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~ Say I Love You ~

~ First Love ~


Date: 1800's

Location: Heartfilia's Home

Background: In the country of Fiore lies a medium sized town home to the last two remaining members of the esteem Heartfilia family. This is where our story begins...


She could not remember a time where she had ever been able to hide from this man.

"For how much longer can I expect your... cold shoulder?"

The man speaking was welcomed with silence. His name was a foreign one, one that she's never quite heard of in her little town of Magnolia. Dan, Dan Straight. If she cared for the man enough she would have wondered where his name could have originated from, another town or maybe another country, but alas... she didn't.

"Better yet, for how much longer do I have to bear your cold shoulder?" the man named Dan corrected himself.

At a second glance you could easily tell that Dan Straight was not from Magnolia by his looks. Not looks as in the way he dresses, but by his looks, his physical appearance. Men his age living in the little town called Magnolia did share his built, a slim body but still muscular. You could say he was stronger than the average man, if only by a little. The thing that separated him from the rest of the residents though were his crimson locks and magenta eyes.

Crimson, a color that could be mistaken with red, but not quite. As for his eyes... you could say they were one in a million. When has anyone ever heard of magenta colored eyes before? Some people didn't even know what magenta looked like, let alone realized that it was a color and not same made up fancy word that meant something else entirely.

You could say that with his looks he could have any and every girl fancying him, but then again looks weren't everything. Returning to his question, the lady he was speaking to only turned her head slightly away from his gaze.

She tried to focus on something else in her room, the walls for instance. Her room consisted of three colors; lavender, pearl, and pale blue. To use the color cerulean or turquoise would be to dark, even though the names were much more attractive in the lady's mind. She could not lie to herself though, at least not about something as simple as the color of her walls which were pale blue.

The walls were pale blue, the furniture pearl, and her bedding lavender. Simple pastel colors and yet they defined her, or at least that's how she thought. The only thing rich in her room was the red velvet chair she was sitting in at the moment, her fingers tightening around the golden rests. One red chair in her dull colored room, one would think it wouldn't match and yet it did.

Dan, sitting in the antique pearl chair across from her that was made from some kind of wood or oak with spiral designs as the back rest, sighed drastically out loud. The lady flinched and lifted up her arms, moving them down towards her lap where her fingers intertwined with one another. All the while doing so Dan stared and watched, leaning forward in his seat.

"You're very lucky I'm a gentlemen Lulu but," he gave her a small pause, "even gentlemen have... needs." Dan groaned.

With no effort at all he lifted up his arm and extended his hand to reach out to the lady sitting only inches away from him. She felt a shiver when his fingers first made contact on the bare skin of her shoulder blade. He didn't remove his touch although she solemnly wished he would, oh no. Slowly, he lightly brushed her skin making circular patterns then trailed them up and down alongside her shoulder. Never past her wrists and never above her neck.

"Why do you wear such revealing clothing all the time? It's like you're asking for me to touch you." Dan told her.

If she had known Dan was going to seek her out today she wouldn't have worn this outfit. She didn't believe it was revealing when she had first requested it to her dressmaker. Out of all the gowns she owned this one had to be the most simplest, and the cheapest. The only material was silk, pure white silk. It was how the silk was used and designed that made her dress stand out.

First was her skirt, or skirts; it had been folded and sewed, tied around and maneuvered so it would ruffle out and give the resembles of a ribbon. There was two layers to it, the first being so long it trailed down to her heels, giving of the look of a dress, but from the front the silk curled up showing her knees. An opening of some sorts. The second was wrapped around the long skirt, a short one that stopped just above her knees to give the outfit some layers and originality. The second skirt, with the essence of a ribbon, flowed neatly around her waist leaving a bow just below her belly button.

The shirt had been the same, two layers. The one underneath had a collar that wrapped around her neck giving off a pretty lace design. Above it lied a red ribbon with silk attached to its ends, or maybe the other way around. The shirt wrapped around her chest, the red ribbon being the thing that held the shirt in place. Now looking at her outfit from Dan's point of view it may have come off as a little sexual but how was she to know this? All she wanted was a light dress that was comfortable. Instead she received a sexual outfit that brought out her betrothed's desires.

She finally felt the undesired touch of his fingers leave her skin. It was a relief to her, a relief that would not last very long. She watched from the corner of her eyes as his fingers lifted up and started inching towards her breasts.

She saw Dan's crooked smile as he started to play with the ribbon on her shirt, with just one quick tug the red ribbon would unravel revealing his future's wife's chest. Lucy Heartfilia, who once thought how the ribbon held her shirt together was cute, now cursed the silk in question.

With one tug she would be left exposed.

Lucy Heartfilia took a quiet deep breath and squeezed her hands tighter together, as if they would ease her fears. Her eyes still faced her pale blue wall, although quick glances from the corner of her eyes were seen.

"Lulu, why do you look so... scared?" Dan whispered leaning forward again so he would whisper it in her ear.

Because she was. Lucy whimpered and concentrated harder on the wall, trying to forget the man who played with her shirt. Instead of answering, she thought up of a question of her own.

And why do you always pause at the end of every sentence? She thought and inwardly laughed at her joke. She wouldn't dare laugh out loud, because then Dan would want to know. And if Dan knew she was laughing about him... things would not go so well for Lucy.

