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Naruto's Anatomy

Love Machine

I'm just a love machine

Feeding my fantasy

Give me a kiss or three

And I'm fine

I need a squeeze a day

Instead of this negligee

What will the neighbours say

This time

The blond grimaced, poking at his salad with no intention of eating it.


His eyes were half-mast, his mind on things other than the leafy greens in front of him. Obsidian orbs were lurking in the back of his mind, trying, and starting to succeed, at making themselves the center of his thoughts.




Naruto looked up, only to see a pink haired girl with green eyes giving him the most lethal glare he had ever seen, chewing on her salad in a noisy and annoying fashion.

"Um," He didn't know what to say, and the girl didn't make any move to ease the awkward situation. She simply continued to stare at the blond, eventually making him so uncomfortable that he had to look away.

"Stay away from him."

Naruto's eyes snapped up, cerulean blue locking with a light green, as it was obvious that it had been her who'd just spoken.

"I'm not sure wha-"

He was cut off when she held her hand up in a condescending way that made his blood boil, but he held his tongue and allowed her to stare at him superiorly, if only because he didn't want to start an argument.

"I saw you with Sasuke-kun," Naruto's heart froze, fear taking hold of him. What? How could she have seen them? They had bee- "I saw the way you were staring him," Oh thank fuck. "And I want you to know," She leaned towards him, getting way too far into his personal space for his liking. "He's mine."

His eyes widened.

The blonde couldn't help it.

He started laughing.

The look of smugness disappeared from the girl's face, irritated confusion taking its place. "What's so funny?"

Naruto placed a hand over his mouth, trying to stifle his giggles, even as his eyes started to water with the intensity of them. "Y-you…" He couldn't finish, and merely started laughing harder.

The girl glared at him, obviously not finding anything remotely funny. "Stop laughing!" She snarled. "I'm telling you to stay away from Sasuke-kun!"

"And why should he do that," A deep voice questioned, causing both blond and pink heads to snap to attention in the direction the question had come from. "If I may ask, Haruno-san?"

Naruto gulped.

"Well," He chuckled gustily against the side of the blonde's head. "That was a fun bit of fore-play, wasn't it?"

Blue eyes widened, and he suddenly needed to get away. The Uchiha was much too close. So close, in fact, that he could very clearly feel the other's erection straining from the inside of his scrubs.

"U-um," Naruto didn't know what to say. "I uh n-need," He didn't finish his sentence, but rather pushed past the dark haired man, making him stumble and flop back onto one of the beds, and raced out of the room as fast as possible.

"S-Sasuke-sama," The pink haired girl's voice broke into Naruto's thoughts, squeaky and high pitched with newfound nervousness. "I was j-just…" Sasuke waited, but nothing more was delivered from the girl.

"Why don't you go see if Tsunade-sama needs any help," His dark eyes glinted. "Hm, Sakura?"

The girl nodded quickly, scurrying out of there so fast that all the blond saw was a pink blur, and then he was left alone with Sasuke. Naruto kept his eyes trained on the ground, not willing to let the other man see his embarrassment.

He startled when the tip of a finger ghosted across his lower lip, and his chin was taken in a firm grasp and lifted so blue eyes locked with onyx. Naruto's breath caught, eyes going unfocused as he took in the heated look that Sasuke was giving him.

"May I ask what happened earlier," Naruto knew it wasn't really a request, but more akin to a demand. Had he been able to, he would have turned his head away to hide his burning cheeks, but it was held hard in place by slim fingers. "Naruto."

"What?" The blonde snapped, averting his eyes as best he could, given his position. He knew, of course, exactly what the other was talking about, but didn't want to give in to the other, knowing Sasuke would be angry.

"Hn," The raven's voice was indifferent. "Would you like me to remind you?"

The other's words didn't register in Naruto's mind, until he was being yanked harshly out of the cafeteria, and towards a less crowded area of the hospital. The people they rushed past didn't matter as the blond stumbled to keep pace with the dark haired man that had a firm grip on his forearm.

"S-Sasuke," There was an embarrassing hitch in his voice, and his cheeks flared a bright red. "What are y-"

"Shut up," Sasuke barely spared a glance back, just continued to make his way through the sterile white halls. "Dobe."

Naruto would have made a retort, had he not been afraid of what the other would do. The farther the raven dragged him, the less people they ran into, making the shorter man suspicious of the other's intentions.

