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Naruto's Anatomy

I've Just Seen a Face

I've just seen a face,
I can't forget the time or place where we just met,
He's just the man for me
And I want all the world to see we've met

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm mmm mmm

Had it been another day
I might have looked the other way
And I'd have never been aware
But as it is I dream of him tonight

La, di, di, da di di

A groan emitted from the head of blonde hair peaking out of a pile of blankets on the floor at the same time as the blanket started to shift, and the unmistakable sight of a body arching and stretching underneath it was visible. Cute bleary ocean blue eyes peaked out from underneath the quilt, thin scars stretching as plump pink lips parted to yawn and then let out a cute sigh.

Naruto looked around the bedroom of the apartment he had been brought back to the night before. It was nice, he noted, with silk sheets pooling around his waist as he sat up. He turned his head and took in the expensive, yet slightly empty looking room, with a desk, king sized bed, and the essential flowers on available surfaces. The blondes lips pulled into a frown as he finally took in how lonely an aura the room was giving off.

The fox-like boy shook his head, telling himself that he didn't care. This was just a one night stand, and he wouldn't think anything more of it. But, come to think of it, the blonde had no idea whose apartment this was in the first place…

A lithe tan body bolted from under the blankets on the floor, gathering his scattered clothes around the room and hurriedly tugging them on all the while looking around and hoping the owner of the apartment wouldn't walk in. It wasn't that Naruto regretted it or anything, but morning after conversations were always awkward, and the fact that he started his new job today and couldn't be late was also a big factor to the blonde's frantic attitude.

Just as Naruto found his last article of clothing (sock) and was hurriedly pulling it on, a door to his right that he had overlooked opened, steam coming out and clinging to the man that walked through the door. Cerulean eyes bugged out of the sunshine haired head while his mouth unconsciously fell open and his mouth watered.

One way to describe the man that had come from the bathroom, to put it simply, was gorgeous. His raven hair dripped water, obviously sopping wet yet still fluffy and soft looking. Water slid down his pale chest, trailing down and pooling in his navel before it became too much and then falling to the towel wrapped snugly around his slim waist. The blonde's mouth watered as a flash of memories filled his mind.

"Ahn… please…" A deep chuckle answered Naruto's plea, what he was pleading for though, he did not know. The man ran his hand up the blue eyed boys leg, making him shiver with the feeling of the raven's soft palm moving so soft on his skin, practically caressing him with the light teasing touches.

Naruto trembled when the man skipped over his most private place, instead moving to his naval area and doing a sort of scratching that practically had the boy with scarred cheeks purring in what seemed like content and pleasure. The dark man continued upward, at some point replacing his skilled fingers with soft plump lips. The tan body being teased jolted in surprised sort of ecstasy and let out a gasp when the lips attached themselves to his neck, sucking and nicking his pulse point till there was an all too visible purple bruise present.

Naruto blinked as the images hit him. He would have stumbled had he been standing up. He suddenly felt enlightened.


He had found himself a Sex God. Yes.

Oh double fucking yes.

As the blonde let his eyes trail up the torso once more, he finally caught the mans eye, and in response he nearly choked on his breath. Looking up at the man, The tan boy felt himself slowly sinking into the onyx eyes staring back at him. He could have sworn he was floating, melting down from the fiery feeling in the pit of his stomach, though it was something other than that warmth of arousal. That painful pleasant ache was still there certainly, but it was something other than that.

The feeling was deep inside his body, somewhere in his chest, sucking the air from his lungs and leaving him unable to even suck in more oxygen. His heart seemed to expand, presenting a feeling like his ribcage was no longer large enough to contain the organ, though not painful in the least.

Naruto's mouth fell open and a sigh escaped him as the man moved and started to dress. The raven did not look at him while completing his task, but the blonde could swear he saw a smirk playing on those pale plump lips that just seemed to be tempting him.

Naruto arched into the mouth around him, crying out and scrabbling to find purchase in the luscious dark locks of hair currently bobbing up and down in his lap. The feeling was heavenly as a tongue was dragged up his length, the warmth overpowering his senses and the tug in his gut urging him to thrust upward into the delicious mouth covering him.

"Oh- Ahhn God…" Tan legs pushed an equally golden lower half of a body up off of the bed, trying to find more leverage to go as deep as possible, and the boys whole body quaked as he felt a constricting throat around his length, milking him to high heaven.

"So- ah! So cl-close…" There was a popping noise as the raven relinquished his hold on the blonde, sitting back on his legs and gazing down at the flushed boy. A trademark smirk adorned his face as he slowly crawled up and in between the limp legs and very deliberately ground their erections together, eliciting a delicious mewl from the other below him.

"We can't have you finishing already, now can we?" A dark chuckle left his throat, sending exquisite chills down Naruto's spine and to his toes, making his whole body tingle.

Yeah, definitely a Sex God.

Naruto looked down, and sure enough, he was hard again. There was a tent in the pants he had found again, and any thoughts of leaving unnoticed left his mind while the other man fumbled around in the dresser.

"Are you going to stare at me all morning, dobe?"

