sandy has fallen asleep, not surprising, since I can see the others' eyes droop as well. I can't really blame them. It must be very comfortable over there, blanketed in the warmth that protects them from the vicious cold I bring.

Within minutes they are all deeply asleep, North snoring fairly loudly.

I take it as my cue to leave.

I carefully set the mug on the ground before standing and grabbing my staff from its position at the side of my chair. I'm at the window in seconds, and I throw my fellow Guardians one last regretful look before asking Wind to take me somewhere far away.

I don't think I'll be able to handle another visit like this one.

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