I didn't know what to say to Clove after Damian had left us at the table alone. When she had turned to look at me, and I met her eyes, it was clear she wanted to cry. Was that a sign that the hickey Tracy had done on me me, was an issue for her? Would she really be upset over it, to the point of even crying in front of her boyfriend? Something just wasn't adding up here.
I wanted to go to her as she stood next to Damian at the cashier, but he shook his head, telling me to not come near them. I usually wouldn't listen, but Tracy was already on her way back, and the last thing I needed was to explain to anyone, especially her an argument that could occur between Damian and I.

"You marked me?" I asked Tracy through gritted teeth.

"I didn't do it on purpose you know? It was during the heat of the moment. Its no biggie, it'll clear out in a couple of days." said Tracy as she took another bite of her food.

"I don't have two days to walk around with this shit!" I said slamming my fist on the table, a few people turned to look at us as the impact of my hand had rattled the plates, and silverware on our table.

Tracy frowned. "Its really not a big deal, its not like you have a girlfriend to hide it from."

I glared at her wanting to slap her across the face.

"I'm not anyone's property to be marked. I am not going to walk around with this thing on my neck."

"Just put some ice on it, it'll help a little. Here use a spoon, it helps." she said getting up to sit by me, spoon in her hand.

I shook my head and stood up, "Don't touch me." I said walking past her towards the exit. People were still staring, they must think we were a arguing couple.

"Seriously Cato? Its just a fucking hickey." she said behind me. I barged out the diner, and looked towards the way I had seen Damian and Clove go.

I could see two dark figures from a far, but I wasn't sure it was them or not.


I whipped a tear running down my cheek, it was hot, but left a cold trail once I whipped it off.

"Don't be so upset okay?" Damian asked grabbing my hand.

"What is it? Wait did you just say you got Cato to admit he has a thing for me?" I asked feeling my hopes coming back up.

"Well.. he didn't exactly confirm he want wants you. But that he wants you.. like in some way. Not really clear if just you know... sex.. but he does have some sort of thing for you."

"Wait what? How do you know this? What happened.. wait... what did you do... Damian what did you do?" regardless his words, I felt like I really was going to become upset.

Damian sighed and let go of my hands. "Remember the other day when we were in your room eating pizza? And I had a phone call with a friend?"

I nodded... Cato?

"Well it wasn't a friend, it was Cato." Damian said pausing, I guess he was choosing his words to reveal to me the rest.

"You said you had made a bet on the games. So you made a bet on the games with Cato?... no you and Cato agreed to help sponsor Bane together didn't you!?" I was already feeling betrayed, and I wasn't even sure if this was the actual story. He knew how I felt about Bane, and if he had agreed to help keep that son of a bitch alive with his influence.. then he was right I would hate him for this.

"No.. its worse if this is already pissing you off" Damian could possibly top that theory to upset me so bad?

"What is it then?" I readjusted the way I was sitting, to prepare myself for whatever it was.

"Well.. like I said, I needed to find a way to get Cato to admit he kinna.. sorta has some sort of thing for you.. and well it was kinna all like, well you know.. outta the moment.. and like I may kinna have.." Damian was nervous, he was stumbling over his own words. And the short fuse of patience I have, was already burning out.

"Just tell me!" I snapped.

"... I bet that Bane wouldn't be the victor, and your the price." Damian finally said.

I was speechless, I really didn't know what to say, because it was taking me a moment to process the situation in my head. He and Cato had somehow agreed on a bet on me by using the games?

"What do you mean I'm the prize? The prize for what? I'm not some sort of fucking currency to just bet over Damian!" I said standing up.

"I know I know." Damian said standing up along with me. "But listen Clove, just listen." He said firmly grabbing me my the arms, after I had swatted away his hands the first time. "It was out the moment, I was actually surprised he had even agreed to it. I was just trying to find a way to get him to admit it maybe not to me, but even to himself that he does have a thing for you. Don't you get it Clove? Whatever it is you have been doing, whatever you and I have been pretending to be... its working. I told you I would help you have him at your feet, and I'm doing it!"

