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First Infection

"In space, no one can hear you scream. That's a popular saying among your people, right? Well, when your kind first stepped on the Citadel, there were screams that were heard across the galaxy by billions of people. Quite an accomplishment, even the krogans haven't been able to pull that off." ~ Aria T'Loak

The Citadel, a massive space station that's more akin to a city, resides in the Serpent Nebula. Similar in shape to a pentagram, it has an inner ring seven kilometers in diameter, with five arms protruding from it, all of them forty-three kilometers long. The inner ring, also known as the Presidium, contains the offices of the various branches of the galactic government, along with the embassies of the various races that make up this government. The five arms are the Wards, these are the residential and commercial areas of the Citadel.

Many, who consider themselves to have a poetic tongue, have liken the Citadel to a massive hand: snatching various races from their homes, and clutching them together in its palm, where they learn to live peacefully, side-by-side.

But, in the Citadel Tower, located in the center of the Presidium, there were three individuals who were discussing the requirements and merits of grabbing another race to the Citadel's collection.

Citadel Tower, Council's Private Discussion Chamber, Council Era 2157

The Council's Private Discussion Chamber is located near the main chamber, where the Council convenes. It is in the Private Discussion Chamber that the three Councilors meet to discuss matters of galactic importance, and to prepare for hearings in the Council Chambers. Some movies that have used this setting have shown it to be an eerie dark room, where the Councilors surround a glowing hologram of the movie's subject.

These movies usually got bad ratings.

In actuality, the room was very well-lit and is more similar to an office company's board meeting, although a tad bit more leisurely and hi-tech. For example, placed around the room are various plants and flowers from each of the Councilor's home planet. One of the walls was also covered by a holographic screen, which on the default setting has it cover the entire wall, but if a Councilor desires it so, it can also be separated into a dozen screens. In the center of this room was a large circular table, with three computers attached to it and a holographic projector in the middle of it. Separated equally apart around the diameter of the table are three chairs. These three chairs are made of the finest materials and fabrics in the galaxy, so as to provide comfort and support to those who have to make the largest decisions.

No one was sitting in the chairs.

Tevos, the asari Councilor that represented the Asari Republics, leaned forward on the table, next to her chair, and stared at a holographic display of a sports stadium. After a moment she glances at her colleagues. Lavern, the salarian Councilor, was staring at a wall composed of a dozen vids, each showing a different news program, each discussing about an upcoming event at a sports stadium. Tusparas, the turian councilor, was standing near a window with a view of space, concentrating deeply on the data streaming from his Omni-tool.

Tevos took a deep sigh.

"This is barbaric," she said, her voice cool and neutral.

No visible reaction from Lavern, but Tusparas looked her way. His pale, white-plated skin accentuates his old age, he'll be retiring soon, Tevos was sure.

"This was the agreement that was made," he replied, his voice just as neutral as hers, "besides, we've had to sign execution orders in the past."

"But a public execution?" she said, slightly more agitated, "My people stopped doing that before we even left Thessia."

"Well," Tusparas started as he walks to stand by his chair, his tone slightly sarcastic, "if the thought troubles you so much, the asari and salarians could, instead, support the Turian Hierarchy in waging war against this species."

"No," snapped Lavern, as he too walked over to stand by his chair, his light brown hued skin showing his young age.

"The Salarian Union will not be involved in a war with a species that we know nothing about. We didn't have a choice with the rachni, but this time we have a chance to avoid war," he gestured toward the holographic stadium, "and this public execution is a perfect way around that war."

"No matter how grisly," Tevos muttered, before turning toward Tusparas, "I would think that you would be the most dissatisfied about this, after all it is a turian general that they are executing."

"You expect me to cry over losing a criminal?" he activated his Omni-tool and sent the data he was reading to Tevos and Lavern.

"Desolas Arterius," Lavern read from his own Omni-tool.

"The one that gave the order to attack this new race," Tevos said, her eye's never leaving the information in front of her.

"And the one that lied to his troops about their deployment operations, dumped them on a planet to fight a conflict he made, and abandoned them at the first sign of trouble," Tusparas strained to keep his voice neutral, "He is also under suspicion of illegal activities, as his ship's databanks were wiped clean when we found him, not to mention the complete absence of the ship's crew."

