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~ Say I Love You ~

~ Last Love ~


Years passed. Friends visited. People grew. Kids grew, as well as families. Friends moved. Friends married. People considered themselves lucky. Blessed. Loved. Life changed. Life moved on.

It was one particular day. A special day. A birthday. She had woken up to someone hopping on her bed, up and down, up and down.

"Come on Mommy! Wakey wakey!" She giggled.

Lucy peeked through one of her eyes then leaned up, snatching her baby girl in her arms.

"Ahhh! Mommy!" She giggled.

"Morning sweetheart." Lucy greeted.

"Morning Mommy, happy birthday!" She cheered.

"Thank you Natsume, is your Father up already?" Lucy yawned getting up.

"Yup! Everyone else is downstairs having breakfast, let's hurry Mommy!" Natsume cheered scrambling off the bed.

She is her Father's child, Lucy thought, with all that energy she had.

"Tell you what, I'll meet you downstairs okay honey?" Lucy asked.

"Alright Mommy, I'll be sure to save you some bacon!" Natsume called as she ran downstairs.

Lucy giggled as she started getting dressed and made her way downstairs to her kitchen around ten minutes later.

"You know what I find so ridiculous? That here I am, married and pregnant once again, four years later and yet still watching over your kids." Cana whined feeding Luffy.

"Once a maid, always a maid." Lucy giggled walking over to her son.

She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, ruffling his hair.

"Morning Luffy." She cheered.

"Morning mommy! Look! I can do all by myself!" Luffy said holding up his fork.

"Good job Luffy, you're so smart." Lucy smiled patting his head.

"Yeah, you should have seen smarty over here a few minutes ago when he was tossing food everywhere." Cana said wiping her mouth off.

Lucy giggled as she poured herself a cup of coffee and joined them at the table. Out the corner of her eye she could see Natsume feeding Happy his morning breakfast.

"Where's Bacchus?" She asked.

"Uncle Bacchy!" Luffy cheered.

Cana giggled, "he's out helping Natsu along with your Father, Gildarts and Cornelia. They want to get everything done quickly so they can join you for your birthday while Gildarts and Cornelia just had energy to waste. Happy birthday Mistress, how does it feel?"

"Tiring. That has to be the one thing I miss from my old life Cana, the servants watching Natsume. Now if only I had some servants to go sleep in Natsume's room every time she had a nightmare or change Luffy's sheets anytime he peed in the bed."

"Nuh uh, twins. If anyone's complaining, it's me. At least you had your children a year later, I had to push twins out of me Lucy! And I swear if I have another set of twins again..." Cana growled.

Lucy only giggled, "think of it this way. You named your first set of children after you parents, now Bacchus gets to name the next set after his."

"That's not funny Lucy!"

"Knock, knock, the door was open so we let ourselves in." Gray said walking into the kitchen.

"Uncle Gray!" Natsume cheered running over to him.

She pulled him for a hug before looking behind him for-

"Auntie Juvia! Ultear!" Natsume cheered.

Juvia giggled as she placed her daughter on the ground for her to run away and play with.

"Natsume!" Ultear giggled as she ran over to her.

The two daughters hugged it out before leaving and speaking about whatever daughters did.

"Happy birthday Mistress, my Mom sends her regards. She'll come by later when the party starts." Gray said walking over to Lucy to give her a hug.

"Gray, welcome, and what's with everyone calling me Mistress? I'm just Lucy now." Lucy said.

"You'll always be our Mistress, Happy birthday Mistress Lucy." Juvia said hugging her next.

"And look at this little guy, I swear he grows taller every time I see him." Gray laughed patting Luffy's head.

"You see him everyday Gray, I highly doubt that." Lucy said.

"Aw Lucy, you're lucky. I wanted a son first, just as lovely as my Gray." Juvia fawned.

"Girl been married for four years and yet she still goes weak in the knees for the man." Cana whispered.

Lucy nodded and looked up at her loving family. The beginning year of her living here was wonderful, but a little lonely. Lucy had missed her friends. She was surprised when one day out of the blue Cana had visited with Bacchus, and had kept visiting throughout the years to come. They were always welcome in Lucy's home, she loved them. Pretty soon after that they received another surprise, the Fullbuster family. Seemed Juvia missed Lucy as much as Lucy missed her and convinced Gray to move out to Caleum. Though he said he did it for her, deep down Gray missed arguing with his best friend. They moved here two years after Lucy's stay with their Mother Ul with their newborn baby, Ultear.

What came as the biggest surprise though was when Erza suddenly appeared out of nowhere. That was the most shocking thing to Lucy when she arrived here, suddenly stating that the maid business was no longer for her and was looking to settle down in a nice village but didn't have one of her own so she moved toward Natsu's. She explained to Lucy what was happening back at the Heartfilia mansion, how a girl had arrived looking exactly like her named Lulu and was pretending to be her. Lucy smiled that day, seems like Dan got his happy ending too. Erza was currently dating this nice, quiet guy that Natsu claims that they were friends growing up. He was nice and they did look good together.

