Author's Notes: This is a bonus chapter. This is Uncensored. This Mike's dream.

Mike stood there silent. The words Lucy told him still repeating in his head. Had he gone too far? He laid down the couch closing his eyes; he fell fast asleep. He felt weight on his chest and stomach. He opened his eyes Lucy on all fours on top of him. She was only wearing a towel. From his point of view he could see down her towel and see her cleavage. He started to feel a rise. Lucy smiled chuckling, her checks a rosy pink. She a collar around her neck with a small leash attached. Lucy smiled innocently as she sat back on her knees. Mike could feel the leash lying on his chest. He picked it up holding it. Lucy removed the blankets pulling them down to his knees. She giggled and pulled his underwear down exposing Mike's manhood. She placed her warm and soft hands around it. Mike just laid there as Lucy moved closer.

"I am sorry Michael, I shouldn't have yelled at you" Lucy said with an innocent smile, her tone sincere. "Is there any way I can make it up to you?" she said seductively and she moved her face closer to his and running her finger along his manhood driving pulses of pleasure through this body. "Come on Master Michael don't make me guess" she said sweetly. Mike started shaking. His shaking caused the leash to be tugged pulling Lucy down onto his chest. She rested her head on his chest. He felt her warm body against his. She hugged him gently. She looked up at Mike her face showed near self-disappointment. "Is this what you want Master Michael?" she asked. "I can do much more. All you have to do is order me Master." She remained hugging him.

"Yes" he said. He clamped his mouth shut. He didn't mean to say anything. Why did he say yes? He wanted to say nothing. He felt as though something forced him to say yes.

"Yes Master" Lucy said resting her head back on his chest. She hugged him once more closing her eyes and purring calmly. Mike felt a strong rise between his legs. He tried not to disturb Lucy. He looked over her butt seeing he wasn't aroused. He felt aroused, but he saw he wasn't. "Are you happy Master?" Lucy asked in an innocent voice. Mike could the sound forming in is voice. His mouth opened, but nothing came out. He felt forced to say something. He felt forced to say yes or no. He answered her question.

He heard thunder crack as the sky turned dark. He felt the leash pulled out of his hand. He looked seeing a white furred female in latex lingerie with matching boot and gloves. She had a black hood over her head hiding her face. She pulled hard causing Lucy to be jerked off the couch. She fell, landing on her stomach. The hooded female pulled the leash forcing Lucy to her knees. The hooded female laughed menacingly. Her voice was robotic but feminine as to hide her identity. She ripped the towel of Lucy. Lucy covered her womanly parts. The hooded female kicked Lucy in the back of the head forcing her on her stomach. The hooded female grabbed Lucy hands and binding her wrists with what Mike thought was black electric tape. The hooded female pulled the leash hard forcing Lucy back on her knees. Lucy's tears were filled with tears and pain. Mike couldn't help stare at her sacred body parts. He grew aroused this time it was physically visible. The hooded female chuckled as she groped Lucy's breasts. The hooded female tugged the leash upwards choking Lucy. Mike couldn't move as if he didn't want to move. He heard Lucy scream. Her body moved as if she was being raped. Mike could see the white grin of the hooded female. She lowered leash as Lucy collapsed bend over on her knees, panting. He wanted to ask Lucy if she ok, but his mouth remained shut. The hooded female pulled forcing Lucy to stand. She guided Lucy to Mike the forcing her to her knees. Mike sat up; he didn't know why. He could feel Lucy's hot breath on his manhood.

