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~ Say I Love You ~

~ Tenth Love ~


"Lucy? Lucy?" Mirajane Strauss asked knocking on her door.

Said Lucy Heartfilia tried to reply, but she felt her insides flip inside out again. She dumped her head in the toilet bowl and started barfing. Mirajane left the room and came back five minutes later with some tea, by this time Mistress Lucy had unlocked the door and was washing her mouth out with water.

"Here dear." Mirajane said passing her the teacup.

Lucy rinsed her mouth out one more time before gladly taking the teacup in her hands. One sip later she already started feeling better if that made any sense. She pushed the toilet seat cover down and sat on it, drinking her tea silently to herself. Mirajane bit her lips as she watched her Mistress, overcome with worry for her. She tried to spot anything out of the ordinary about her and noticed she did look a little bit paler.

"Are you sick?" She asked.

Lucy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, shaking her head in a 'no' fashion.

"Are you sure? You're looking rather pale Lucy." Mirajane said.

When Mirajane had said that, in no way, shape, or form did she expect her Mistress to cry. Honestly she didn't know what she said wrong, maybe it was the pale comment but Lucy wasn't one who cared about her outer appearance. Regardless, her Mistress was in fact crying and sniffling and Mirajane could only put the blame on herself.

Lucy slowly shook her head left and right, whimpering, "I've been throwing up all week, I might be."

Mirajane scrunched her eyebrows together. All week? Why hasn't anyone informed her about this? Why hadn't she noticed this? Or Natsu? Lucy has always been with someone yet how could no one had notice?

"Why are you just telling me now? You could have been better already! I have this secret recipe soup that never fails me." Mirajane said.

The look on Lucy's face made Mirajane... suspect something else. Normal people didn't cry because they're sick... only...

"What else is there Lucy?" Mirajane asked.

"We only did it once, I've been making excuses ever since and that was a month ago." Lucy said, her voice breaking.

Mirajane's heart started beating faster. Her palms started sweating as she tried to resist the urge to pull her Mistress into her arms and comfort her like a Mother would for an infant. It would be wrong, it wasn't her place to.

"I'm late." Lucy said her tears finally falling freely.

The teacup from Lucy's hand slipped from her fingers, crashing on the floor. She cried out loud and hard making Mirajane pull her into her chest and start soothing her. She ran her hand up and down her back, shushing her silently. Her Motherly instincts overrode her servant instincts.

"It can't be possible Mirajane, I can't believe it." Lucy cried.

"We don't know for sure Lucy, I've been late a few times. Come on, let's go see the family doctor then we'll know for sure." Mirajane said helping her up.


Lucy shoved Mirajane away from her making her stumble backwards. She quickly caught herself though and watched her Mistress carefully.

"I can't, no! I'm afraid Mirajane! He'll hate me, he'll!... I'm scared." Lucy cried hugging herself.

Mirajane didn't understand.

"It's because it's Natsu's right? We'll figure this out Luc-" she paused.

Lucy started shaking her head side to side.

"I haven't been with Natsu for nearly two months Mirajane, every time we tried someone always interrupted. I don't think it's his, I- I'm, that's why I'm scared. If I am, Natsu, Natsu- he'll! He'll hate me!" Lucy cried.

Things only went from bad to worse for Lucy Heartfilia, especially when their family doctor confirmed that she was one month pregnant... with Dan Straight's child.

There was nothing, nothing that could compare to Natsu's feelings at this moment. Nothing. Words could not describe, feelings- life! Nothing! Nothing! Natsu wanted to yell out in frustration! He wanted to burn the mansion down! He wanted to kill Dan Straight! He wanted to dunk his head underwater! He wanted to throw up! He just...


He wanted to leave. To disappear and not deal with this right now. So he did. Natsu turned around and started heading towards the door.

"Natsu! Natsu wait! Natsu Dragneel I order you to wait! You are my servant!" Lucy yelled.

"I quit," he told her.

"No! You can't!" Lucy yelled.

She ran up to him and grabbed his shoulder, Natsu only pushed her away; she fell onto the ground. Natsu would have never ever done such a thing to a women let alone the love of his life, but now... he felt numb. He didn't care about her, about his life, about his future... he just wanted to leave. Natsu turned back around and started heading towards the door again.

This was what Lucy was afraid of, the reason she tried to hide this for so long. Natsu couldn't leave her, he just couldn't. Lucy wouldn't be able to live without him. He was the only reason she was alive right now in this God forsaken mansion, if her only reason left... what would be the point of going on?

"You promised me! You swore you would never leave my side! That you'd love me forever!" She yelled.

