Later that night, Jess was sitting on the roof of the Stillinski house with Derek. "I still have to go away after school ends." She told him. "I know." Derek said. "There's nothing left for you here." Jess looked up at him and shook her head. "I know you're here, but I have to move on Derek."

"I get it Jess…I do." He kissed her forehead. "And I know you want to forget, but every now and then could you try to remember us?" he asked her. Jess looked at him. "I could never forget you Derek, no matter how hard I tried I will always remember you."

Jess smiled and wrapped her arms around him, happy to feel his arms wrap tightly around her. She pulled away and pressed her lips to his for a few seconds before pulling back. "I have to get used to not being with you." She whispered sadly. "Bye Jessica." He said. The pair got up and Derek jumped from the roof into the grass and looked up at her. She smiled weakly at him and he smiled back before taking off into the woods.

After he was gone Jess let the few tears fall. "I love you Derek Hale." She whispered quiet enough for him not to hear but glad she finally said it out loud.