I stopped trying to jerk away from his grip and soaked in what he was saying.

"What did he say?" I asked curiously.

"He said nothing. When I asked him if he did, he just stood quiet. He didn't confirm it, but he didn't have to cause his silence said it all. And when he called and said he would take on the bet, it only sealed the theory." Damian said letting go of me.

I slowly sat back down, I could feel a weight of sorrow lifting from my chest.. these sort of confused mixed feelings I had of Cato were shared by him to?

"Do you think he actually want to get to know me? Or does he just want to sleep with me?" I asked

"Honestly I'm not a hundred percent sure. But if you could see the way I see him look at you, or the way he gets jealous, I would have to say he actually wants to have feelings for you. Guys like him, are not used to holding feelings for girls. You may just be the girl, who is about to change that. I mean there has to a reason why he would bet. If he just wanted to have sleep with you, with the way you treat him, and the amount of girls he can easily just sack, he wouldn't be spending his time trying to talk to you." Damian said.

Everything he was saying was making sense, and it was giving me hope.

"So what do I do now? I have to see him tomorrow.. and I don't even feel like seeing him tomorrow after today." I said remembering we had agreed to work out tomorrow.

"Then don't. Give yourself some time if you have to. The games aren't going anywhere, just like neither of you are right now. Just remember Clove, whatever you do, do not let him know you know. Do not let your guard down, and continue to do what you are doing now, because its working." Damian said wrapping his arm around me.

I nodded debating if I would go or not tomorrow.

"He saw that I wanted to cry.." I said remembering now.

Damian nodded. "I know."

"How?" I asked.

"Because he wanted to come to you, before we left. And he would have, had I not shook my head to him. You can always just tell him, you had things on your mind, and that while we were there you thought about those things." Damian said shrugging.

"Yeah.. guess that could work."

"...So.. does this mean you finally admit it?" Damian asked rubbing my shoulder, with the hand he had wrapped around me.

"Admit what?" I asked confused.

"That you do in fact.. have feelings for Cato Hadley?"

I smiled feeling some sort of buzz in my stomach to my chest. "Yeah... guess I just did." saying it, made it all feel too real now. Finally accepting it, made me feel free again.

How did I come from hating the guy to now liking him? I wasn't in love with him.. but I knew it could grow into it.

"Come on, the food is still warm, let go inside and eat."


The walk to the academy from my house, I thought of what I would say to Clove. Would I even have to explain the hickey to her? Shes not my girlfriend or anything like that. Would we just workout with no question asked. Pretend like today was the first time we have seen each other since Tuesday?

As I turned the corner to the school, I was a but surprised to not see her at the front waiting for me. I was ten minutes late, but I don't think that was enough time for her to think I wasn't going to show up.

Maybe she was in the back already?

I walked around the academy to the back. No one there. Hmm... maybe I should wait for her up front, in case she does show up. I walked back to the front, wondering if maybe she was already there waiting. But no, she wasn't there. I sat on the ground of the wall and waited.

After twenty minutes had passed, making it half an hour since I thought we would meet up, I gave up on waiting for her.. she wasn't coming.
What if she had spent the night with Damian, and was still sleeping in bed with him? The thought was angering me, and getting the better jealous side of me. I know I had no right to be upset, especially after what I spent doing twelve hours yesterday... but still.

I stood up, and before I knew it I was already walking towards her house, determined to go see her. And I swear, she better be fucking there, and not at Damians house. The last part, made me break into a run, to get to her house faster. By the time I was there, I saw her white curtain swaying inside from the air blowing in. There were no cars parked in front, so her parents weren't home. I jogged up the steps and knocked... waited a few seconds before knocking again. No one... where was that old woman from last time? Maybe it was her day off.

I walked off the steps, and stood in front of the house. "Clove!" I shouted, looking up at the window. "Clove!" I shouted again. Finally at the third call of her name, she appeared at the window. She looked down at me puzzled.

"What are you doing here?" she shouted down.