"You're pregnant Lucy!" Natsu yelled, finally showing some type of emotion. Anger.

Lucy leaned on her knees and started hugging herself, repeating what he just said over and over in her head. She was pregnant, she was, she still wanted Natsu though.

"I can't do this alone." Lucy whimpered.

"You won't, you'll have the baby's Father! And all your other maids and servants! It's not like I'd make any difference!" Natsu yelled.

"But I want you! You and me, that's how it's always been and always will be! You swore Natsu, you said you'd never leave, that you'd love me forever." Lucy cried.

He did promise that.

"I'll always love you Lucy, but I- I-... I can't see how we can still be together," he answered honestly.

Lucy could live with that, live not bear.

"Then we won't. I'll be the Mistress and you'll be the servant like it should have been by the beginning. As long as you stay with me," she said.

Natsu's eyes narrowed as he yelled out and frustration and kicked the chair next to him. Lucy flinched but kept her ground; he waited for her to take it back but she didn't. Natsu bent down and gripped her shoulders, he squeezed and started shaking her. He couldn't believe what she was asking?! What HIS Luc-... not his anymore.

"You do understand what you asking me right?!"

Lucy nodded, she didn't care though. She needed him, all these years she's lived with him! How?... How could she start living on her own now?

"I love you!" He cried out.

Lucy cupped his face and kissed him softly, "I love you too."

"But you're pregnant Lucy! We- I-... You'd make me stay with you knowing that, make me watch you raise a family with your husband?" Natsu asked.

Tears stained down her cheeks as she nodded.

"Make me wonder what would have happened?! Make me regret my decisions for the rest of my life working under you?! Lucy!"

"I'm cruel aren't I? It doesn't matter though. I'll sacrifice your happiness, I'll make you the most miserable man on the planet and I won't care. I need you near me," she cried.

Natsu put a finger under Lucy's chin and lifted her head up, making her stare into his eyes.

"Can you handle living with me? And not being able to touch? No more rubs?" Natsu said rubbing his arms up and down her arms.

Lucy leaned into them craving the feelings they produced.

"No more brushes?" He asked brushing his fingers through her hair and across her cheek.

"No more kisses? No more... love?" He asked pulling her against his lips in a searing molten kiss.

She couldn't handle it, Lucy started kissing him back but as soon as she did Natsu pulled away.

"You can handle that kind of relationship? Being only Master and servant?" He asked rubbing his nose across her cheek.

"I'll have too."

Natsu sighed and stood up; he held out a hand for Lucy who gladly gripped it and pulled herself up. Natsu's eyes turned cold as he took a step back and bent down on one knee.

"Yes then Mistress Heartfilia," he said.

Lucy cried harder to herself, "that's Mistress Straight."

Month 1.

They say the first month of pregnancy is the hardest. That seems unbelievable, but it may be true to some people. Maybe physically it isn't the hardest month but mentally... for Lucy this was going to be her hardest.

Lucy's seen pregnant woman, some of her maids have been pregnant at one time or another. She's heard the stories on how happy they were and how happy their friends and family were happy for them. Lucy knew no one would be happy, no one she truly cared about.

Mirajane was... maybe she liked the idea of her being pregnant but not the Father. Lucy hated both, pregnancy and the baby's Father but what could she do? She wouldn't kill a living creature, a part of herself. It hurt Lucy though because she knew she had chosen the baby over Natsu; Natsu knew that too. She chose Dan's child rather than himself.

It didn't matter though, what happened happened; Lucy and Natsu had to deal with it. So when the time came when Lucy had to tell her friends and family... she wished the ground would swallow her up.

It was breakfast time, Dan had said after they were married that he'd stay home for a while and so he did. It was the three of them at the table, Lucy, Dan, and Jude but they weren't the only ones in the room. Mirajane and Lisanna stood beside their Masters waiting for orders. Lucy lifted her spoon and took a bite out of her oatmeal.

"I'm pregnant."

Dan dropped his fork, his face dropping low along with it. Lisanna gasped but quietly remembered her place and hoped her employers didn't hear her. Jude just looked up from his meal.

"Already?" Jude asked.

Lucy wished her Father had died instead of her Mother, so much at the moment.

"Is this true?" Dan asked, a smiling spreading across his face.

Him! Being a Father?! With the woman he loved?!

"Mirajane took me to our doctor, I'm one month pregnant." Lucy said.

"This is wonderful!" Dan yelled getting up from his seat.

He crossed the room and pulled his wife in his loving arms, kissing both her cheeks and forehead. Lucy just stood there, there wasn't a smile on her face or frown... just... blank.