"This is what you want isn't it?" the hooded female asked. She pulled Lucy forcing her to stand she Lucy on to Mike Lucy whimpered as and positioned Mike inside her. She began to move up and down. Mike felt a hard jerk as the hooded female pulled Lucy off once again forcing Lucy to her knees. "This is what you want." Her voice was becoming slightly clear. Lucy's hot breath beaded on his manhood. "This is what you want" the hooded female said her voice becoming clearer. Lucy looked up at him fear, pain, and tears filled her eyes. "THIS is what you WANT" the hooded female's voice now clear. The hooded female smirked removing her hood showing Mike her face. Sandy. "Isn't this want you want Maishul?" Sandy grinned asking teasingly. He closed his eyes. He reopened them. He looked at Sandy feeling his manhood grow incredibly aroused. He looked at Lucy he felt aroused but glanced seeing his manhood wasn't erected. He stared at Lucy's chest he felt aroused but his manhood remained normal. He looked up and Sandy feeling aroused. He glanced seeing he was physically aroused. He closed his eyes. He grabbed Lucy's face. Lucy whimpered as she closed her eyes. "Yes fuck her mouth! Fuck that pathetic excuse for—" Mike brought Lucy's face close and kissed her on the lips. "NOOOOO!" Sandy's voice became demonic and low-pitched. He looked up seeing Sandy was now red fur with wings. She hissed with her snake like tongue. Mike stood up. He help Lucy stand wrapping his arms around her. Sandy hiss drawing a whip lashed at Lucy. Lucy closed her eyes shaking. Mike saw the whip stopped by what he thought was a barrier. Mike grabbed Lucy's face kissing on the lips. He pulled his face back hearing a cry of pain. He saw Sandy and flown back a little holding her head hissing in pain. Sandy stood once more drawing a whip with claws on it. It clashed with the barrier. Mike looked closer. The barrier was a gray color. He held his hand to the barrier. His eyes opened wide as he saw the colors match. Sandy hissing as she whipped harder and harder. Mike looked down at Lucy she was trembling and whimpering her eyes closed. He glared at the demonic Sandy. He lifted Lucy's chin. He looked into her eyes. He saw fear, loneliness, and abandonment. He kissed her again. A loud roar rang through the air. Mike opened his eyes seeing Sandy was gone. They stood not in a baron dark wasteland but a grass field with the warm sun lighting the sky. He turned to Lucy seeing her wearing a pink dress. She looked into Mike's eyes. He saw them again. Fear. Loneliness. Abandonment.

"Michael…" he heard Lucy's voice low and sad. "Why I am here?" Mike thought to himself why are we here? "No… Why I am here… with you?" she asked sadness in her voice. Mike turned hearing the sound of girls giggling. He saw multiple he knew and others he didn't. He felt Lucy move away from him.

"Oh Michael~" he heard the girls say.

"I will leave you now…" Lucy said. Lucy turned walking away. He the area in front him turn into the dark wasteland once more. He turned around seeing the girls and grass field. He turned back to Lucy seeing her walking. He saw Demonic Sandy land a few feet from Lucy. The leash and collar were in each of Demonic Sandy's hands.

"You ready my pet?" Demonic Sandy asked smirking. He saw Lucy's dress turn black and begin to crumble.

"Lucy" Mike called out. Lucy turned around her dress stopped crumbling. The girls swarmed Mike hugging him and praising him. Lucy turned around her dress crumbling once more as she walked towards Demonic Sandy. Mike started to fall. He fell to his knees crying. "LUCY!" Lucy stopped; Sandy opening the collar to put on Lucy. "LUCY!" She turned around her dress starting to reverse crumble. She cautiously took a step forward. "LUCY!" Lucy looked down. She looked back up and Mike. She broke out into a run. She looked at her legs in disbelief. They carried her to the grass field. She stopped standing in front of Mike. Mike rose. The other girls glared calling Lucy harsh names. Mike hugged Lucy. The other girls drew knives Lucy looked into Mike's eyes. Mike saw the girls fear in his eyes. He saw the gray barrier again. The girls flew back. Mike saw Lucy's dress was pink once more. Mike felt aroused, but he glanced down seeing that he wasn't. I am mentally aroused? He thought. "No"

"No? What Michael?" Lucy's voice clearly showed fear.

"I figured it out." He said smiling.

"Figured out what?"

"Why I have this feeling."


"Because… I feel and I am physically aroused by other girls here. But with you I feel it but I am not physically."

"So I am ugly!" Lucy cried tears streaming down her face.

"No! I lust for them for their bodies…" Mike said embarrassed.

"Then what about me?" Lucy asked abandonment in her eyes.

