"Then leave…"

"What..?" Mike asked.

"Just go!" Lucy said turning around and walking away.

"Wait Lucy, I am—"

"No, you have done enough" Lucy said not stopping.

"No Lucy! I want to make it up to you! I am really sorry!" Mike started chasing after her. Lucy turned around her face an inch from Mike's. She stared into his eyes. Her eyes were full of fury and hate.

"Then return the favor!" Lucy growled. Security grabbed Sandy by the arms.

"Shall we throw them out?" one of them asked.

"No, they were just about to leave" Lucy said turning around walking away. Mike wanted to throw up. She loved him, and now she hated him. He watched her leave his sight as tears fell from this eyes. She was happy… A security member walked up to show him the way out. He ran to the nearest trash can and threw up. He looked at his vomit and threw up again. He stared at his vomit. He cried. The vomit reflected what he really was in the inside, disgusting. Sandy handed him a napkin. He wiped his face as he walked next to Sandy as they left. Once they arrived back at Sandy's Mike went straight to bed. He wanted this nightmare to be over. Mike tossed and turned in his sleep. Sandy sighed. She looked at him. She didn't know what she was going to do. She decided to tell him once he was home.

Mike threw his bag on this bed. He was back at home. He sat down on this bed next to his bag burying his face in his hands. Sandy dialed Mike's number. She knew it was bad time to give him the news, but she had to tell him. Mike's phone rang. He didn't care. There wasn't a single person he wanted to talk to. His mother knocked on the door telling him the phone was for him. As he reached for the phone, he hoped it was Lucy. "Maishul?" Sandy spoke.

"Hi Sandy" Mike said sounding sad.

"Maishul, I have some news."

"What" Mike said, he seemed disinterested.

"I am moving to Europe for my modeling career." Sandy said nervous and worried.

"So?" Mike asked not really caring.

"Maishul, I am moving there and not coming back…"

"Oh…" Mike said.

"I have… Maishul I don't want to do this."

"Do what?"

"Maishul, I am dumping you…"

"What? Why?"

"Maishul, we will never see each other. I want you to have someone there who can comfort you and love you all the time. You deserve Maishul."



"I don't deserve anything!" Mike yelled tears streamed down his face.

"Maishul! I am not doing this because I don't love you, but this isn't going to work. Not with me in a whole other country! Maishul, I really hope… good bye Maishul." Sandy said and she hung up. She felt awful, but she knew in the long run it was for the best.

Months pasted. The group was getting worried. Mike looked like shit. He spent most of his day in his room. Sandy was worried about Mike. She called his mom from time to time to see how he was doing. Sandy went for a walk through the streets of London. She had to help him. She saw something that might help. Lucy was touring in Europe; her concert in London was in two months. Sandy had to talk to Lucy; she didn't know if it would work, but she had to give it a try.

In Lucy's home, Lucy was sitting at the living room table. She was dressed in her underwear and a robe. Her robe was open, exposing her underwear. Her left hand was on her face; her right hand was on the pile of letters on the table. She was growing sick of all the fucken love letters from her male fans. They were all opened. They were opened and filtered before they were sent to Lucy. Especially after she opened one and it had an inappropriate picture. So many had pictures of boys shirtless and flexing their muscles. Lucy just tossed them aside. She loved reading her letters from her fans, if they weren't love letters! She got hate mail, but they were just shredded by the 'filter'. She went through her pile until she reached a letter from Sandy. Lucy sighed as she pulled it out of the envelope. She read it.

Dear Lucy,

I am worried about Michael. He didn't take your words very nicely. Rather he took them harshly. I had to break up with him since I moved to Europe. His mother says he going pretty bad and his friends are worried about him. He spends all of his day in his room. I don't want to sound … well I can imagine how you reacted when you first saw him that you may have spent most of your time in your room. I ask you to please talk to him. I hate knowing he is suffering. I know what he did you was very mean and uncalled for, but now he suffering. He didn't even seem upset when I broke up with him. I understand if you are upset with him, but what happened to you wasn't fair. And what is happening to him isn't fair. You know what it is like to be hurt. Please talk to him. No one deserves to suffer like that. You deserve it less than he does. Please, his mother is worried he may try to hurt himself or worse. I am begging you!


Lucy set down the letter. She knew what it was like. She knew how miserable it is, but she got out of it. She didn't need Mike to tell her he was wrong, because he wasn't. And neither was she. She picked the letter back up. She just stared at it. She sighed. She stood up and walked over pick up her cell phone. She just stared at it. She knew it would be bad to call him; they would just fight. She needed to get away from him and she did. She grabbed her cellphone and went into her room. She closed her door behind her. She felt adrenaline surge through her. She began to sweat, she started to grow aroused. She jumped on her bed sitting so her legs daggled over the edge. She dialed Mike's number. The phone rang. She grew sweater and sweater. She more and more aroused. There was an answer.

"Hello, Scotts' residence." Haley's voice boomed.

"May I speak with Mrs. Scott?" Lucy asked nervously. Lucy heard movement and then a shout.

"Mom! Phone!"

"Yes, this is Mrs. Scott."

"Hello" Lucy gulped. "This is…" Lucy took a deep breath. "This is Lucy"

"Oh Lucy, the Lucy who up and left?"


"The Lucy that hurt my son?"


"The Lucy that—"

"Mrs. Scott, I need to talk to Mike."

"Oh do you now?"

"How long has he been like this?"

"Like what?"


"… So you did that!"

"I understand… I am sorry I called." Lucy said hanging up. She set her cellphone down to her right. She stared at her feet. She closed her eyes and sighed. She knew calling was a bad idea.

"That rude little bitch had the guts to call." Mrs. Scott said disgusted. She put the phone back the charger. She walked back upstairs to check on her son. "Honey, I am—"

"Who was that" Mike said not moving from his face buried in the pillow.

"No one important. Just some rude—"

"Was it Lucy?" Mike lifted his head. Mrs. Scott was surprised by this. "Was it mom?"


"Did she want to yell at me? I am horrible person!" Mike buried his face back. Mrs. Scott left the room. For the first time in months, he didn't act in anger when someone tried to help. She went downstairs.

Lucy stood up. She decided she should do something to get her mind off of driving Mike into depression. She turned on her Xbox 360. She sat down put her headset on and loaded Halo.

Mike walked downstairs. His mother was shocked to see him out of the bed. He snatched the phone and went back upstairs. His mother sighed. She was worried. Mike slammed his door laid on his bed and look through caller id to find the last number that called them. He found it and dialed it.

Lucy's cell phone rang, but Lucy couldn't hear it over her headset. Her team won the round. It was a little sweating she stood up to take off her robe. She pulled off her headset and heard her phone. She ran to it grabbed it tripping landing on the floor. She hit answer just in time.

"Hello?" She said.

"You called earlier."

"Mike?!" Lucy couldn't believe her ears.

"Yeah it's me… why did you call earlier?"

"I heard you were… depressed"

"By who?"

"Sandy told me" Lucy answered. "Hello? Mike?" She looked at her phone he hung up. She threw her phone on her bed. She wanted to help instead she made matters worse. Lucy dropped her robe threw her underwear in the dirty clothes bin, and walked naked into the bathroom turned on the water and walked into the shower. She punched the wall. "Fuck you too Mike! You gutless fuck!"