"Why weren't you at the academy? We had agreed we would work out together." I called up.

"I'm not your personal trainer Cato, you can do it yourself." she said sitting at the ledge of her window. She was wearing a white shirt, with red shorts, which exposed her right leg and bare foot, as it dangled at the side of the house.

"I waited half an hour for you." Well more like twenty some odd minutes, but close enough.

"Okay?" She asked.

"Well why didn't you show up?"

She shrugged. "I don't feel like working out today, I had a long night, and I was enjoying a rather amazing dream before you woke me up." She said as she brought her leg back inside. "So if you don't mind." she said as she disappeared back into her room.

"Clove!" I shouted out again. "Clove!" I demanded her attention again. But she didn't come. I looked at the formation of her houses side, and agreed that it wouldn't be too hard to climb. Before I could even think about any break in consequences, or what I really was about to do. I began to climb up the side, which was much more easier then I thought it would be.

When I finally reached the ledge of her window, I looked in. There she was laying on her bed, she had her eyes closed as she was listening to some music, with her headphones on. She was moving her feet and head, to what ever the beat of the song she was listening to had.

Climbing in, I debated or a moment what the hell I was doing. What could I possibly say now after climbing into her room, by the window? I looked at her nightstand, and was happy to see she didn't have any daggers, or anything she could kill me with. I was trespassing and she would have every right to do so.

I cleared my throat, which caused no interruption from her song, as she had it on loud. After a few seconds, she finally opened her eyes and looked at me.

She sat up and screamed, initially surprised that someone else was in her room. She ripped her headphones off and threw them my way, along with her music player. The song getting louder as it came closer towards me. I dodged it, and the music shut off once the whole object hit the wall and dropped to the floor.

"What the fuck Cato? You know I can report you for this!" She said not moving from her bed.

"Why didn't you go to the academy?" I demanded again. I walked towards her, and stopped at her side. She just looked up at me, her face flushing.. but it wasn't in anger.

"What are you doing in my room?" she asked, her color coming back to normal.

"Answer me." I demanded.

"You answer me!" she raised her voice to me.

"Why didn't you go Clove?" I noticed her look at the hickey on my neck. "Cause of this?" I asked tilting my head to the side, showing her the mark.

Her face changed, she was clearly getting angry.

"Get out of my house Cato! You can't just break in." she said.

I had finally lost my patience with her. I grabbed her by the upper part of her arms and shook her. Not hard, but just enough to get her attention.

"Answer me." I demanded.

"Let go!" she said trying to shove me away. But I didn't budge.

"Answer me." I said again.

"Let go!" she said continuing to push me away. We struggled together, as I tried forcing her to stay still. But her manners changed. She began to try to get away from me more urgently, causing me to be more aggressive with her.

"Stop! Let go!" She said loudly now.

But I didn't listen, as I shook her again. "Answer me!" I finally raised my voice loudly.

Her eyes began to water. "Let go!" she said before screaming. She slapped me across the face, bringing me back to what was going on. She was now crying. I had forgot about what her brother had done to her, maybe even in this very room.

"Shit I'm sorry." I tried apologizing.

"Leave!" she said through her tears.

"Clove." I said sitting on the bed, and reaching over to her. She tried moving away from me, but I grabbed her and hugged her. She tried moving away again, but I didn't let go. I bought her head to my chest. "I'm sorry Clove, I didn't mean to scare you. Its just, you were frustrating me. I didn't mean to bring back bad memories." Without thinking, I kissed the top of her head before I rested my cheek on it.

She looked up at me, making me lift my head away from her. Her eyes and nose red from her crying, only her freckles stayed the same shade. I took a deep breath before I decided to cross the line and kissed her.

She tensed for a moment as my lips pressed to hers. I was waiting for her to pull away, or push me away. But she didn't, so I went in deeper, running my tongue on her lips, before she parted her lips and let me in.

Her tongue didn't move around much with mine, confusing me why she lacked any kissing skills, as I was sure Damian and she kissed.