"Dan, don't think this means you can skip out of your business trips now." Jude said.

Dan looked up and nodded.

"Right, but still! I at least want to be with her for the ending months so I can help wit-"

"This is the reason we have servants Dan, to handle and take care of situations like these." Jude said.

Then Lucy had enough. She stood up from her seat and threw her napkin from her lap over her meal.

"Morning sickness, I'll be spending the day in the garden."

Dan blinked, a smile still on his face.

"Lisanna, get Natsu to accompany my wife." Dan ordered.

"I prefer a woman, Mirajane?" Lucy asked looking back.

Dan blinked again before understanding, "right! That's... right, Mirajane?"

Mirajane dropped what she was doing and bowed.

"Of course Master Dan, let us visit the doctor again Lucy. I'm sure he'll help with the sickness," she said scurrying after her Mistress.

Lucy nodded numbly and walked out the dining room; it was only when they were in the hallway did she cling onto Mirajane and cry her eyes out.

"Have you guys all heard?!" Lisanna yelled.

It was break time for some of the servants, Lisanna's break had just started and instead of eating she ran towards her other friends.

"What is it?" Gray asked looking up.

Natsu felt a sinking feeling in his stomach, he continued to stare at his plate not really tasting the food any longer.

"Lucy's pregnant! Can you believe it?! They've been married for a month and she's already pregnant!" Lisanna cheered.

The room went silent, a pin could be heard dropping. Suddenly all eyes went on Natsu, all eyes that knew of his secret. Strange how everyone who knew about Lucy and Natsu's love affair all had break at this very moment this day.

"You're kidding?" Gray asked, both happy and scared for his best friend.

Natsu looked up towards him, "it's Dan's."

That's when things got worse underneath the Heartfilia household. Gray- Erza... Levy- Juvia-... everyone felt their heart shatter for the two star-crossed lovers.

"Of course it's Dan's silly, who else's could it be?" Lisanna giggled.

Everyone in the room thought at the same time-


Month 2.

The Heartfilia mansion... it was no longer the same anymore. People... work... laughter... something changed. It changed for everyone, even the people who didn't know the secret. Their loving Mistress wasn't as... loving anymore, she wasn't anything but quiet and sad looking. Her mood started reflecting on her servants and they too became... lost.

Two months pregnant and Lucy still wasn't showing. It was kind of obvious that she wasn't going to show so soon but still... she kind of wanted to see and believe the life growing in her.

The relationship between Lucy and Natsu was done. The second month reassured that. Natsu would be by her side but never by her side. He'd run errands, serve her tea, clean her room, follow her around (only when she ordered him too), do things a servant would usual do for his Master.

Natsu hated every second of it.

Lucy hated it even more.

There was tension under the Heartfilia's household for all those who knew about Natsu's and Lucy's forbidden relationship. Lucy would always see that sad, pity look in their eyes when she'd walk by, she'd noticed the way their faces would fall and how they would sigh to themselves. It only made Lucy hate herself even more, what else could she do though?

She had Natsu with her, that's what she wanted. No, she wanted more but that was all Natsu was willing to give her now. But the air between the two of them! It was just cold! Like a daughter seeing her Father after discovering that he cheated on his wife and left them for another woman! Natsu wouldn't laugh, wouldn't joke, wouldn't talk! He'd do nothing until Lucy ordered him to, even when she did though he'd only do it half heartedly.

Lucy missed his smile so she ordered him to smile for her, when he did it brought tears to her eyes. This was her fault, Natsu was slowly dying and Lucy was the one to blame. She was killing her lover from the inside out, killing him.

Lucy thought about loosing the baby, it was only for a quick second, but it was long enough to make her want to throw up in disgust. The weird thing though was that Natsu, not once, did he ever think about Lucy killing Dan's kid.

Not once.

"Why haven't I seen Blondie around here lately? It's been months already?" Gazille asked.

He just came out of his workshop, an apron around his waist, a bandana tied tightly around his forehead, gloves on his hands which he was starting to take off. Natsu laid on the floor in the living room, his feet under the table as he stared up at the ceiling. It was then that he realized that Gazille didn't know about Lucy's situation.

"She's pregnant."

Gazille dropped his gloves.

"It's not mine, we broke it off. Let's never mention this or her again." Natsu told him rolling on his sides.

Gazille stood in his spot for a few seconds longer before walking over and kicking Natsu.

