Lucy just stared at Mike as blood dripped onto the top of his head. "You mind telling me why you punched me and called me a whore?" Lucy barked. "Crying won't do you any good!"

"I am sorry…" Mike spoke softly. "I got really angry; I didn't mean any of that"

"Oh sur…" Lucy was cut off by Mike kissing her on the lips. She made a screwed face when she felt his hand right above her shorts. Lucy pushed Mike off anger in her eyes. "You think kissing and putting your damn hands in my pants is ok!" Lucy barked.

"Lucy I…"

"You jerkface" Lucy said hugging Mike and rubbing his back. "Your just feeling all depressed because Sandy dumbed you and you don't think you can survive without some girl."

"No…" Mike said quietly. "I love you, Lucy"

"Sure Mike" Lucy said.

"No!" Mike pushed her off staring into her eyes. "I want you! I love you!"

"Mike, perhaps you need to go home and be with you family." Lucy said in a loving voice.

"No!" Mike shouted pushing Lucy down so she was on her back and he was on all four above her. "I want you! I love you! I need you! Please believe me!" Mike whimpered as tears fell from his eyes. Lucy knew she was now dealing with the unstable Mike again.

"Mike, do you think I care? You made me miserable, abandoned me, and now you just punched me. If you 'loved' me you should have accepted me."

"I fucken have to kill Sandy for you to believe me!" Mike cried tears pouring from his eyes.

"Mike, stop scaring me." Lucy said. Mike laid down now on top of her.

"Let's have sex."


"If we have sex and you don't love me, then I will leave." Mike explained with a weak voice.

"I am not having sex with you! Are you going to rape me in my own house?" Lucy questioned.

"I just want to show you I love you!"

"Then leave."

"Why?" Mike whinned.

"Leave and return home. Don't contact me for one year. If you still 'love' me then I will give you a chance."

Author's Notes: A little short for one of my chapters.