"Which is, of course, one of the reasons why we know nothing about this new species," Lavern added.

"Honestly," said Tusparas, "after reading this investigation report, I'm glad they demanded a public execution. It will be a good cautionary tale for young turians to learn."

"It says here, that all attempts to gain information from Desolas has resulted in failure," Lavern said, "even asari C-Sec operatives who have mind-melded with him have not been able to gleam anything."

"That, is called turian discipline," the turian Councilor replied with a hint of pride, "the asari would have a tough time punching through that."

"Maybe not…"

The turian Councilor and the salarian Councilor both turned to see Tevos no longer looking at the data, but instead pushing commands on her Omni-tool.

"I assume that you have an idea," Tusparas said.

"If the asari operatives cannot get through that turian's mental barriers," Tevos replied, as she looked up from her Omni-tool with the edges of her mouth slightly curving upwards, "then perhaps I should call an old friend who can."

Ward level, Kowla stadium

She is called by many names, by a great number of people. Names like Great-Beauty and the Stunning Flower come to her mind. Some even call her lover, but a few (more than she would like to admit) have taken upon themselves to call her a whore. All of these people though, would never be able to guess at another name that she used to go by. A name that was only spoken by a very few high-ranking government officials and commando agents, a name that she took great pains to never hear in common occurrence again: the Scalpel.

Personally, she just likes to be called the Consort now.

Sha'ira looked about the stadium that she's standing in the middle of and lists off the reasons why this particular stadium was chosen for the diplomatic meeting between the Citadel Council and this new race. Mostly it's because it fit three out of four of the very specific requirements that the new race demanded.

First, the stadium is large enough for a very small cargo ship to land in.

Second, the owner of Kowla stadium is one of the few who didn't mind having his stadium used for a public execution. Of course, that's not surprising considering the fact that the owner is a Krogan and the stadium is used for the Krogan sport: kowla (Sha'ira pondered why the owner uncreatively named the stadium after the sport, but she had heard rumors that the stadium had gone through several name changes because residents had complained about the Krogan's choice for less than savory titles, until finally settling on the current name).

Third, the stadium is very well sealed. Two steal doors that the teams use to enter can be closed very tightly. Concrete walls that measure a height of four feet and metal fences on top of those walls to stop from anything from getting to the audience. Sha'ira does not know what the kowla sport entails, but considering the fact that the stadium had to be cleaned for hours to get rid of the bloodstains and at the end of the day there were still some remaining (they had to spray-paint over those), she was glad for it.

The fourth requirement was not originally apart of the stadium, but had to be built after the stadium was leased from the owner. And as Sha'ira stared at it, she conferred to herself that it was the oddest requirement out of all of them. In front of Sha'ira was a suspended platform that was suspended six meters above the floor by metal support beams. At the top of the platform were railings for which to lean on.

For a public execution, this species had an unusual way of going about it. But these requirements were not too demanding, so the Council conceded to the terms.

Sha'ira turns to the creaking sound of a door opening to see seven turians marching toward her. The one in the middle is handcuffed, while the other six, the guards most likely, are circled around him carrying assault weapons. When they reached her, she noticed that they wore helmets and were completely covered in blue armor. One of the guards stepped forward and saluted her.

"Prisoner Desolas Arterius as requested, ma'am," the guard said orderly.

Sha'ira nodded and turned to look at the ex-general to see him staring at her. For a brief moment they held each other's gaze, until Desolas looked down, away from her gaze, in fear.

"A common response to my methods," she thought to herself.

Yesterday, she was messaged by her old friend, Tevos, to crack the mind of a stubborn turian. Initially, she had refused the request, replying that that part of her life had ended, but Tevos had stated that the information was important and explained the situation to her. The deaths of thousands of turians and who knows how many aliens, a fleet supposedly decimated, one suspicious survivor, a new species that only the survivor knows about, and the threat of war that looms over the entire predicament. How could she say no to the request?

So, Sha'ira had found herself in an interrogation room, somewhere in C-Sec Headquarters, with the turian general. Five hours later, she called off the interrogation as a success, but only partially. She was able to gleam some information about the new species before the turian was able to resist her methods, but it was not as much as the Council had hoped. She was only able to learn of a few words that the turian's mind associated with the species.




