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~ Say I Love You ~

~ Third Love ~


"Where are you heading Milady?" Warren Rocko asked straightening his posture.

"Mistress Lucy and I are going into town." Levy McGarden answered.

Lucy Heartfilia nodded then turned her head to the side, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth as she yawned. It was an understatement to say that Lucy was not a morning person.

"So early in the morning? What for?" Warren asked.

"Is there a problem Warren?" Lucy asked staring right at him.

Warren flinched, "no problem at all Milady," he rushed out.

Warren quickly got to work with holding the mansion's doors wide open for his Mistress and her maid. He had forgotten himself for a moment, nothing but a servant. He had no right to question his Mistress's orders, only obey them blindly. Lucy puffed out her chest and held her nose up high as she passed him, Levy looking down at her feet behind her.

"We shall return in the late afternoon." Lucy said walking out of her home.

Warren nodded and watch their departure before closing the doors. He leaned against them and sighed in relief, happy that Lucy didn't fire him for his slip up or insult his incompetence. Then again, his Mistress was so much nicer than his Master, Heartfilia. Warren thanked his lucky star that he hadn't asked Master Heartfilia that question instead of his daughter.

The Mistress and her maid walked in silence down the series of solid steps until they reached the last one. Levy clutched the wicker basket handle she held in her hands as she gazed around them. Once she saw that the coast was clear and that no attention was being drawn to them, she asked.

"Mistress, how long will we really be out?"

Lucy blinked as she tried to get the sleepies out of her eyes before whispering under her breath.

"As long as Natsu allows it."

Levy had a small smile on her face as she continued walking behind her Mistress. They walked through the estate, past the gardens and fountains until they reached the main gate. When they finally exited the Heartfilia Estate, it wasn't over just yet. They still had to walk some steps more before reaching the town of Magnolia. Once they did though, Lucy glanced around her before pulling Levy away into a deserted alleyway.

"Quick before someone comes," she said taking off her clothing.

"Lucy?!" Levy whispered yelled, dropping the titles.

"Levy, it is like this every time we leave the mansion. I would have at least thought you'd be used to it by now." Lucy said taking off her heels.

She rubbed her feet before reaching over for the basket Levy was holding. She opened it up and pulled out whatever commoner clothes Levy had packed for this week's adventure in town, but paused to herself wondering why she was the only one getting dressed at the moment.

"You too! You can't be seen walking around wearing our signature maid uniform!" Lucy said holding up her new outfit.

An unflattering black schoolmarmish dress. If Levy was hoping that this dress would draw less attention from her Mistress, well then she succeeded. This dress, in Lucy's eyes, was the definition of poor with dirt smudges and small sewn up rips covering it here and there. Mistress Lucy absolutely adored it.

"Alright... stop rushing." Levy said peeking around once more before she unzipped her maid outfit.

Her dress was an emerald of some sort, more flattering than her Mistress's, but still plain and boring. By the time Levy had taken her dress off, Lucy was already done dressing and was ready to go. The dress was long, coming all the way down to her ankles with slippers just as dull as her outfit and... A little small.

"I thought these were Erza's?" Lucy asked stomping her feet on the ground.

"No they're mine, why you can't fit them?" Levy asked tying up her hair in a chignon.

"It's a tight fit... I'll live." Lucy said pulling out her last piece of clothing. A cloak.

She wrapped it around herself and lifted up the hood so it would be covering her natural blond hair. Levy finally finished dressing and picked up all the garments that laid sprawled out on the ground.

"Take better care of your clothes Lucy, this whole outfit could keep a family fed for months." Levy said folding it up and putting it back in her basket.

Lucy had ignored the words of advice though as she headed out the alley. Her head peeked out of it, looking around the town.

"Are you ready yet?" Lucy whined, wanting to hurry up and see Natsu.

Levy walked over to her and grabbed her arm, linking it with her own.

"I thought you would have been used to being into the town by now." Levy said smartly as she walked out with Lucy.

"I'll never get used to it... until I actually start living in one." Lucy said walking beside her.