But I wasn't about to question anything, or even more think about him at the moment. I felt her shift as she sat up, but didn't break from the kiss, as she did her best to try and match my tongues motions. But it only became sloppy, but I wasn't about to stop her.

I could feel her mouth twitching as she was trying not to smile in between the kissing. I ran my hand though her hair, stopping at the back of her head, and tilted her head back by grabbing her hair and pulling lightly to move her head back. I trailed kisses down her neck, and she moaned lightly. It was my turn to smile as I continued to kiss her neck, wanting so badly to suck on it. I already knew I was hard before I could even stop myself.

"Wait stop stop." she said pulling away.

We both stared into each others eyes. Her eyes were now a shade of light pink from her earlier crying. I was not the only one who was turned on, by the look in her eyes.

"What is it?" I asked trying to kiss her again.

"Clove?" came a voice from downstairs. She must of heard her parents come in downstairs, while I was so preoccupied with her neck.

I sighed, her mother had a way to ruin things. "Clove? I came to drop you off something to eat, while on break." her mothers voice came much more closer now, she must be climbing up the stairs, I had no time to jump out the window, I stood up and in a quick panic from the both of us, I rolled under her bed just in time.

Her bedroom door opened, as her mother came in. "Clove sweetie, are you sleeping?" Her mother walked around the bed and stopped next to her. Clove didn't answer her, I heard her mother kiss her maybe on her forehead or cheek, before she walked back out the room. I exhaled, not realizing I had held my breath. Neither Clove or I moved from where we were until we heard a car engine come on, and it drove away.

I felt the bed moving before I head Clove laughing from above. I rolled out from under the bed and looked at her. Why was she laughing.

"What?" I asked wanting her to sit back up so I could kiss her again.

"Nothing." she said shaking her head. "That was a close one." she finally sat back up, her face was pink as a blush was creeping up again.

I leaned forward to try and kiss her again, but she stopped me. "You need to go now Cato."

"Why? Didn't you like it?" I asked sitting on the bed, and trying to kiss her neck again.

"Of course I did." she said trying to hold back from completing a moan as she said it.

"Then? Is it because you have a boyfriend?" I asked licking her neck.

She exhaled at the feeling. "No... I mean yes. Yes Cato, because I have a boyfriend." she pushed me away.

"I won't tell." I said kissing her shoulder.


I sighed at another fucking interruption.

"Its Damian." She said scrambling up to her feet. She went to her mirror and whipped her face with a tissue.

I clenched my jaw at his name.

"Clove!" came Damians voice form outside again. She ran over to the window. "Hey!" She said waving down.

"Come open the door!" he said from below.

I was getting angry at the thought of them being alone after I left. What was going to happen between them after I left? I'm not saying I was going to try and sleep with her right now, but I wasn't okay at the thought of them doing it either.

"Coming, gimme a sec." she said down to him.

"Come on." she said grabbing my hand.

But I didn't stand up. I weighed much more then her, so when she pulled again, I didn't even budge.

"Come on Cato, you have to go out through the back." she said.

"Do you love him?" I asked

"What? Come one Cato he's waiting." she said trying to pull me up again.

"Answer me." I said

"Yeah Cato, I love him." she said.

"Then why did you let me kiss you? Why did you enjoy this?" I pulled her towards me, as she slipped perfectly between my legs, her arms wrapped around my neck, as mine wrapped around her waist. I kissed her again, before Damians voice called out to her again. She broke away from the kiss. "I don't know Cato... but I don't have much time to think about it right now.

I nodded, and got up. I was sure she saw I was upset right now. As we made our way down the stairs, I could hear Damian knocking on the door, as he sang some song I had never heard before. He was even good at singing! What the hell was he not good at? There was one thing I was really hoping he wasn't good at! But I wasn't about to think about it right now, because I was already angry enough.

I followed Clove to her kitchen, which unlike the rest of the house, with its ugly floral and girly flare was all white.

She opened the door and let me out.

"Can I see you again?" I asked her.

She thought about it for a moment. "We'll see."