Naruto blinked for a moment, stunned by how monotone the voice sounded, then bristled childishly at the insult. What right did this- this teme have to call him dobe?

The blonde left the apartment without a glance back, slamming the door behind him.

He was still hard.

He didn't see the smirk on the other mans face.

Naruto walked into the hospital with a curious hop to his step and a happy smile on his face. So what if he had lost the sex god? There would be others, and he had been an asshole. Nothing was going to ruin the blondes day now.

Whiskered cheeks scrunched up even more as these thoughts went through the boys head, and his step turned into more of a skip. He hummed a tune as he went, not noticing that he was being stared at, or not particularly caring. Like he said before, nothing was going to ruin his day now. Not even asshole temes that went out of their way to be noobs to him after a very hot night of yummy man sex.

A dazed look took over the blonde's face as he kept walking, but didn't pay attention as he went. The thoughts going through his mind as he absently made his way to the lockers and picked one for himself. He didn't notice a person yell at him as he knocked a bag out of the way, or react to the girls giggling in the corner while blatantly staring at his butt.

Naruto sighed in bliss as a lubed finger slipped into him, wiggling around for a moment, before pulling out an pushing back inside. A high pitched gasp left him when a second finger was added, stretching him and scissoring as they continued to pull out and push back inside in a steady rhythm.

"Ah!" A cute mewl escaped the blonde as the fingers found a spot, pushing against it and causing little gasps and moans to escape the impaled boy. The onyx eyed man grinned in a predatory way, adding a third finger and pushing back inside. A slight discomfort showed on Naruto's face when he did this, but was quickly gone when the fingers went back to massage his prostate, completely distracting him from the scissoring motions and stretching.

Blue eyes were wide and imploring as Naruto gazed down at the man making him feel such pleasure. His mouth was wide open, watering at the delicious feelings sending shocks up his spine and straight to his groin. Absently, his hand went to touch his erection, but just as his hands were brushing it, the man below him snatched the wondering appendage in his own, lacing their fingers together.

Fingers pulled themselves from Naruto, earning a keening growl of disappointment. The raven chuckled and crawled forward, capturing the whining mouth with his own, effectively cutting off the noise and causing a deep moan of pleasure to come from the blonde as their tongues wrapped together. The larger man explored the cerulean eyed boys mouth with determination to map out the whole of it. A shudder passed through Naruto as the tongue of the dominating man slid over his teeth and gently massaged his own muscle.

The blonde blinked as he came back to reality, realizing he was following a few other people to an unknown place. He mentally shrugged, continuing on without comment until they came to a stop in front of a large busty blonde woman. There was a smaller girl standing to her right, a kind and pitying look on her face as she looked on at them. Naruto's stomach clenched in fear, a nervous glint coming to his eye along with a few other people standing near him.

"Welcome to your first year of internship," Were the first word that came out of her mouth. His stomach went from clenching to rising so high it felt like it was in his mouth, begging to let out his breakfast that consisted of coffee and a bagel. The woman had an evil tone to her voice, like she was going to torture them, and enjoy doing it.

"These will, indefinitely, be the worst years of your lives. You will change bed pans, shave patients unmentionables, and at some point, most likely get thrown up on. You will save patients, you will lose patients, and you might not even get any patients. You will stay up for hours on end, and will battle it out with each other for surgeries.

"I am your attending, and I will be teaching you for the duration of your internship. Do not kid yourselves into thinking that you will get any special treatment. I will be ruthless, and you will not like me. You do not talk to me unless you have something important to say. If it is not about the patient, medical problems, or whether I would like sugar in my coffee, you will be ignored. Is all this clear?"

The scared interns nodded in unison. Naruto was surprised they weren't required to salute her to top it all off, but went with it all the same.

The woman nodded in approval, "Now, there's someone I'd like you all to meet. He is a new resident at this hospital, his first year after being an intern. His name is Sasuke Uchiha, and even with lack of experience, he is considered a prodigy, and is to be respected."

You can probably guess Naruto was surprised when the Sex God stepped around the corner to stand at the blonde lady's side, smirking down at them in a superior way.

What was going through the blue eyed boy's mind when this happened?


The smirk quickly went away as the raven's eyes locked with the blondes, turning into something of a horrified surprise. Naruto's eyes had not been much different, but most of the interns were too busy cowering from the large woman beside the handsome man's side to notice either of their surprise.

The man quickly morphed his expression into a neutral mask of indifference, as the same could not be said for the blonde.

His eye's remained wide with shock, his brain not fully comprehending the fact that the same man he had seen naked not hours before, was now standing in front of him, being introduced as his superior. It seemed like the switch in his brain that needed to be switched to retain information, simply was not turned on.

The rest of the introduction, and the lengthy speech of proper hospital etiquette, passed by in a haze. After, he followed the others, who were grumbling about what sounded like doing rounds.

He didn't know.

He didn't really care, for that matter.

Somewhere halfway through the big boobs lady's speech, his mind had switched from imitating baby food, and gone into hyper-drive.