These words were practically meaningless and unhelpful to the situation as Desolas's opinion of the species could have warped the meaning of the words. But, all was not lost, as Sha'ira was able to recover a flicker of a memory from his mind. The memory started with Desolas in his ship's communication center, and ended with one of the crew's communicators saying that their troops were getting slaughtered in close-quarters.

When the Council was relayed this information, they were not entirely thrilled with the news. Besides, the small amount of information that was gained, they were quite disconcerted that turians, a well-disciplined race with plated skin and claws, were being defeated at combat. Needless to say, everyone was hoping that they didn't stumble upon a race similar to the krogans or rachni.

Now, she stands in the middle of the stadium to wait for the new race that will be arriving at the Citadel in just a few hours. She had volunteered herself to be the one to formally greet the race on behalf of the Citadel government. The Council allowed this, hoping that her calming presence and skill with words will prevent any misfortune befalling the delegations.

"Looks like the audience has started to arrive," one of the turian guards stated.

Sha'ira looked up to see people filing into the rows of seats that lined the stadium. Individuals of various races dressed into fine clothes that represent their position. These people were privileged politicians and delegates of powerful businessmen; all know how to be on their best behavior to prevent any incident, yet none are high-ranking enough to be considered indispensable if an incident does occur.

Suddenly, a floating camera shimmied its way into view in front of her. Keeping her composure, she gives the camera a small smile and a nod before it floats back to its owner, where other people with cameras are standing at.

Ah, yes, and journalists, can't forget the journalists.

'If the audience is here,' thought Sha'ira, as she looked up toward space, toward the edge of the Citadel and beyond, 'then the visiting team should be arriving soon.'

Serpent Nebula

Mass relays were truly marvels of the galaxy.

Similar in appearance to tuning forks, these giant constructs kilometers long are essential to the establishment of galactic society. Acting as galactic highways, the mass relays allow spaceships to travel instantaneously from one end of the galaxy to another.

Near the base of the relay was a massive, blue-glowing core that was surrounded by a set of revolving, gyroscopic rings.

And the rings started to spin faster…

And faster…

And faster…

Until finally with a flash of blue light a large object appeared and the rings slowed down to their usual speed.

The object that had appeared though, increased its speed and headed toward the Citadel.

On board the Destiny Ascension, flagship of the Citadel Fleet

"Matriarch Lidanya."

The commander of the Destiny Ascension looked up from her reports to see one of her navigators standing at attention. She set down the holo-tablet on her desk and gestured for the navigator to speak.

"They are here, ma'am," said the navigator stoutly, "The new species have arrived in their ship."

Lidanya took a deep sigh and stood up from her desk.

"Alright, relay them the coordinates of the stadium and I will send a message to the Council and our ambassador of their arrival."

"Yes, ma'am," replied the navigator.


As the navigator left her quarters, Lidanya pressed a few keys on her computer console and an image of the aliens' ship appeared on-screen. The computer classified the ship as a cruiser, so its size was comparable to that of the turian ships that made up the Citadel Fleet. Though it lacked the bird-like structure the turian ships have, it instead had a forward three-pronged design.

As Lidanya looked at the starship, she realized that she was probably one of the very first to see the new species' ship. Even the peace delegates that were sent after the incident couldn't get close enough, because of Desolas.

It started about two standard weeks ago when the salarian's Special Task Group discovered that one of the listed mass relays was activated and had been active for nearly half a galactic month. This was cause for alarm as documented mass relays were monitored heavily and the Citadel should have been informed immediately. Fearing the possible implications, a small military fleet was formed to use the mass relay and search the neighboring systems that it led to for any potential threats. But before the fleet was about to begin its journey, the mass relay powered up to reveal a single and badly damaged turian cruiser.

Boarding teams discovered that the entire crew was missing and that the ship's databanks had been entirely erased. When they discovered General Desolas, he was in the bridge, pointing a pistol at his head. A team spent nearly an hour trying to convince Desolas to put down the pistol, without getting a response from him, before one team member just grabbed the pistol out of his grip.

Apparently, Desolas could not shoot himself.