"I guess I lust for you… your personality, you as whole."


"No! I don't lust for you. I get it now!" Mike said smiling satisfied.

"What then?" Lucy asked sheepishly.

"I want you. I want you… I want you more than lust wants pleasure." He said pulling her close. "I want to be with you… I want you… to want to be with me…"


"I am glad to hear you're calling me Mike again." He smiled, but Lucy's face was confused. "Lucy?"

"Mike, wake up!"

Alternate Ending One:

Lucy was lying on her bed. She was wearing only a robe, but she let it be wide open. She looked over at her clock. Mike should be home by now. Mike had left early this morning to fly back to Roseville. She heard a knock at the door. "Are you decent?" she heard her brother's voice.

"Leave me be I am masturbating" She shouted. She started giggling.

"That's gross!" she heard. She started laughing. She couldn't believe he actually believe her. She sat up and tied her robe. She walked over and opened the door. She rolled her eyes seeing her brother covering his eyes.

"I was joking moron" She said slightly annoyed.

"The maid brought me this" Jordan said holding up a pair of swimming trunks. He tossed it to her. She almost didn't catch it; she looked back up to Jordan, but he walked out of sight. She held the trunks Mike had worn while he was here. She closed the door behind her. She leaned against the door holding the trunks at breast level hugging them. She looked down at them. Her ears drooped. She could hear voices in her heard telling her she was a creep, disgusting, a weirdo. She knew people would think it was creepy and disgusting to keep trunks some boy wore, but they were special to her. She was glad she wasn't wearing anything but her robe. She didn't mind her body fluids slowly running down her legs. She didn't masturbate. Masturbating was weird to her. She untied her robe since she was starting to feel hot. She squeezed the trunks hugging them and holding them dear.

The group still exchanged glances wondering what to say. They were sitting at a large table in the food court of the mall. Mike had gotten back yesterday. He it was obvious he was feeling down since he just looked down at the table. He had told everyone he went to see Lucy and that she was the famous singer. They wanted to ask what happened since he was still feeling down, but none of them felt comfortable asking. After minutes of silence Abbey broke the haunting silence by asking him how was his trip. Mike looked staring at Abbey. His eyes were red. His lips shook as he tried to speak. He let his head fall back down. He couldn't enough summon the strength to even speak.

Lucy grumbled as she tried to tie her towel so it wouldn't fall down. She had finally gotten it and walked out the bathroom. It had been three days since Mike went home. She walked over to hear phone seeing she had a message on her voice mail. She put her phone to her ear to listen. She dropped the phone. She didn't what she heard. She looked over at her dresser where the trunks laid on top. She clenched her stomach. She felt as though she was going to throw up. She had never heard Mike's mother speak such vile words in such a nasty tone. She thought for a moment. She deleted the message Mike's mother left her. She scratched her wrist with her claws not enough to draw blood since pulled back due to the pain. She tried again. Her head started hurting. She jumped up running towards the dresser. Her towel slipped off and she ended up tripping over it. She smacked her head into the dresser as if she had head-butted it. The trunks fell on top of her. She shook her head and grabbed the trunks. She stared at them. She could feel an arousing sensation. She threw the trunks across the room. She curled up hugging her legs. She looked down between them to confirm she feared. She started shaking. She knew she didn't love Mike anymore after the damage he had done. She acted friendly and treated him civilly, but she saw him as friend. She just invited him out of pity and started to rebuild their friendship. Now it had come back to bite her not in the ass, but in front. Her hormones were screaming at her. The trunks made her "happy" because they still smelled of Mike, the smell of a hormonal teenage boy. Lucy grabbed her robe tied it quick and grabbed the trunks running out of her room. She ran outside throwing the trunks in the trash. She walked back inside. She started to develop a thought as she walked back in. Was Mike no different than her? In the end did he just want some girl to love him? Perhaps that's why he put up with Sandy's long distance. Lucy shook her head. He wanted Sandy, but she is gone. Now Mike was in desperate need of another girl to fill the hole she left. Lucy picked up her cell phone. She dialed Mike's house. She smiled as the answering machine was about to turn on. She still had a small flame of hatred for Mike still burning. It was nearly burn out. Now it raged once more. She tried her best to keep her voice normal as she left her message. After she finished she hung up. All she had wanted was Mike's happiness and he drove her to depression and misery in return. She felt kind of bad. She looked at her phone perhaps she went overboard. She threw her phone across the room. She smacked both hands on the desk. She tried not to cry. Mike did break her free from the ball and chain of dependence. She ran slamming the door open she threw up the toilet seat and threw up. She threw up again. She looked at her vomit. She got to her feet. She put the seat and lid down. She wiped her face. She was going to piss on her vomit later. She had not reason to feel bad. Mike got what he disserved.