Eventually, when they were somewhere near basement level, with not one other person than themselves around, Sasuke dragged Naruto into a supply closet, clicking the lock behind them, and seemingly unfazed when the whiskered boy crashed into one of the shelves, gauze and tubes falling around him.

"What the he-" The shorter boy's words were cut off as his lips were suddenly mashed against the others sinfully soft ones. An embarrassing keen was sent into Sasuke's mouth as Naruto was crushed to the shelf, the delicious friction of their bodies against each other causing him to melt into the raven.

A harsh gasp came forth when Sasuke gripped him through the front of his scrubs, kneading in an unforgiving manner, harsh but thankfully not so hard that it became painful.

"You like that?" A thing Naruto had never liked was dirty talk, but when the words came in such a molten voice, he found shockwaves of lust roiling through him, only able to answer with a jerky nod of his head and a breathy noise that resembled a moan.

A knee soon replaced the taller man's hand, and the whiskered boy squeaked when his ass was grabbed forcefully, and he was lifted, left with the option to either make them both topple over, or wrap his legs around Sasuke's waist.

In the back of his mind, he registered that he was starting to feel light headed, but didn't let that bother him as his hands slid into the lush black hair, loving the thickness of it surrounding his fingers and the silky softness as he tugged it lightly to show his appreciation.

But just as he was getting ready to drop his pants, Naruto froze as he heard the sound of shoes on a well polished floor, and the noise of people laughing with each other.

"Wait," the blond pulled away from the kiss, panting heavily, eyes glazed and unfocused. "We can't do this is here," his voice contradicted his words, teeming with craving, but he pushed Sasuke back a few steps, trying to calm himself.

Sasuke's face was uncharacteristically flushed, eyes narrowed, but he didn't fight when the blond backed off, "Hn."

Naruto's blue eyes narrowed, anger taking control of his face. "Bastard, what do you mean 'hn'?" The blond's face was scrunched cutely in anger, his eyes barely slits. Sasuke didn't reply, and the two could both feeling the mood fading right along with their erections.

A silence descended on them when Sasuke didn't answer, and for some reason, Naruto felt oddly hurt by that fact.

"I've got to get back," If the shorter boy was anticipating a reply, he was disappointed when the raven simply made the snorting sound again, turning away and making himself busy with fixing his hospital garments and picking up the packages that had fallen in their earlier haste.

"Bye, Sasuke," It was only a murmur, but the raven heard it loud and clear as the blond left.

Getting back to the cafeteria, Naruto barely had time to shove a sandwich in his mouth before the rest of his group was bustling around, getting ready to make their way back to Tsunade.

Not having brought anything of importance to the lunchroom with him, the blond started to make his way back before the others. His thoughts drifted as he walked, mulling over the events of the past day and night.

He didn't really understand how things became so heated between Sasuke and him so quickly. The fact that they met only last night didn't seem to matter, and the blond could already tell he was forming some sort of attachment, which was definitely not good.

Right now, he needed to focus on this job. He couldn't have sexy Uchiha doctors jumping him whenever they felt like it, no matter how much he enjoyed what came after the jumping.

He continued his day in much the same way, mind not focused, and actions on autopilot. The fact that no one noticed much was solely luck, and other than the occasional sour look from Sakura, Naruto was left to his own devices.

He was beyond relieved when Tsunade finally released them and said to go get some rest. Ignoring the direction that the others went in, he started to make his way to one of the less busy parts of the hospital.

The chance to simply breathe had Naruto feeling better the second he wasn't in one of the crowded hallways. The bleach white of the walls seemed suffocating, and the blonde had thought he might go crazy if he had to clean one more bedpan out.

He laid down on one of the empty gurneys, relishing in the relief it brought his aching back from standing so many hours. He never would have thought he'd be jealous of people in a hospital, but the tension in his shoulder and back had made his eyes glow in envy as he watched someone with a broken wrist lounging back and watching TV earlier that day.

He closed his eyes, knowing that he only had a few hours' tops before his pager would be buzzing with new orders. He let some of the tension drain away from his body, bliss filled with the sleepy ache of finally getting rest.

Naruto was startled when he woke, though it wasn't from the rapid buzzing of his pager as he had expected it would be.

No, the thing that woke the still bleary eyed blond were the hands sliding up and down his legs in a gentle caress, causing his skin to tingle pleasantly and his eyes to droop once more as he made a sound akin to a purr.