Sadly enough, Levy nor Mirajane every visited, though Lucy did exchange letters with Levy and found out that she was married to Gazille and had quit being a maid also to be his housewife. It seemed like everyone of her friends were getting married and having children, Lucy was so happy for all of them.

"Yeah, well that's love. You said you hadn't seen Bacchus in years and then the one night you saw each other again sparks flew." Lucy said munching on some bacon.

"Yeah yeah, don't remind me." Cana groaned.

"Mommy! Mommy, me finished!" Luffy cheered.

Lucy giggled as she got up and picked up her son.

"Good job, now let's get you all cleaned up and see your Daddy." Lucy cooed as she walked upstairs.

"Help yourselves to whatever you want guys." Lucy called.

A chorus of yeahs and sures were heard as Lucy started heading to the bathroom. She cleaned her youngest child up and changed his outfit before returning downstairs with her daughter and niece.

"Come on girls, first one to fine Daddy and Uncle Natsu wins!" Lucy cheered.

"Hooray!" Natsume and Ultear cheered as they ran out the door.

Lucy walked slowly after them, Luffy tugging her along.

"Come on Mommy, I wanna win." He said but tripped.

"We can't win against them son, here let me help you." Lucy bent down to pick him up.

She put him back on his feet and together the two of them walked across the plains looking for Natsu. When they found him he was holding two girls up in his arms, her Father and Bacchus laughing at them.

"We found him! We found him!" They cheered.

"Lucy, you wouldn't have anything to do with this... would you?" Natsu asked.

Lucy hummed at her husband, "maybe."

Natsu chuckled as he walked over to his wife, girls still in hand, and bent down to kiss her.

"Happy birthday Mrs. Dragneel." He said.

"A very happy birthday indeed." Lucy smiled.

"Alright girls, why not go play with Gildarts and Cornelia." Natsu said dropping them.

The girls both giggled and went to play with their other friends.

"Daddy! Daddy! Morns!" Luffy cheered.

Natsu chuckled as he bent down to pick up his son, "morns to you too Luffy."

"I still can't believe you named my grandson that, you should have named him after me!" Igneel whined in the background.

"What? Lucy turned my name into a girl's name when Natsume was born, it was only right that I'd change her name into a boy's when Luffy was born."

"I felt the same way when Cana named our children after her parents and not mine, what can you do though? She's the one who had them." Bacchus shrugged.

Lucy started laughing, wishing her dear friend was here to hear that.

"I'm going to go finish up the rest of the work, go ahead and run along you three. I have a handle on things from here." Igneel said getting back to work.

"Girldarts! What have I told you about playing rough with girls?!" Bacchus yelled running towards the children.

"Look at our family." Lucy smiled taking in the scenery.

"Yeah, who knew right?" Natsu asked turning towards his wife.

She looked beautiful in his eyes, exactly the same way she looked the day he first saw her.

"You know, from the first moment I saw you... I knew we were meant to be." Natsu confessed.

Lucy raised an eyebrow at him, "oh really?"

"What? You didn't?"

"No, I did... just not from the first moment I saw you. It actually was the fourth, maybe fifth moment."

"Aw Lucy, that's mean." Natsu pouted.

"Mommy! Mommy! Come save us!" Natsume called.

Lucy turned her head and saw Bacchus holding her upside down over his shoulders. She was laughing like crazy and holding her arms out for help.

"Never figured Bacchus as a family man when we were living together. Sure he'd spent a lot of time with Natsume and make her laugh, but the drinking threw me off." Natsu said getting a better hold on Luffy.

"Same. Well, you heard her calling for my rescue! I'm coming Natsume!" Lucy smiled running towards her daughter's rescue.

Natsu followed right after carrying Luffy, and soon Cana, Juvia and Gray came out to join the fun. Even though a family was all Lucy ever wanted, the only family she thought of was with just her and Natsu. That family grew though when Natsume came along, and again with Luffy. But Lucy only truly realized what kind of family she always wanted when she was alone in her home, thinking back about all her friends from her past. She often look out the window and towards the village, wondering if anyone would show up out of the blue and surprise her. Sometimes they did, others they didn't.

But this time, as Lucy was exhausted and looked over towards the village as her usual habit. This time when she saw the familiar scarlet hair from an old friend and her lover's blue, when she saw an also familiar light blue hair along with two jet black patches of hair, and also two pair of white haired people walking towards from the village, Lucy couldn't help but think how perfect her life was.

And if she had to do it again. If God or someone gave her the choice, to redo her past all over again... Lucy would have to refuse. Because this right here, this was what everything was leading up to, this moment right here. And Lucy wouldn't do a single thing to change this moment.

"Oye! Look who it is! Seems Gazille finally decided to get his lazy as in gear and visit me!"

"And he brought, Levy! And is that, Mirajane and Lisanna?! Looks like that gangs all here, isn't that right Lucy?"

"Yeah, everyone is right where they are supposed to be."