Hello to anybody who's reading this story (you have interesting taste in stories). This is the first story that I've posted on here, so I have absolutely no idea how my skills are...which means that anything you have to say will be accepted graciously! Criticism is welcomed just as much as encouragement, as long as you're not a total jerk getting it across;)

Feel free to send me any of your ideas, I have a bad habit of getting writers block with everything I write, so any ideas that didn't come from my head are extremely helpful. Oh and please tell me any mistakes I make in the chapters, big or small.

So this story takes place in season 5 before the temple bombing episode but after the episode where Savage and Satine die, sooo...I think that covers it...read, review, follow, favorite, whatever...thx!

Also, this story contains a large amount of war, death, suspense, drama, violence, and mentions some torture (experiments) to teenagers. If this bothers you too much I would suggest not reading my story. If you continue to read this story but flip out when it gets bad, YOU CANNOT, I REPEAT, CANNOT, SAY THAT I DIDN'T WARN YOU.

Rated T because of said content (might change to M later)

The Author, Crashingthroughthesnow

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars, any of its characters, worlds, ect. This story is ment for entertainment purposes only, and I make no money from it. BUT, I do own everything else, copy it without my permission and you will regret it.