Remembering the chaos of the streets during the day from their last journey into town, Lucy was comforted to see how much quieter it was in the morning. Magnolia was just starting to wake up, shops being opened, their blinds raising up, people heading out into the streets. There were carriages and single riders on the road, those who passed by Lucy and Levy nodding their heads as greeting.

Lucy always loved visiting Magnolia, even though her own estate was almost as big as the whole town, it was nothing compared to Magnolia. Here people weren't just servants, and cooks, and important business people, and rich guest, and stuck up annoying, creepy, perverted fiancé's. Here people were nice, honest, hardworking, people who didn't even bat an eye towards Lucy's direction. Oh how she loved it so.

"I wonder where Natsu's going to take me today." Lucy pondered out loud.

"You'll find out soon enough." Levy said rubbing her arm.

The two ladies walked through the town, Levy saying hi to people she knew while Lucy just waved, until they reached their destination.

"Oh! Gazille made a new sign!" Lucy sighed.

The building was a little over average size. Nothing to brag about, but still something you could be proud of. Redfox Blacksmith was written at the top of the shop in unflattering black painted letters. Lucy dropped her hold on her maid and scurried inside leaving Levy to only chuckle to herself as she followed her Mistress in.

"Welcome to- oh! It's just you two." Gazille said looking over his counter.

Levy stuck her tongue out at the blacksmith while Lucy took of her cloak's hood off. Gazille stuck his tongue back at Levy before walking towards the back of the shop. Redfox Blacksmith was a two story house, the first story containing the shop, the kitchen, and the stair way that led towards the second story with contained the bedrooms. Out in the back, behind the shop, was the blacksmith's workshop where he made his implements from metal. It was a nice home when Natsu wasn't around Gazille liked to think.

He walked back to the staircase and hollered, "NATSU! IT'S FOR YOU!"

Lucy waited patiently where she was for Natsu to probably, what she assumed, jump out of bed, tug on some clothes, and race downstairs because he forgot to wake up early. After a few minutes when she heard stomping coming from upstairs, she was safe to believe what she had assumed was correct.

"COMING GAZILLE!" Natsu yelled tripping over his own two feet as he ran.

Why are these trousers being such a pain to put on? Natsu thought as he pulled them up then made his way down the staircase. As soon as Lucy saw him reach the bottom, she ran over and threw herself in his arms. Natsu laughed and swung his love around before gently placing her down on her feet and giving her a hug.

"Morning Lucy," he sighed against her hair.

"Morning Natsu." Lucy mumbled leaning her head against Natsu's chest.

The two of them became lost in their little world, forgetting that there was an audience behind them. Levy hugged herself and smiled as she watched the two love birds. It was clear as any summer's day that they belonged together, seeing their love up so close nearly brought tears to her eyes... but for another.

"Yuck! You two get out of my shop!" Gazille yelled.

Levy's smiled turned into a frown as she turned her attention away from love to glare at Gazille. Way to ruin a moment bonehead, she wished to say but kept the comment to herself. Lucy simply giggled as she pulled away from Natsu's embrace to look at the blacksmith also; her gaze was slightly less threatening however.

"I'm sorry, how could I have forgotten?" Lucy asked walking over to him.

She wrapped her arms around Gazille and gave him a hug. Gazille just stood there still as a rock and clenched his eyes together, waiting for it to be over. He wasn't very fond of physical displays of affection unlike a certain companion of his.

"Come on Lucy, we're wasting daylight." Natsu said walking into the back of the shop.

"Coming Natsu." Lucy said following after him.

Gazille sighed out in relief and looked in front of him. There he finally noticed the little pipsqueak glaring at him. Gazille sent back a glare of his own, only this one was a confusing glare.

"What?" He asked.

"You're... nothing. Did you have breakfast yet?" Levy asked deciding not to waste her daylight arguing with the man.

Gazille smirked.

"Nope, so get cooking!" He ordered.

Levy rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him once again before she started heading towards the kitchen.

"I knew I left it somewhere around here." Natsu mumbled going through the drawers of his dressers.