"Is that the reason you've been a little priss all this time?! I mean at first I didn't notice because of the work that's been piling up but now! Why don't you just quit if she's making you unhappy?! I can't believe this?! I thought that tramp loved you! And yet she got pre-"

"DON'T TALK ABOUT HER THAT WAY!" Natsu yelled pushing his leg off of him.

Gazille stepped back, surprised.

"Yo-, you still love her." Gazille said.

"Of course I still love her! She's mine!" Natsu yelled at him.

"You know how sick and wrong that is though right?! You need to leave her Natsu, quit! Don't worry about money, I'll let you work here or something."

"You don't think I know that Gazille? I- I can't. I promised to be by her side and until she sends me away, I have to keep that promise."

Gazille gulped.

"It's my fault anyway, if I would have ran off with her sooner than none of this would have happened. This is my punishment for not listening to her, she warned me this would happen. Why should she be the only one who has to suffer?" Natsu looked up.

He sincerely asked Gazille from the bottom of his heart, truly wondering what the answer would be.

"No more talking about her or your work, understood. In return you have to stop mopping around our home, it's starting to piss me off." Gazille said leaving the room.

No answer.

Of course not.

Month 3.

Dan was off on another business trip, this one was for two months. He kissed Lucy goodbye before leaving, she was slightly happy. Thanks to Mirajane and their family Doctor, Hiluluk, they convinced Dan that he wouldn't be able to sleep with her until the baby was born. They told him it would risk hurting the baby and Dan being the idiot that he is, believed him. Dr. Hiluluk was always a fan of Natsu and Lucy, of course he was happy to help them.

Lucy didn't have to fear about being touch by Dan for a good nine months, kissing was another thing though. When they had to kiss, when they really had to, Lucy would close her eyes and picture Natsu. Every touch, every caress, every word... they were all for Natsu. Lucy was surprised she hadn't called him Natsu by now.

Three months pregnant and Lucy was finally starting to show. There wasn't a slight bump though, it was an obvious one. It was like one morning you couldn't tell she was pregnant and the next, it was obvious that she was. There was life growing inside of her and Lucy couldn't be happier about it... scratch that, she would have been if it was Natsu's.


"Natsu, here. Read me this book." Lucy ordered placing a book on the table for him.

She walked back to her chair, a soft extra cushion one, and waited for him. Natsu cleared his throat and sat down on the couch across from her before he started reading.

She missed his voice; she missed it a lot. It sounded like angels were singing each and every word he read, filling her up with happy memories of the time they shared together...

Lucy exhaled a sharp gasp; Natsu, hearing this, stopped reading and looked at his Mistress.

"Is something wrong Mistress Straight?" Natsu asked, worried.

Lucy eyes were widened but she shook her head. She placed both her hands on her stomach and started rubbing it, trying to feel something. After some seconds she sighed out.

"Nothing, continue."

Natsu continued, a minute later she felt it again. The kick. She was expecting it this time so when it happened, she wasn't as surprised... no, she was happy. So happy that tears fell down her cheeks. Natsu dropped the book the minute he saw them and rushed to her side.

"What happened? What's wrong?!" Natsu ordered.

Lucy could hear the urgency and worry in his voice but wasn't able to think anything of it. She only looked up and grabbed his hand, pulling it to her stomach.

"Feel," she whispered in disbelief, completing forgetting that this was Dan's baby and not Natsu's.

Natsu froze up, being touch by his old lover after so long sent a spark through him. He couldn't act on these impulses though, not now. Not ever again. His hand was still placed on her stomach though and he found himself... stroking it. Rubbing, his fingers moving side by side. Lucy was surprised at this but then frowned.

"It's not happening... that's it!" She suddenly yelled.

Natsu flinched, being so close to her mouth.

"Speak." Lucy ordered.

Natsu blinked at her, "what do you want me to speak about?"

Lucy shrugged, "anything! As long as you talk continuously while doing so."

Natsu sighed.

"I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, literally. Gray kicked me off of my bed since I was about to oversleep. Breakfast was burned since Mira was so caught up in her thoughts an-" Natsu stopped short when he felt it.

The kick.


"He's kicking, she's kicking. This is the first time I've felt her kick... he kicked because of you," Lucy said staring up at Natsu.

Natsu stared back at her, a mix feeling of emotions overrunning him.

"Why?" Natsu asked.

Lucy didn't know the question herself, all she knew was when Natsu spoke her baby kicked.

... Her baby.

Dan's baby.

Not Natsu's.

Lucy remembered herself and pushed Natsu's hand away, she proceeded to stand and push him away also.

"Forget about what happened, you're free to leave." Lucy said walking towards the door.

Natsu didn't say anything and Lucy prayed so badly that he would have.