Chapter 1

It was a unually cool spring Friday afternoon and a Brunette witch was on her way back from her lunch break, where she had met with her best friend to discuss plans for their Hen's night the following night. They decided to start with a few drinks at the Leaky Cauldron with a quick supper followed by a night on the town wherever the night takes them that is.

Now this Brunette wasn't just any witch, she was one the most famous Witches in History and easily recognisable by everyone she encountered. Which makes her trek back to her office even longer, not that she cares, it used to annoy her at first but in the last three years of her position, she had gotten used to it. She decended the stairs that led to lifts, barely hearing the clicking of her grey stiletto heels beneath her. She got into lift with two others and made her way to her floor.

She stepped out and proceeded to her office, not before stopping by her Assistant's desk to ask if she had any messages why she was out.

"Hey Sam, did I miss anything?"

"Not unless, you count Belby Crashing into his desk again while following Grace around" , her assistant replied with a small laugh and hint of sarcasm.

"oh, did you get any photos?"

"Not this time, I really should remember for next time" replied Sam with a bright smile.

She chuckled and opened her office door and stepped inside.

During the afternoon she managed to sign off some documents, put a call through to her Belgian Coutnerpart get in some reading for a meeting the following week.

She looked up at the clock it was 5:45pm and she decided to call it a day. She packed up her things and shut her office door. Her door read . Yes Hermione Granger is the deputy head of Magical Law Enforcement.

Hermione stepped into the lift with her colleague Trent Castleford.

"Have a lovely weekend Miss Granger" Trent said as he allowed her to step out firs into the atrium.

"Thanks, you too Trent" she said with small smile and wave.

On her way to the muggle entrance/exit, she ran into in Cho Chang, who worked in the Magical Education department.

"Hello, Hermione, how was your week?" Cho asked

"Oh you know, nothing a good weekend, especially a Hen's night will not help to recover with" she replied

"I know what you mean, we still have issues accidental magic being used by pre-schoolers in Oxford, guess where I am going the day after the wedding?"

"oh Oxford, my parents live there, you need a place to stay?, Im sure they wont mind, how long will you be there for"

"are you sure?, it will be for a week, I don't like putting people out" Cho replied

"no problem at all, I will ask them and call you" Hermione said with a grin.

"thanks Herms, have you got your outfit ready for tomorrow night?" Cho asked eagerly.

"Yeah I sure do, it's a lovely green dress, but I am not saying much more" Hermione replied with a bright smile.

"no doubt, you'll look stunning, like you do at all the Ministry events, my dress is a copper colour and I will just have to keep it at that as well" Cho chuckled.

They both stepped out the muggle exit, proceeded to the nearby Mutli-storey car park where their cars were parked.

"See you tomorrow" cho said with small with a smile and hug for Hermione as they passed by her Black WV Golf.

"bye Cho"

Hermione hopped into her Sleek white BWM Series 5 and drove home.

She turned into the ramp of her building, Armando Towers (Named after Armando Dippet, former Hogwarts Headmaster) and proceeded to her designated Car spot for her Penthouse apartment.

As she drove to her spot, she passed a dark skinned guy hunched over the booth of his older model Series 5.

She shot glance at is back and thought it cant be, can it? Maybe its Dean, but no he lives in Hogsmeade, who else could it be? She wondered…then it hit her!

"Zabini" she said aloud, barely over her stereo.

She hopped out of her car, she would have to walk past him, to get to the Lobby to the lifts.

As she approached, he was flicking through some sports magazine, but she was surprised it was a muggle one and not the usual Quidditch one she was used to Wizards around her reading.

He looked up and grinned broadly.

"well hello there miss" she could tell he was flirting with her and didn't recognise her.

"Good evening" she replied with a small smile.

"Zabini " is my name, Blaise Zabini" he said with a wink. And leaned on his now shut boot.

"oh I know that already, I've known you since we were eleven years old"

"Is that so? a fellow Hogwarts Student, let me guess, Hufflepuff?"

"No, Gryffindor, Zabini, we were partners in fith year Astronomy"

"Granger?" he said in a shocked voice.

"Spot on Zabini!"

"Wow… all I can is wow" his mouth was agape with shock and awe at the Beautiful witch before him.

"Shut your mouth, please Zabini, its not very gentleman like"

"whereas you my dear, are indeed very womanly like, a stunning one at that"

"Why thank you Zabini"Hermione replied with an ever increasing blush.

"you live here?... what floor?"

"indeed I do, and if you must know, you can read the sign above my parking spot" she replied and pointed to where her Beamer was parked.

"the penthouse?" Blaise replied with even more shock in his voice this time.

"Yes the penthouse, and when did you move in? "she replied

"just today, more stuff is coming tomorrow and I am on the sixth floor….in case you would like to stop by" Blaise said in a cocky manner.

"thanks for offer, however I will have to decline"she replied

"so to afford the Penthouse, what is it you do for work,?" Blaise asked

"I work for Magical Law enforcement"

"is that so?, well you're definitely more than a clerk, that's for sure, head of the department, although I'm sure I would have heard if you were"

"not quite, I'm deputy Head, but one day I will be Head, and what do you do?"

"I work for Gringotts" Blaise replied with small smile

"aren't you a little tall for goblin" she replied slyly

"ha, ha, you're so funny Granger….no I have just become head of security if you must know" he replied with a wink.

"well, its good to know my money is in safe hands" she replied

"ofcourse it is, you can trust me"

She stifled a laugh, "well I hope so Zabini…now if you'll excuse me , I should head upstairs…nice seeing you again"

"lets hope its not that last time, Granger" he replied Slyly


"Bye" he said and watched her walked away.

Draco, is not going to believe this Blaise thought to himself.

Hermione made her way upstairs, dumped her bag on the kitchen Island, and pulled out her mobile to check for messages or calls. She had one from her Mum saying they would call her on Sunday.

Hermione had a quick shower, heated a frozen cannelloni and sat at the Island, ate her dinner and read the evening edition of the Daily Prophet.

At 11pm, she figured she would have a busy day tomorrow and late night tomorrow and went to bed.