They were in a stone room whose central focus was a large, four-poster bed with its silk coverlet rucked and hanging sideways, probably from when he had dragged himself off the mattress. Two chairs stood facing each other near the bed, with a small tea table between them. Tapestry curtains were pulled back in his room, and there was a beaten up looking tapestry rug on the floor. In fact, the room itself was fairy bare. There was no pictures or photographs hanging on the walls, no ornaments cluttering the surfaces of the dark wood furniture.

Lucy took another step in the room, scanning over it. Through the room was bare, it was filthy. Clothes laid everywhere, plates and utensils scattered here and there, trash nearly hid the bottom floor and Lucy wondered to herself how someone could live in such a, a pigpen like this. She shook her head as she walked over to the mattress. Something... hairy, was sticking out from under it. Once retrieving the 'hairy' thing she whistled, catching Natsu's attention. He turned around and saw her holding the wig up.

"There it is! What would I do without you?" Natsu asked reaching for it.

"I wonder the same thing to myself every day," she said pulling off her cloak.

Lucy dropped the cloak onto the mattress before she sat down on a chair and let Natsu skillfully place the brown wig over her hair. Soon Lucy didn't look like the daughter of Jude Heartfilia, but as a commoner girl. She fixed her now brown hair, running her hands through it to unhook the tangles, and admired herself in the mirror. She looked like every other commoner girl now, brown hair with brown eyes. Lucy thanked the heavens above that they had blessed her with such dull colored eyes.

"Much better, are you ready to go Cindy?" Natsu asked.

"Much better? What do you mean by that Natsu?" Lucy asked.

"Much better meaning now I can do this and not be questioned or killed." Natsu said turning her around.

Without wasting a second, he savored her mouth fully. Lucy smiled into the kiss and deepened it, shifting a little to adjust her position until she became comfortable while kissing him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck securely and let her inner feelings of wanting him run wild. Several kisses and a few caresses later, Lucy giggled.

"Now I see, much better."

Natsu smirked.

"Come on, there's so much to see with so little time we have together."

"It's time for us to leave now Lucy." Levy said picking up her basket.

Lucy frowned and laid deeper into Natsu as his hands rubbed her shoulders. She didn't want to leave, she wanted to stay in his embrace forever with his magic fingers digging into her shoulders. The universe had other plans for the girl though so Lucy solemnly obeyed.

"I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early," he whispered in her ear.

Lucy nodded and turned around to give her lover a good-bye kiss.

"It's bad enough you two do it in the room upstairs, but come on! This is my eating room!" Gazille yelled.

Lucy pulled away and hid herself in Natsu's chest as she blushed.

"Shut up Gazille! I don't hear you getting any action from you're room!" Natsu yelled.

Gazille mouth dropped while Levy ran out the store. Deciding she rather not be here when the two of them started arguing, Lucy quickly pulled her wig off and placed her hood back on.

"Bye," she said kissing his lips one more time.

"Bye." Natsu said lazily scratching his head.

Lucy threw the wig towards him before heading towards the exit.

"Bye Gazille! See you soon!" Lucy called out behind her.

Gazille just mumbled a whatever as he went back to eating.

"You need to get out more Gazille, find a girl of your own to bring home." Natsu lectured him.

"Coming from the boy who's having relations with an engaged woman." Gazille shot back.

"She wasn't engaged when we were first together." Natsu mumbled before lying down on the floor.

He stiffed a yawn and closed his eyes, exhausted after a full day of fun.

Lucy and Levy walked back outside and made their way towards home. They dipped into the little alleyway before coming across the Heartfilia Estate and redressed in their old clothing then continued on their path.

"Did you enjoy your day today Milady?" Levy asked.

Lucy sighed and stared up towards the heavens that seemed to be dyed in red now that the sun was setting.

"I did, it's a shame it had to end," she said.

Levy sniffed and grabbed not only her Mistress's hand, but her best friend's hand too.

"It'll all work out somehow, I know you'll be happy in the end." Levy said.

Lucy smiled lightly and squeezed her hand back.

"It's a promise."