By a stroke of luck, one of the teams had discovered a hidden camera in one of the sparring rooms. It was a soldier's personal camera and it still had footage, unlike the cruiser's security recordings that were all deleted. According to the footage, a turian soldier had suspicions that a couple of his teammates were disabling the security cameras to have sex on the sparring pad (they were).

When the team looked through the footage they found that most of the crew had died of asphyxiation when oxygen was sucked out of the ship into space. The rest of the crew that survived by wearing suits filled with oxygen were told over the intercom by Desolas to stay where they were. He then went to every room and gunned down any survivors.

Forensics teams later discovered that Desolas jettisoned the bodies.

While the rest of the fleet was investigating Desolas's cruiser, a small salarian scout ship went through the mass relay and then traveled to the nearest star system to investigate turian distress signals.

Half-way through the journey the distress signals ceased broadcasting.

When the scout ship reached the outer edge of the star system, their long-range scanners revealed a planet with turian ship debris in its orbit along with unknown alien ships. The scout ship immediately left for the mass relay to inform the Council that Desolas had invaded an alien planet. The Council then recalled the small fleet from exploring the space beyond the mass relay, as the aliens might see it as an act of aggression, and sent out a single asari ship to broker a peace agreement with the aliens.

However, when the asari ship was noticed on the aliens' radar scans, the aliens signaled the unidentified ship to precede no further or they will be fired upon. The asari ship complied, breaking velocity before they could get into visual range of the alien's ship. That was when the peace delegates on the asari ship started conversing with the aliens who communicated by using the turian language that they had recently procured.

Unfortunately, the aliens said that they were not open to peace talks until Desolas was in their hands, paying for his crimes. The delegates responded by saying that they could not do that because Desolas, traitorous or not, was a general and had too much knowledge of classified information to be handed over to foreign hands. Eventually, the debate was satisfied on both sides with the Council delegates keeping Desolas and his secrets in Citadel territory, and getting the aliens to eventually open up for peace talks, while the aliens got to kill Desolas on their own terms.

Lidanya activated her Omni-tool to inform the Council of the aliens' arrival.

Kowla stadium

The audience was quiet. An hour ago they were talking nonstop, discussing politics, business, and rumors. Now, there was nary a peep coming from them as they waited with baited breath. Everyone's head was pointed skyward, their eyes centered on the object of their silence.

A small starship slowly descending toward the open stadium.

As the ship got closer Sha'ira couldn't help but notice the unusually simple design of it. The ship has a rectangular cubic body, with a cockpit located on the top-front portion, and a set of wings placed on the sides. It honestly looked like a flying brick with wings.

"Do not underestimate them, Sha'ira. Remember, they decimated an entire turian fleet," she thought.

The ship's engine's dulled noiselessly as it landed.

"This is it, we finally get to see the mysterious new species that bested the turians,"

At the front of the ship, large cargo-bay doors started to open and a ramp extended toward the ground.

Sha'ira stood straighter.

As the doors opened wide it was revealed that the interior of the ship was strangely obscured in darkness.

The audience shifted anxiously in their seats.

Footsteps were heard within the ship, until finally a lone silhouette was revealed in the open.

"By the Goddess," thought Sha'ira.

The individual was similar in body structure of that of a batarian in that they both have similar legs, arms, and a torso, but that was where the similarities ended. The being's body had a number of differences, and as it walked toward her they only became more apparent.

The most striking feature of its body were the various tentacles. Though most seemed to be located on its back, they protruded from its body at the most random of places with no sense of symmetry. Another striking feature was the smoke. For some unknown reason, a green cloud of smoke seemed to follow it as it walked toward her.

It stopped just a few feet from her and she took a closer note of its appearance. It had a small patch of fur on top of its head. Its face was actually more similar to an asari's than a batarian's, although a bit more rugged in appearance, plus it had these tumor-like bumps on its face. She also noticed that it was about half-a-head taller than her. Taking an unnoticeable whiff she discovered that the alien smelled like burnt wood. And the eyes were completely white.

"Alright Sha'ira enough analyzing, time to do your part," Sha'ira took a short bow toward the alien.

"I am Sha'ira and on behalf of the Council, I welcome you to the Citadel."

For a moment the alien didn't do anything but stare at her.

Then it gave her a short bow too.