Before a small smile could appear on her face, Lucy felt a sudden tug on her shirt making her inward feelings she once felt worsen. She whimpered while biting her lip to try and stop the tears that threatened to slip out. She didn't cry, even though she wanted to. Lucy hated crying, especially in front of people she didn't trust.

"Answer me Lulu!" Dan growled.

Another tug, Lucy sniffed and tried to hide her shivering. Dan Straight was still met with silence.

"You don't think I'd force myself on you now do you?" He asked and laughed to himself.

The pressure on her chest suddenly vanished, Lucy didn't dare drop her guard though. Dan stood up from his seat and started to circle around Lucy, like how a lioness would stalk her pray. His finger lazily dragging over her shoulder blade again, then across her neck to the other side and repeat. Lucy kept a cool blank mind.

"Soon Lulu we'll be man and wife, then and only then will you be with me. Willingly or not." Dan said but soon paused.

He stared down at her and leaned closer to his woman. If there was one thing that Dan knew, it was that his woman was beautiful. Words could not express her beauty, maybe they could but Dan wasn't about to search for them. He loved the shape of her face, the length of her nose, how her eyes sparkled, how blond her hair was and how it gently waved down. Dan couldn't resist himself as he reached out to trace her plumped lips with his index finger, all the while licking his own.

"I hope willingly, but I'll have you any way I can." Dan chuckled to himself.

Much to Lucy's relief, Dan leaned back up and started to move away from her. He flattened out his waist coat, his workman clothes beneath it; a frayed black jacket, trousers, and tough looking boots, to get rid of the wrinkles he received from sitting and started to walk away from her. Though her room was mostly covered in carpet and shouldn't make a sound when feet walk across it, Dan's footsteps could be heard loudly with a 'thud' and soon with a 'creak' as he started walking across the hardware floors.

Lucy finally turned her head towards him to see his backwards figure reaching out for the doorknob. With a slight spin of the wrist, Dan turned the knob and opened the door just enough for his figure to slip through it. Upon leaving he turned back and smiled.

"Until next visit my Princess," were his parting words.

Lucy sat her chair unmoving. Her hands would clench together every few seconds, but other than that she sat fairly still. She listened for the man's footsteps to disappear down the hall. Lucy finally let her unshed tears fall as her eyes trailed back towards her wallpaper. No hiccups or sobs, just silent tears falling down her cheeks and dripping on the back of her hands.

She felt dirty, filthy! Used... took advantage over... she felt many feelings, so much that she didn't realize that her door had been reopened until she heard it softly shut back closed. Lucy took a sharp inhale, trying as if possible to unshed her tears and have them roll back up into her eyes. Did he come back? And if so, for what reason?


Luce. Not Lulu. She stopped holding back her tears and sighed lightly, looking up at the new character in her room. Man wouldn't be the word, more like boy. A boy in a servant's attire; white shirt with standard collar, over it a short black jacket and necktie, pinstriped trousers with gloves that this servant has refused to wear. Black socks and shoes were also part of the attire but no one ever really stared down at your toes.

"Lucy what happened?" the boy dressed as a servant yelled rushing to her side.

The lady sniffed, finally lifting up her hands to rub her cheeks.

"You already know Natsu, isn't that why you here? I'm sure you saw him leave my room minutes ago," she answered him.

Natsu Dragneel, the boy with wild salmon haired that seemed to spike out in every direction even though he has tried to tame it in the past, and charcoal eyes that could be mistaken as demon eyes, placed his long slender finger under Lucy's chin and lifted it up so she would be looking at him. Lucy forgot she didn't need to keep her gaze away from Natsu, she blinked up at him as her tears still fell. So much for wiping them away.

"Stop crying Lucy, please," he said using his free hand to rub her cheek.

"It's not fair th-" his lips met her own, interrupting her speech.

"Where did he touch you?" Natsu asked when they parted.

"Here," she sniffed raising her hand towards her shoulder.

She trailed down her fingers, repeating Dan's movements. Natsu's hand replaced her own, rubbing her shoulder blade. He leaned down and kissed it, his lips gliding all the way down towards her fingertips.

"Anywhere else?" he asked.

"My lips," she mumbled, the blood rushing to her cheeks.

Natsu's eyes widened, "he kissed you?" he accused.

She shook her head making relief swept over Natsu's being. He cleared his throat and stared back intensely at his Mistress.

"His fingers traced them," Lucy sighed.

Natsu smiled lightly and reached up to cup Lucy's face in the palm of his left hand. His thumb started outlining her lips, erasing all fingerprints that Dan had ever touched what wasn't his. Lucy lightly kissed it.

"Good," he said breathlessly before bending down to capture her lips again with his own.

Lucy lightly kissed him, waiting for him to turn it into something so much more. Something filled with desire and raw energy, with feelings and passion. Blood rushed to cheeks once again as the simple kissed continued.

"What about here Lucy?"

His breath tickled her cheeks as he starting leaning back up. His hands twitched as they reached for her chest. The ribbon holding her shirt together was slightly undone, with a smirk Natsu pulled at it making it completely fall off. Lucy's shirt fell open and down to her elbows leaving her to be exposed to Natsu, not that she minded being exposed to him.

"Luce," he mumbled before kissing her again.

As if already knowing what he was planning, Lucy's arms wrapped around his neck, her legs around his waist, as he lifted her up and brought her to her bed. She felt the Egyptian cotton of her sheets against her back, such a soft touch.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled against her neck.

With those few words Lucy was brought back into reality and started crying all over again.

"It isn't fair."

"I know Lucy, I know."