What the fuck? His thoughts hissed at him. How the fuck could this happen? Is our luck really that bad?

Apparently, yes.

Naruto was torn out of his inner ramblings as he felt something grab onto the scruff of his shirt, and yank him to a stop, dragging an indignant yelp from his mouth.

"What the he-" He quickly cut himself off as he saw who it was, the blonde woman towering over him with a menacing aura.

"What were you gonna say, brat?" She questioned in a tone that said he really shouldn't answer truthfully.

"N-nothing, m'am," He stuttered, sweat starting on his forehead while she glared at him disapprovingly.

"Well," She began, finally looking away, making Naruto sigh quietly in relief. "Doctor Uchiha has requested that you be his helper today," She snorted quietly under her breath. "Though I can't possibly imagine why."

Naruto bristled indignantly, but wisely chose to keep his mouth shut.

"You're to meet him in the break room in ten minutes," The woman said brusquely, leaving no room for argument. She then turned away, striding down the hall and turning the corner, leaving Naruto alone to bask in his own dread of what was to come.

Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. I'm going to get fired. It's my first day here, and I'm going to get fucking fired because I slept with my boss. My hot, delectable, porn star status worthy boss.

During his thoughts, the blonde's feet had unconsciously carried him to the break room, and he was now stuck standing in front of the door, debating whether he should turn and run, or face what was sure to be hell.

Eventually, he came to his senses, and reached his hand out, grabbing a hold of the door handle and walking inside the oddly quiet and empty space.

But no sooner had he shut the door behind him, that he was slammed back into it, a hand tightened in his hair, and another set of lips mere inches from his own. A leg made it's way between his, and Naruto's breathing hitched when he felt a breath gust over his face, smelling like mint and some sort of wonderful cologne that had his pants tightening in seconds.

"Hmm," A dark chuckle came from the man that had him pressed to the door's lips. "I never would have known you worked in a hospital," The man's mouth made it's way to sit by his ear, the soft lips brushing Naruto's ear lobe and making him shiver. "Dobe."

A whine made it's way through Naruto's throat as that moment, his eyes falling half mast when he felt Sasuke's tongue slide along his ear, and slowly make it's way down his jaw.

"S-sasu- Oh! W-what are you d-doing?" The last part of the blonde's sentence was cut off, and replaced with a moan as the dark haired man found his pulse point, and nipped at it.

Onyx eyes stared up in amusement at the flushed and whiskered face. "What does it look like, dobe?" He accentuated his question with another bite to the blonde's neck, causing the other to keen out and arch into Sasuke's mouth.

Naruto panted, unfocused eyes trying to pin the dark haired doctor with a stern gaze. "S-sasuke," He felt as if his tongue were too heavy for his mouth at the moment, unable to speak without slurring or stuttering his words. "We s-shouldn't be d-doing this here."

Sasuke smirked, ignoring the blonde's words and continuing on his way down the other's body. He lifted the blue-eyed boy's scrubs, and smirked against Naruto's stomach as he heard the sharp intake of breath from above. He laved his tongue into the other's belly button, smirking wider at the keens and begs it drew from the younger.

Naruto gasped, partly in shock and partly in relief, as his pants were suddenly yanked down to his ankles, and his hardness exposed to the chilly air of the room.

"Sasuke! What are you doing? We could ge- AH!" Naruto's train of though suddenly stopped, as his member was swallowed up by the most wonderful heat. He would have fallen to the floor, so unprepared he had been for the feeling, had Sasuke not been holding him so tightly against the door. Still, that didn't stop him from hunching over the others head, breaths becoming labored as the dark haired doctor's head bobbed up and down, feeling his tongue drag along the underside of the blonde's cock each time he pulled back.

The feeling of the warm tightness enveloping him had Naruto groaning out into the otherwise empty room, his own voice being drowned out by the rushing of blood in his ears. A particularly hard suck made him cry out sharply and bucking his hips, causing the head of his cock to slide even further into the back of the Uchiha's throat.

Naruto didn't know how they had ended up there, but his hands were suddenly clenching into the thick raven hair, eyes screwed shut as he attempted to keep the noises of pleasure from making their way past his lips. This felt too good, he thought. His memories from the night before, except for a few rare moments, were fuzzy at best. Remembering and experiencing were two very different things, and the blonde was acutely aware of that as the raven's tongue flicked against his head.

"S-sasu- I c-can't!" Naruto was so close, he could hear his pounding heart beat in his ears. The rapid 'thump-thump-thump' drowned out any rational thought, and he tried desperately to ram his hips further, forcing himself deeper into the others mouth. "I'm g-going to..."

Naruto's whole body locked up as he came, little spasms going through his spent frame with the pleasure clouding every one of his senses.

Slowly, he came down from his high, contentment setting deep into his seemingly liquified bones. He huffed out a breath as the dark haired man stood, wiping his mouth and smirking down at Naruto with a glint in his eyes.

The blonde shivered when the other's mouth slid along his jaw, making his way to his ear.

"Well," He chuckled gustily against the side of the blonde's head. "That was a fun bit of fore-play, wasn't it?"

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