Prompt: Dallison: hickeys

Word Count: 306

Notes: I feel like this has been done before. I take no credit? But the idea of Allison doing it is just really funny okay. Also there's some background Skittles because I am weak.

"Do you see this?" Allison demands, pointing at her neck.

Stiles humors her by looking at the big purple bruise spanning at least three inches of her neck. "Kind of hard to miss."

"I know!" she groans. "My dad is going to ask about it."

"It was your decision to spend so much time with him after you moved out," he points out, completely unimpressed by her issue. "My dad never says a word about my hickeys."

"That's because yours came from Scott," she says. "Scott is like your dad's second son."

Stiles shrugs. "So, what…are you ashamed of Derek or something?"

"No," she groans. "It's just that I'm not necessarily ready to let my dad know exactly who I've been sucking face with."

"Don't say that again," he suggests. "It's beneath you. And that sounds like shame to me."

Allison glares at him.

"So…wear a scarf?" he says, leaning back against his headboard.

"I hate scarves. That's not even the point, look, I need your help."

Stiles sighs. "I'm not giving you tips about how to cover up hickeys. You should know that, anyway. You're really good at applying makeup."

"I'm not trying to cover it up, jeez. I'm very much okay with walking around looking like I have a boyfriend. Listen. I've seen you leave hickeys on Scott. How do you do it?" She grabs his hands and tugs on them until he looks at her.

"Chew up some wolfsbane," he says drily.

She rears back. "Seriously?" she asks, raising an eyebrow.

"No," he snorts. "You just have to believe you can do it. Be the spark, Allison."


"Really. Now leave before I imagine you actually doing that. That's gross."

"Shut up."

At the next pack meeting, Derek's neck has a tiny purple smudge, about the size of Lydia's thumbprints. Allison looks smug.

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