"Mm," A soft noise of contentment made it's way past Naruto's lips, and he shivered when the hand slid higher, coming to rest on the inside of his thigh, and dangerously close to his groin.

Now, don't get the wrong idea. The blond knew very well who the person feeling him up was, but he simply could not find the energy in himself to push the other off. The dark sky peering in through the high window was proof enough that he still had a few hours until he was required to be back, and he didn't intend to stop the man from basically massaging him.

Naruto flat out moaned as the others thumbs made slow circles on his hips, the rest of their fingers splayed dangerously close to the whiskered boy's ass. "Mm."

Was it weird that the blond was able to tell it was Sasuke just from the feel of his hands? Was it odd that even after only being with the raven once, he had memorized the texture of his palms, and what they felt like sliding on his skin, and teasing his body?

Yes, it was. Naruto knew this, but he still couldn't help it. Touches from the other were so potent, they were like a drug – and Naruto was addicted after only a few doses.

He opened his eyes, and if he hadn't been before, he knew he was gone then. The pale man was staring down at him, the usual smirk not present, but a fire burning clearly behind his eyes. The intensity behind the stare made the blond shiver, his body reacting instantly with a shot of heat that went straight to his groin.

"S-Sasuke," He was panting, and he hated the way his voice sounded – breathy and girly. He already knew that he was small and 'dainty', as some people liked to describe him, and he absolutely hated when he became so compliant, but there was no way to stop it when he was treated this way. "Please…"

The smirk was back, but damn if it didn't make the blond's whole body tremble in anticipation for what the expression promised. He was positive that if he tried to stand, his knees would be too weak to support his body.

The dark head lowered, lips stopping barely an inch away from Naruto's. They stayed there for a second, and then were mashed to the other's, drawing a surprised sound from the smaller boy.

The friction between them was amazing, as Sasuke placed the whole weight of his body along Naruto's. Their forms fit perfectly together, seeming to mold into one another.

The tantalizingly slow pace of their grinding had the blond shaking, unable to thrust up against the other. He breathed hard into Sasuke's mouth, whining and squirming while the raven never sped up. Thankfully, the hospital garments were relatively soft and loose, and allowed him to fully feel the older man's erection.

"Sasuke, please," the words were drawn out and long as the doctor moved to nip on the blond's neck, surely leaving horrendous hickeys as he latched his teeth on roughly and sucking like his life depended on it. "Fu…"

Sasuke pulled back, staring down at Naruto with barely contained passion. He had an idea of what the small intern wanted to say, but wanted to hear it come from his lips. "What was that, Naruto?" he said the other's name in three stunted syllables, reveling in the shiver that wracked the blond.

"I-I want…" He had to swallow, embarrassment and lust making his tongue thick. "I want you t-to fu-" His breath hitched when the raven rubbed on the obvious bulge in his pants, causing a wave of heat to roll through his body. "I want you to f-fuck me."

He yelped when his pants were suddenly yanked down, his hard cock exposed to the cool air of the dark and empty hallway. A moan moved past his lips when his erection was tugged at the same time as Sasuke licked a line up his neck and to his ear, whispering into it. "Right answer, dobe."

He was flipped over then, his ass pulled high as his face fell into the sterile hospital sheets. A muffled cry went into the bedding when the doctor bit down harshly on his shoulder, soothing it with his tongue a moment after.

Naruto was panting harshly as Sasuke pulled a tiny bottle from his pockets, squirting a good amount of the lube into his hands before he spread it on his fingers. The blond shuddered when he heard the pop of a cap, hands bunching the sheets with part dread and part anticipation.

What if someone decided to come down this way in the middle of them doing this? What if there were cameras in the halls? There were so many possibilities that would lead to expulsion, that Naruto was just about to tell the raven to stop, when a wet finger slid inside him.

An embarrassingly high-pitched whine of sorts left Naruto's lips without his permission. Any thoughts of halting their actions flew from his mind; the only thing now occupying it was the delicious friction that Sasuke was creating.

It didn't take long to prepare the blond, the doctor soon making one finger two, and then three when the whiskered boy continued to whine and grind against the bed sheets, his neglected cock bouncing against his stomach and leaking precum on the gurney.

"Hm," the raven slowed the movements of his hand, simply thrusting in and out and watching Naruto squirm. The smaller boy's entire body was flushed a delicious rogue, blue eyes glittering and teeth digging into his plump lower lip. "You are eager," He accentuated the last word with a hard thrust of his fingers, and Naruto cried out as the tips brushed against his prostate.