"Greetings, my name is Joseph Alan and I am grateful to be welcomed here," the alien's voice was rough, and she suspected that it was male.

Sha'ira smiled, the situation was hopeful.

"And I must say: if the aliens that invaded our planet were as half as beautiful as you, we would have been much more welcoming to our alien overlords," he said with a smile.

A joke.

She couldn't help it, she laughed and the tension that was plaguing everyone lifted.

"Yes, well, the turians are beautiful in their own way, as I am sure that your species has a beauty all its own," she managed through chuckles.

"Mmm, maybe, but let's not forget why we are here," he said as he gestured with his hand toward Desolas, still cuffed and guarded.

"Right, the execution. I had almost forgotten about it," she thought.

"Once we're done with this nasty sort of retribution, I can call out my people's ambassador from my ship and we can start up the negotiations," he continued.

"Yes, the agreement did state that the execution is to go before any negotiations. Your leaders were very concise about the order," she said.

He nodded.

"Are you his executioner then?" she gestured toward Desolas.

He paused at that statement before he replied.

"…You could say that. But I'm really just the one that will be …well, metaphorically speaking: holding him down," he shrugged, "speaking of which, you and those guards should probably leave to a safer area while I start the execution."

Before Sha'ira could say anything, Joseph turned and waved a 'come hither' motion at his ship.

Out of the ship came three more individuals, but they were very different from Joseph.

Like Joseph they had a similar body structure, but they lacked the tentacles and green smoke. One was large, but not the muscular kind of large, the bloated kind of large. Wearing a large black formal robe, the clothing covered much of its, presumably male, body, but its hands and face were visible. His face was large and, like Joseph, had a few warts around it. His hands, unlike Joseph, ended a bit sharper. The other two individuals were similar to each other. They were both wearing hooded clothing that kept the uppermost portion of their faces hidden, both were carrying weapons in their hands (shotguns, Sha'ira noted), and both of their hands were tipped with very sharp, curved claws. Sha'ira did note a distinct difference between the two. The one on the left had a body more similar to that of an asari's: wider hips, a thinner waist, and a protruding chest which she could only guess were the breasts. If common sexual dimorphism were anything to go by, then this individual would be the female of the species, which means that Sha'ira correctly guessed that the others were males.

"Well, that is good," Sha'ira thought, "but why is it that they do not have the tentacles or the smoke like Joseph does? And why is the other one so large? Are they different species?"

If Desolas attacked a multi-species government, then the Citadel is in a tougher situation than the one the Council had thought it was in. It would no longer be about if this upstart race can peacefully join the Citadel government, but instead if the two governments can coexist.

"Sha'ira," said Joseph, breaking her out of her reverie as she focused on him, "would you please leave with your guards toward a safer area. The execution is about to start and it can get pretty dangerous for those not involved." With that said he walked past her and went straight for the suspended platform. And to the amazement of Sha'ira, he climbed up the platform so fast and so flawlessly, that he reached its height in less than five seconds.

Sha'ira turned toward the turian guards, and focused on the leader. "Sergeant, I believe it is time we left Desolas to his fate."

The sergeant nodded and with a wave of his claw, he and his team left Desolas and opened a gate that led to the audience. Sha'ira joined them and closed the gate behind her. With the guards gone, Desolas was now being guarded by the hooded aliens, each pointing their shotgun at him.

Sha'ira found herself sitting next to the journalists and informed them that the execution was about to start and that it was okay to send out their camera drones. She then used her Omni-tool to activate the various holo-screens that dotted around the stadium. Each screen showed a different point of interest.

It was the screen that focused on Joseph that shocked her the most.

The screen showed him with his hands on the railing and his jaw hanging open. Then a tongue-like appendage slowly slithered out of his mouth, until the tip was just hanging above his waist.

He leaned over the railing, his white eyes staring directly at Desolas.

Then the appendage shot out with a burst of speed, flying across meters of ground until it reached Desolas, where it then wrapped around him. With a cry of shock, Desolas fell on his back and was pulled back toward the suspend platform by Joseph, where he was then lifted a foot off the ground.

The journalist next to Sha'ira gasped in shock.

The large, bloated alien had his hand at his ear and seemed to be talking to someone. When he lowered his hand a loud clanging noise, not too dissimilar to the sound of metal cell doors sliding open, came from the inside of the ship. The large alien then walked to Desolas.