Alternate Ending Two:

Lucy was lying on her bed. She was wearing only a robe, but she let it be wide open. She looked over at her clock. Mike should be home by now. Mike had left early this morning to fly back to Roseville. She heard a knock at the door. "Are you decent?" she heard her brother's voice.

"No, what do you want?" Lucy asked.

"The maid gave me these swimming trunks, and there are not mine!"

"There probably the pair Mike used." Lucy said.

"Eww!" Jordan said dropping the trunks. "I am not touching those again!" he said as he left. Lucy rolled her eyes and got up opened her door grabbing the trunks.

"What a big baby." Lucy frowned. She put on the trunks. They fell down. She pulled them back up this time tying them. She walked into the bathroom. She hung up her robe and got a better look at the trunks on her. She giggled spinning around. "That's gross" she heard Abbey's voice. She turned around seeing she was alone. "Ewww!" she heard Daisy also screak. She turned around. "You're disgusting" She grabbed her ears this time hearing Paulo. "What's wrong with you?" She started shaking hearing Sue's voice. She tried pulling them off only to fail since she tied the strings. She shook her head. She started laughing. She walked out the bathroom and sat on her bed. She let her legs hang over the edge. She looked down at the trunks. She saw a small puddle. She saw a drop land on the puddle. She wiped her eyes, but it was useless as she saw another land on the puddle.

The group still exchanged glances wondering what to say. They were sitting at a large table in the food court of the mall. Mike had gotten back yesterday. He it was obvious he was feeling down since he just looked down at the table. He had told everyone he went to see Lucy and that she was the famous singer. They wanted to ask what happened since he was still feeling down, but none of them felt comfortable asking. After minutes of silence Abbey broke the haunting silence by asking him how was his trip. Mike looked staring at Abbey. His eyes were slightly dull. He smiled emotionless and asked "How would you feel to be rejected and abandoned TWICE?" The group exchanged nervous glances. None of them knew how to respond to that.

"That is so dam gross!" Jordan stated as he ate his breakfast.

"What? They were cleaned!" Lucy said frowning. She was wearing a bikini top and the trunks.

"So, that is gross! I wouldn't wear the swimsuit of some hot girl!" Jordan shouted. Lucy couldn't help but laugh. "What is so funny?!"

"Who said I thought Mike was 'hot'?" Lucy asked trying not laugh so hard. "I didn't know you thought Mike was hot Jordan. That explains why your girlfriend dumped you."

"I do not think guys are hot! Besides she dumped because I played too much basketball."

"I know, she flashed you one time to get your attention and everyone but you looked." Lucy laughed.

"Lucy, there is a message on the answer machine for you!" they heard their mother call out. Lucy ran over and played the message, but her mother stopped her. "Jordan let's go outside and get sun." She said making it obvious she didn't want Jordan or herself to hear the message. Once Lucy saw them leave she played the message.

"Hey, Lucy it's Mike. I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to spend time with you and for cheering me. Also I went to Tess with the rest of the gang; she has this huge pool in her backyard. More importantly I met this really nice girl. She reminds me a lot of you in the past… I guess there isn't a nice way of putting this but… like you in the past, but nice. I mean she is open that she is very dependent, but I didn't want to call to tell you about the details—"

"Message deleted"

"Well Mike I am glad you found happiness." Lucy smiled weakly as tears fell to the floor. "Once again without me."