"S-Sasuke," he was a keening, stuttering mess, and he knew it. He was embarrassed, but too turned on to dismiss the idea of begging. He was aching to be filled with something larger than fingers, the long and thin appendages not satisfying no matter how good they felt. "Please j-just hurry uuuuup!"

The end of the blond's sentence went up into a high cry of pleasure as Sasuke placed his fingers directly on his prostate, rubbing hard in slow and deliberate circles that made his hips jerk erratically. He went to fist his erection, and found his hand slapped away by the raven's free one. "S-Sasuke! Stop!"

The sheets bunched in his tight fists, as he made a noise that resembled a sob more than a moan. His cock was so hard right now that it was a literally ache through his entire body, not just wanting, but also needing release. "Sasuke!" the name was pleading in itself, and the dark haired doctor smirked when he heard it.

He pulled his hand out, finally, and the blond moaned loudly at the loss. But his eyes widened in both relief and anticipation as the heard cloth rustling, and soon felt the head of the other's cock nudge at his entrance. "N-now! Please, Sasuke!"

Sasuke didn't torture Naruto any longer, starting to thrust into the blond in small movements, groaning at how tight the boy was. Naruto crowed his pleasure as he was filled, the raven's balls coming to rest against his ass after a minute or two.

"A-ahhnn Sasuke…"

Suddenly, the doctor grabbed Naruto's chin, tilting his head back to the side, and kissed him fiercely. He had been aching to do so for the time it took to prepare the blond, and he groaned as their tongues intertwined hotly, languidly stroking each other and tracing teeth. If nothing else, Sasuke decided it was his goal to totally memorize the small boy's mouth the point that he would be able to distinguish the tiny crevices in his molars.

He pulled out to the head, thrusting back in at the same moment he deepened their kiss, swallowing Naruto's loud moan in the process. Their kiss continued for the next few thrusts, until Sasuke finally pulled back, Naruto gasping for air as soon as his lips were free, and releasing the air in the form of a high moan. "Harder, Sasuke…"

The raven grasped harshly at the blond's hips, digging his fingers into the plump and tan flesh as he pulled out and pushed back in with such force that Naruto's whole body lurched forward, his head falling to the sheets as he tried to muffle a half scream, Sasuke's cock having pushed straight into his prostate.

The two continued this way for an indefinite amount of time, the blond trying to quiet his sound of pleasure only half successfully, and the doctor pistoling in and out of his entrance, groaning himself at the clenching around his erection.

"S-Sasuke, I-I- ohhhh my Kami…" The blond couldn't finish his sentence, eyes wide and watering at the intense sensations shooting up his spine and down to his toes, seeming to make every hair on his body stand on end.

Naruto went to grasp his cock again, needing to finally release, and found himself suddenly being flipped, Sasuke staying sheathed inside him the entire time. As soon as the blue-eyed boy was on his back, the raven dove forward for a kiss, their mouths clashing together in an almost violent way.

"S-Sasuke!" The blond practically screamed into their kiss as his cock rubbed against Sasuke's stomach. He dug his nails into the doctor's back, so hard they made small cuts. "I'm g-going to…"

The blond almost sobbed as the raven pounded him into the gurney, back arching him up and against the hard pale chest above him. He clenched his hands into the thick dark hair as he rubbed himself one last time against Sasuke's stomach, coming without having touched himself once.

He spasmed erratically as his release crashed through him, the pleasure ten times more intense than any he could remember ever experiencing in any of his past endeavors.

Sasuke thrust hard one last time into the blond; his whole body tensing as Naruto screamed and he felt his semen burst between their stomachs in a wet and sticky mess.


The raven's whole body trembled as he came inside the boy, a wave of pure molten pleasure washing through his body and making his limbs turn to jelly, collapsing on top of Naruto in the pure exhaustion of a marvelous afterglow.

"Th-that was…" Naruto swallowed thickly, eyes dazed and his mouth too slack to finish the sentence.

Sasuke simply nodded his agreement.

Naruto's steps were stiff as he followed Tsunade along with the other interns. If anyone noticed his heavy limp, they didn't comment, though a certain pink haired girl didn't seem like she would stop glaring anytime soon.

He wasn't very concerned with their surroundings until he heard a sound of outrage from the leader of their group, and looked up, only to blush a beet red color the next moment.


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