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Third person POV: (que awesome narrator VoiceOver)

As Artemis ran through the forest, panting for breath, she wondered exactly where she was going, as she'd never been off earth before. Not that it was unusual to always remain on earth, in fact, the furthest a human had ever gone, to her knowledge, was the moon.

Stumbling through the unknown, she decided that it would be best to find a good vantage point and somewhere to hide, rather than run in circles looking for something to take her to earth. As it grew dark, she began to search for the highest tree she could find...and a way back to her home.

Meanwhile, back at the Republic camp, Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex were making a steady recovery in the medical tent.

Captain Rex POV:

"Ha! I win again! Take that Rex."

Across from me sat the ever so humble Jedi commander, who was currently dancing in her seat and throwing her cards in the air.

"And that!, Is how you get out of yet another week of showing shinnies around the Resolute."

I groaned, and laid my head down on the table. That's 3 weeks I'll have to take on Ahsoka's load if new troops. I hate showing new troops around. They ask too many questions. But I guess it was worth it, I mean, as long as there was an alive Ahsoka to lose to, I was content losing.

Her eyes twinkled with a hint of mischief, and when she gave me an sly grin, I knew she was going to propose another terrible deal that I'll have to agree to.

"Double or nothing."

I just exhaled and figured I have nothing better to do.

"You're on."

Ahsoka's POV:

Poor guy. Doesn't even know I can see his cards. Eh. Oh well.

Third person POV:

Elsewhere, namely an underground bunker in the middle of the North Korea, a SWAT team sweeps through the makeshift prison, shooting any person who would dare to step in their path.

The once silent halls were silent no more, as a young man, no older than a teenager, shouts orders speaking of rescue and urgency. The team is quick, securing the bunker in no time at all, the only survivor of their fury being a small man, wearing a apron covered in blood, and cackling from insanity.

The young man barks at his team, declaring they didn't check well enough the first time, and demanding they search the entire compound again.

"Find her!"

Desperation rings in his voice as he grabs the small man by the collar and lifts him up and pins him on the cold metal wall.

"Where. Is. She? Where is the girl you held captive here?! Tell us now and your death will be swift."

The man cackled. Dried blood spotted his face as he grinned.

"You're too late."


"She's long.."

Cough, cough.


Slam! The teenager threw the man across the hall and into the opposite wall. Fury blazed in his ember eyes. His tall frame stood over the man, gun draw and on the man's temple.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN GONE?! I swear to god if you killed her I will make your life hell until you're begging for me to kill you."

Maniacal laughs filled the hallway and the smaller of the two laid on the floor, apparently reveling in the sensation of pain that filled him.

"There was an explosion in the lab down the hall from where we were keeping her. A black hole was formed and she broke free of her cage. Rather than answer our questions, she ran directly into it. There's no way she survived. But that's okay, we already gathered all the information we needed from her, though it did take some...persuasion."

The man coughed, and continued, his voice rising at the thought of what he was describing.

"You should have seen her pretty little body after they let me carve her up! It was beautiful! Some of my best work yet, it was a shame when the shot her so many times. It ruined some of my art! The bastards! It's far too bad she got loose, the things I planned to do to her were beyond your imagin-"

But that was all that was said. For a gunshot rang out and ended the mans rant. A second shot ended the chance of the man ever having kids...if he didn't already have a neat little circle in his forehead.

The teenager holstered the smoking gun and got out his radio.

"Call off the search, we need to get back to the states and report in on our findings."

The radio crackled to life.

"Understood sir. ETA, 90 seconds."

The young man walked down the hall, and away from his unsuccessful mission, his face darkened as he spoke.

"I'll find you Artemis, I swear I'll find you. Nothing can get in my way from getting you back. Nobody touches my twin and gets out alive. Nobody."

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