Prompt: Erisaac cuddles after a full moon

Word Count: 416

Isaac is the one who unscrews the halo.

Erica trembles while he wipes the blood off of her healing forehead. "Is it over?" she whispers.

"Yeah," he says. "You're good."
She nods slowly. This is the first time she's hated being a werewolf. Everything had been overwhelming while the moon was up. It was like…she was experiencing every sense five times as much as usual.

She breathes in the scent of Isaac now. He smells like old sweat and cold fear, but also like pack. When the moon was up, he smelled like a threat. "Isaac," she says, and she's pleading for something she can't put a label on.

He looks down at her, eyes dark with…whatever…ghosts, rage, fear. But it's always present. For a second, his face softens, and he's lifting the mask so she just sees the fear. "Erica," he says in response.

She slowly moves her hand up and grabs his wrist from where his hand is still resting on her face. She moves her thumb in a circle over the inside of his wrist, and he leans forward until their foreheads touch.

She takes it as permission and tugs his lanky body forward, arranging the two of them until they're comfortably resting on one of the train benches, legs tangled and arms wrapped around each other.

He opens his mouth, looking confused, but for a long time, he doesn't say anything. Maybe he doesn't know what to say.

She moves her head to rest on his bicep and pushes her nose into his collarbone.

"Why?" he asks at last.

In the other room, Boyd and Derek are talking quietly about anchors and the hunters.

"Shh," she says against his skin from where his shirt has been pulled back. "Just…shh."

Isaac is quiet after that, and eventually Boyd leaves for school. Derek doesn't come check on them, but she can hear him moving around outside of the train car.

But it doesn't matter. Here, she's safe and warm, and Isaac's long fingers slowly untangle her hair until her head stops aching from the halo.

Later, they'll be badass and vicious. Later they can talk about how much they've been hurt and why they want to hurt everyone else in retaliation. Later, they can hurt each other and like it. But right now, the world feels rougher than usual and Isaac is so soft. She thinks it's the same for him.

Her eyes flutter until she falls asleep, her face tucked into his neck.

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