Author's Notes: I am not 100% sure about this chapter. This is my third revision of it. The other two are forever lost and never to be seen again.

"Damn it Mike! I said wake up!" Lucy grumbled shaking Mike. Mike blinked his eyes open.

"Put some clothes on!" Mike yelled covering his eyes. Lucy rolled her eyes. She crossed her arms and shook her head.

"Get up now!" she shouted ripping the blankets off Mike.

"I said put some clothes on!" Mike yelled back.

"I am three seconds from kicking you in nuts and dragging out of my house!" Lucy yelled in his ear.

"Then put some god damn clothes on!"

"It's freaken eighty degrees outside! What you want me wearing? A fucken winter coat? Why don't actually open your damn eyes! You actually think after the shit you pulled last night; I am going to show you any fur?!" Lucy yelled kicking Mike square between the legs. Mike fell off the couch holding onto his sweet spot. He groaned looking up seeing Lucy with her arms crossed glaring angrily at him. She was wearing a normal red shirt and long cargo shorts.

"What? Was that all a dream?" Mike said still in pain.

"No, you dickhead! You were an asshole to me last night!"

"You seemed sad, now you're pissed?" Mike said using the couch to stand.

"You don't control my happiness! I do! I will not let drive me into depression for the second time!" Lucy shouted furiously.

"Ok I am sorry I was jerk…" Mike said sincerely.

"I am glad you finally see that." Lucy said her tone more normal. The open slammed open as Mike heard footsteps. He saw an attractive female run up and hug Lucy. Mike felt a rise as he saw the two girl's breasts up against each other.

"I am dreaming right?" Mike thought. The other girl wore a bikini top and short shorts with a belt. He saw Lucy smile a little. She was blushing.

"I missed you Lucy!" the girl said hugging Lucy tighter.

"I missed you two Sarah." Lucy said.

"Huh?" Mike asked clearly confused as to why a skimpy dressed girl was hugging Lucy.

"I told you to wait until I called." Lucy said slightly annoyed.

"You made me wait for so loooong!" Sarah grumbled.

"My guest was being a bit of an asshole lately." Lucy glared at Mike.

"Oh Hello" Sarah said bending down her breasts at Mike's eye level.

"Uh…. Hi?" Mike said obviously embarrassed, but Sarah didn't seem to care.

"Something wrong?" Sarah asked.

"Your chest is in my face…"

"Oh! You want to touch?" Sarah asked smiling.

"Don't tempt him, Sarah." Lucy said annoyed.

"He's not going yank off my top?" Sarah asked turning her head towards Lucy.

"You're shoving your boobs in my face and asking me if I want to touch them! And you're worried I will take off your top? IF you can call that a top?" Mike said sweating.

"Are you calling me whore?" Sarah turned glaring at Mike. "You're right Lucy. He is an asshole!"

"Wait! I—"

"You blew your chance."

"No! I just didn't mean that you're whore! I don't care if you let me… touch you…"

"Lucy you seem grumpy." Sarah said standing up and turning towards Lucy.

"He is being nice." Lucy said.

"I think someone needs to be groped!" Sarah said smiling.

"I am not feeling that bad!" Lucy said her ears perked.

"You need to feel mine?" Sarah asked.

"Wow Lucy, I didn't know you played for that team." Mike said almost laughing

"I sure hope not." Mike heard a male voice. He turned to see a male taller than him in in blue shorts with Metallica shirt. "So Lucy is that why you never had a boyfriend?" the male asked.

"I am not a lesbian!" Lucy growled.

"So you're Lucy's ex eh?" the guy asked looking down at Mike.

"Ex?" Mike looked confused. "We never dated!"

"You're, jerk alright sir!" Sarah said glaring at Mike.

"You all know Lucy?" Mike asked standing up.

"Of course." The guy said.

"You sure you are straight Lucy?" Mike asked.

"Last time I knew she was" the guy said.

"So who is she?" Mike asked.

"Sarah, Mike" the guy said. "You didn't introduce yourself Sarah?"

"I did you hypocrite." Sarah said teasingly.

"Perhaps I would should as well" the guy said rubbing the back of his head. "I am Joseph." He said. "I am Sarah's boyfriend."

"I think your girlfriend is cheating on you." Mike whispered into Joseph's ear.

"Oh is that right eh? Why you say that?" Joseph asked.

"I think she was groping Lucy earlier." Mike whispered.



"Yeah, you accused her of wrong doing. But I haven't heard and wrong doing."

"Wait you know?"

"Yeah I know. It really helps Lucy out. It helped her open up and sing for us."

"How do you know? Wait really?" Mike asked.

"I watched them, for starters." Joseph said calmly. "Yes, it did.

"Wait what?"

"Yeah. I don't really like to."


"To be honest, I only come and watch because Sarah asks me so nicely. And since Lucy is ok with it." Joseph whispered in Mike's ear. "Oh the groping that is. I do enjoy her singing. I am glad she could find something to make her happy."

"Ninety percent of all males would kill to be you!"

"Yeah I figured eh."

"You're pretty damn lucky!"

"I am aren't I? Truth be told eh, I am lucky Sarah hasn't left me for someone else."

"Really why?"

"Eh, I have a low sex drive" Joseph said his tone calm. "Eh, I guess that isn't a hundred percent true. I don't appreciate the body as much as I do what is in it. A lot of people feel that I am wasting Sarah. Most say that I should do a favor and dump her for someone less attractive and with a similar personality."

"Really?" Mike asked.

"Eh, I tried to dump her; telling her she could do much better."

"So why you still together? I don't mean to be rude."

"She broke down crying. She blamed herself. She begged me to take her back. Her face was wetter from her tears than if she had just climbed out of a pool. So I did."


"It was raining that day. Coming down pretty hard. I never saw her cry like that before. I also feel stupid that I ever did. I did it because I thought she would be happier. But I am glad I still have her. I would miss her bubbly, happy, positive personality."

"You have no problem how she dresses?" Mike asked.

"Haha not at all. She says it feels 'comfy' and she feels free. Also, she may be small, but she could kick your arse before you know what was happening. Besides she cares a fire arm with her."

"Wait, she can fight and she cares a fire arm?"


"I am curious. How did you two get together?"

"So you want to know eh?"

"Well if you don't want to share that is fine."

"Tell me something Mike."


"You seem have a conflict that you have resolved in your heart, but you are refusing to accept it."


"Yeah, you seemed troubled by something and from what Lucy told Sarah… you kissed Lucy"

"I did…"

"So you love her."

"You're right… but she is kind of upset at me…"

"Just tell her how you feel. That's all you can do."

"Thanks Joseph." Mike said.

"Come on. Let's go rejoin the girls." Joseph said.

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