With the appendage wrapped securely around Desolas, he could, at best, only flail his legs around helplessly.

But Desolas didn't do that.

Instead he just kept giving the alien a fierce stare.

"Desolas Arterius," the alien said, voice low and guttural, "you have committed multiple war crimes, killed thousands of my people, and participated in treasonous activities against your own kind."

Desolas didn't say anything.

In the corner of her eye, Sha'ira noticed movement. She looked over toward the alien's ship and saw another alien standing on the ship's ramp. It was similar in appearance to the hooded aliens, except without the hood. Its movements were jagged and it had a glazed look over its face.

"Not only that," the alien continued, "but you abandoned your soldiers when they needed you the most. You left them to die fighting a pointless battle. For my people, that is one of the highest betrayals a person can commit."

Another alien stumbled out of the ship.

"My people have a saying: 'an eye for an eye.' You left your soldiers to face the horrors of my people's warfare, and such it is that you too will face the same horror."

Another alien and another.

"Your sentence: …is death by the Horde,"


Sha'ira tore her eyes away from the new aliens and centered them on Desolas at the mention of the word; the word that Desolas directly associates with the aliens.

The large alien stared at Desolas, "Do you have any last words?"

Desolas stared.

The alien stared back.

A camera drone shined its light on Desolas, focusing on his face.

Then Desolas spoke.

"You are all going to die."

For a moment the entire stadium was silent, no one making a sound at Desolas's words.

Then the large alien puked on him.

Desolas cried out in disgust as large quantities of greenish muck was sprayed all over him. Sha'ira held up her hand to her mouth in revulsion as the members of the audience made various noises that voiced their disgust.

They were all silenced by the screams.

They were loud screams. Nothing like the ones that an animal would make; no, an animal's scream would still have some kind of intelligence in it, some identity. These screams didn't have any of that; there was nothing behind those screams but pure rage.

Sha'ira turned toward the ship to find that it was the previously shambling aliens that were making that wretched cry of horror. Their faces no longer holding a glazed look, but one of fury. They turned and ran toward Desolas.

And so did the ones in the ship.

Like an ocean of flesh and bodies, they gushed out of the ship by the numbers. Dozens upon dozens of crazed aliens ran toward Desolas with complete ferocity.

They ran past the hooded duo who barely flinched as they passed.

They ran past the large one who stood back to watch.

They then reached the one with a fierce look on his face.

The audience and, by extension through the cameras, the rest of the galaxy sat and watched the horror.

They beat him, they scratched him, they took bites out of him, and they did everything they could to rip him to shreds. Some grabbed on to his legs and simply pulled. Joseph lengthened his appendage out of his mouth to give them more room.

Throughout all of this, Desolas screamed, but not out of fear or pain, but of rage.

Sha'ira found herself leaning forward against the chain-link fences, and as she looked around she found that she was not the only one, but her eyes did not stray away from the horrible spectacle for long as she soon found herself focused solely on the event before her.

Until her vision was obscured by mania filled eyes.

She, and many others near her, took a frightened step back as they saw one of the crazed creatures clinging to the fence in front of her. It was a female of her kind and she was wearing some kind of Kevlar vest and pants, but other than that she wore nothing. As she continued to thrash against the fence she started to climb up it. One of the turian guards started to pull out a pistol until one of the hooded individuals jumped up.

The hooded female leaped meters high to land up on the fence next to the crazed one. With her claws she grabbed the frantic one by the back of the vest and threw her toward the large alien who herded her toward the large group.

On the fence, the hooded girl looked back down at Sha'ira, who had a much better view of the hooded girl's face from that angle. Soft features like an asari's face, the patch of fur on top of her head long enough to reach the bottom of her neck, and the blackest eyes. Eyes so entirely black, like that of an asari's during a mind meld.

"Sorry about that," her voice the lightest out of all heard. After that is said, she jumps back down to join the rest.

After a while, Desolas's screams quieted, the crazed one's abuses slowed, and Joseph bit off the appendage letting it fall to the floor.

The large alien, with the help of the two hooded aliens, herded the crazed aliens, who were now strangely docile, into the ship, while Joseph jumped down the six meter suspended platform to check on Desolas's body, but stops when he sees what's left.

