Only Children

We were just children.

Young, and innocent and carefree. Neither of us knew our destinies. Neither of us were aware of the horrors that lied in your future; and my past, present, future. Neither of us cared.

We were only children.

We raced across hills; we climbed the white trees with the silver leaves. We played in the shining forest and we'd lie in the red, red grass and stare up at that yellow sky all day and dream.

We'd lay there until the second sun set, and the mountains shined. We'd watch the stars come out, and we'd dream of seeing every one, you and I.

We'd steal a TARDIS, you told me. With that twinkle in your young face, and a childish spark of longing for freedom. A burning desire to see every star, every planet.

"Can I come with you?" I ask you.

You tuck a flower in my hair, and you smile.

"I wouldn't go anywhere without you," you say. "You're my best friend."

"You're my best friend," I tell you, and we giggle and laugh and play and dream.

"Someday, I'll be a Doctor," you dream. "I'll be a hero and save everyone."

"But who will save you?" I whisper to you. And you smile, and you hold me close, taking my hand in yours.

"You will, of course!" You say. We laugh, and we innocently dance, little knowing how our childish dreams will play out so fantastically.

A young, naïve childhood. A childhood you probably can't even remember. You don't remember me, probably. You never do.

Even though I beg you to.

Run you clever boy, and remember.

It all started when we were eight.

The Children of Gallifrey were taken from their families at the age of eight. To look into the Untempered Schism. A gap in the fabric of reality. We see into Time itself. Some are inspired. Some go mad. And some run away.

We were among those that ran away, you and I. We never did stop running. We never would.

I remember it. So clearly.

I remember that I was the one you ran to after you looked into the Untempered Schism.

I was the one who held you in my arms while you cried and shook like a leaf, clinging to me like I was the only one that could save you. So terrified, so scared. So afraid of what you can't even remember. So afraid that you know you have to run, and run, and run and run and never stop.

I remember that you were the one I ran to after I looked into the Untempered Schism, and saw a thousand lives scattered throughout time. A million times I died. Echoes, fragments. All of them, even myself. Fragments of a template, like shattered glass. Not the recipe, but the soufflé. Just a ghost.

But real enough to save you.

I ran to you, because I had to make sure you were safe. All we did was hug, and I never said a word about how looking into Time made us feel. But somehow you understood that all I needed was you.

And then life happened. We grew up. We drifted. Classes began and we were separated. You made other friends, and I made other friends. And we forgot about each other. You forgot about me. But you were always in my hearts.

I never forgot about you. Why did you forget about me?

There was once, just once, that gave me hope. It was a party, one of those summer parties on the coast, where it's all heat and no classes and there's a taste of freedom in the air. A taste of possibility. A taste of our futures.

You were drunk.

I wasn't. I remember it so clearly. Even if I had been drunk I would have remembered that night forever anyway.

Our eyes locked across a crowd of people, and I saw the desire burning in your eyes. You were being egged on by your friends, to go and actually talk to a girl for once. And who you had your sights set on was me.

And you came to me. You didn't say a word, you just came up to me and kissed me.

If it had been anyone but you, I would have been responsible for their first regeneration. Cause of death: fury of a Time Lady.

But it wasn't anyone.

It was you.

We both heard your friends wolf-whistling. But you didn't care. I didn't care. You kissed me deeper, and my fingers found their way into your hair.

Rassilon you had some great hair when you were a kid.

You could have stopped there. Your friends would have stopped teasing you at that point. But you didn't. You led me away from the party, to the beach. And under the stars that night on white shores leading to red grassy hills with golden waves crashing around us something neither of us would ever regret happened.

For that was the night that we danced.

Our hands intertwined and your lips found my ear and you whispered my name, and I whispered yours. It was beautiful, but it was not perfect in the eyes of anyone but us. Just like our entire relationship.

You were too drunk and we were both so young. You wouldn't ever remember who it was with.

We fall asleep that night beneath the stars, together for the first time in forever. But I wake up before you. It's the only time I leave you on purpose in this life. I kissed you softly, a kiss goodbye, and you stirred. But I was already gone.

I would never forget that night. I would never forget you. You were always, always, in my hearts.

But you forgot me. You always forget me.

Run you clever boy, and remember me.

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