As the alien horde was herded into the ship, one final lone figure appeared on the ramp. Shrouded in a white translucent robe with the arm sleeves long enough to reach past the knees, the figure sashayed through the slow moving horde until it reached Joseph. They conversed for a while until Joseph extended his arm and pointed toward Sha'ira, where in then the figure started walking toward her.

The figure was another alien female, and Sha'ira noted that the robe's neckline extended down enough in a V shape to show ample cleavage. But what really drew her attention were the yellow eyes that glowed.

When the robed alien reached her, she gave a deep bow and with a formal tone said, "Greetings, my name is Anita Goyle. I am the ambassadorial representative of humanity."

"Finally, a name for this species," thought Sha'ira with relief, "I can only hope that the delegations will be much easier than the execution."

Anita put her hand on the fence, the sleeve falling down her arm to reveal the twelve-inch-long claws.

Author's note

Hoo, boy. That was gruesome.

Alright, so, a few things first:

One: the names of the turian councilor and salarian councilor are actually the names of the turian councilor and salarian councilor in the game, except that a few letters are jumbled about. The Mass Effect wiki didn't provide any info on previous councilors, so I just did my own thing.

Second: on the subject of how often I will update, I have this to say: on a bad day I can write maybe a 100 words, on a good day I can write from 600 to 1000 words in a day. But I will be writing constantly every day. The only problem is that when I have to eventually go back to college again, I'll probably have more 'bad' days.

Third: This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction, but this is not my first attempt at writing.

Fourth: Why Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect? Well… why not?

Fifth: For those who noticed that I didn't put any timeline in this chapter, you're probably wondering how an infected humanity recovered enough from a post-apocalyptic setting to achieve spaceflight in less than two centuries, even though clearly that they should be focusing on the reconstruction of their society, reorganization of collapsed governments, and generally restoring order from the chaos brought upon by a disease that makes the Bubonic Plague look like a cold. Well that's the mystery now, isn't it?

Sixth: please leave a review of what you think.

Seventh: anyone find puking hilarious?


"You are all going to die."

For a moment the entire stadium was silent, no one making a sound at Desolas's words.

Then the large alien puked on him.

Desolas cried out in disgust as large quantities of greenish muck was sprayed all over him. Sha'ira held up her hand to her mouth in revulsion as the members of the audience made various noises that voiced their disgust

Then Desolas threw up.

"Oh, Goddess!" Sha'ira yelled as she bent over and emptied her own stomach. She was then followed by the journalist next to her and various members of the audience.

Council's Private Discussion Chamber

In the chamber, the Council members saw the entire spectacle on their giant holo-screen.

Tevos had ran to the Council's Private Discussion Lavatory as fast as she could.

Lavern had his head in one of the potted plants.

Tusparas was simply bent over his chair.

"By the Spirits, we should have just handed them Desolas," Tusparas groaned out.

A Random Bar somewhere on the Citadel

Wrex was just sitting in a bar catching up with an old krogan friend, who now apparently owns some kind of stadium. As they watched the holo-vid, people around the room started vomiting.

"Ugh, cleaning that up is gonna be a kick in the quad," his friend said morosely.

Wrex didn't say anything, he just silently drank his alcohol to make the vomit he skillfully kept in his mouth go down easier.

The Migrant Fleet

Although the quarians are not a part of the Citadel anymore, they still kept tabs on large activities that happen in the galaxy. And an introduction of a new race is definitely something to watch. They are now regretting this decision.

"Oh Keelah, it's stuck in my helmet!"

Geth space

Geth platform A12256 observed Geth platform C22314 in as close as they can get to confusion.

Geth platform C22314 was tasked with observing the Citadel Council races by watching the Citadel News channel.

Geth platform C22314 was lying on the ground having a system overload.

Geth platform A12256 tuned into that channel.

Geth platform B49332 looked at Geth platform C22314 and Geth platform A12256 lying on the floor.

STG Base

Everywhere, salarian scientists and agents were leaning on the walls and lying over toilets, emptying their stomachs.

Except for one young scientist who kept staring at the screen with a finger under his chin.

"Fascinating," said Mordin.