Just as soon as those words slipped past my lips, the room busted into cheers and laughter. A few girls including Jarcy were complaining that the Avox was dead, and they wouldn't be able to torture him now. They were obviously making a bigger deal out the whole thing, because they were clearly jealous, and I couldn't blame them.

My eyes were still locked on Cloves, she was looking at me confused, I could tell she was trying to figure out if she knew me. She tore her heavy gaze away from me after Bane tried patting her back in congratulation, but she gave him a look that made him back away.

Brutus clapped loudly clearly impressed. "Bravo Clove, bravo!" Clove looked at him indifferent, no sign of flattery or pride. "But please try no to threaten my students in my presence." he motioned for everyone to get back in line.

Bane was back in his place next to me. "Did you see that?"

I nodded.

"Miss Clove-" Brutus called to her, "Where did you learn such fantastic aim? And such strength to launch the whole blade into his skull. Or was it luck?" he examined the bleeding hole.

"My brother." she said promptly

"Is that so? Would he happen to be the blade thrower in the 71st Hunger Games?"

She nodded seriously.

"Fascinating." Brutus mused.

I remembered him, I think his name had been Trent, he had made it to the last three. Dying only after the arena under him had split open into a fan of blades, creating a blender effect. He didn't even get a chance to re act, as the blades chopped him into a mush of nothing. Up to that point everyones money was on him. He was good.

I had forgotten I was still holding on to her dagger, I slipped it into the pocket of my pants.

"I wonder... exactly how good are you?" Brutus asked rubbing his chin.

"I never miss my target."

"Let me see you do that again." Brutus dragged the body over to the side of the crate he had came in.

Clove walked from the line and faced the body. She spread her vest to show a small collection of daggers. "And you came prepared." Brutus said once again impressed.

Clove crossed her arms into a X over her body, and within seconds her hands quickly drew dagger after dagger, until the Avoxs forehead, throat, chest, stomach, and groin were penetrated deeply.

"Sooooo fucking sexy." Bane mumbled to me.

I clenched my jaw tightly, remembering she had stabbed me once before. He was right, it was sexy.. had it been another girl.

"Beautiful." Brutus said happily. "Alright guys split into your groups. Tamara your working with ages twelve through fourteen, Cato you have fifteen and sixteen, and Brutus you will be working with seventeen and eighteen."

Throughout the day, I had been distracted by Clove, watching her training, and what she could do. I noticed she wasn't very good using a bow, or a sword. But anything that involved throwing, such as a triton, axe, spear, and of course daggers- she excelled in.

I wont lie, a part of me was impressed by her talents, especially at her age, causing jealousy among the room including with me. But that only meant she was actual competition, and her attitude just made her even more a threat to me. I looked down at my hand, I flexed my fingers into my palm and back out, trying to stretch it. But the motion caused a strain to the part of the scarred tissue on my hand, that it felt as if my skin might tear away. This task alone deemed much more difficult years ago, and I fucking hated her for this. I was going to make sure, to make her time here a living hell.

When lunch time came around, she was no where to be found.

"So what do you think about fourteen?" Bane asked me, clearly he was interested in her differently then I was.

I took a large gulp of my milk before answering him. "She's a cunt."

Causing him to laugh. "So I take you don't mind if I try to smash?"

"She's all yours man, but I don't think she thinks much of you." I snorted.

"She says no right now, but later she will be saying 'yes! yes! yes! oh god yes!" Bane said moaning loudly, causing a few students to either laugh or look at him oddly.

I rolled my eye and shook my head. "Where is she anyways?" I asked looking around. It was almost time to go home, but no one was allowed out the building until after everyone had ate.

Bane shrugged and turned over to Tracy- his go to girl. He winked at her before getting up. "Really Bane? Here?" I asked knowing all to well what that wink was code word to them. He just shrugged and left with Tracy.

With ten minutes left before everyone could leave, I decided to head back to the training room to make sure everything was clean. The door was unlocked and wide open. I stepped in to find Clove with her back to me. She was doing chin up on the bars, with perfect technique... fucking perfect bitch.

"You know you're not allowed to be in here un supervised." I say walking to her.

She let go of the bar and rested her hands on her waist, breathing through her mouth from her workout.

"You're here aren't you? she asks.

She was considerably short next to me, I could easily kill her. And it was taking a lot for me to not slap her.

"Who do you think you are?" I ask her authoritatively. "I can get you kicked out this program."

"Oh no I'm so scared. Oh please Cato no, please don't report me. I'll do anything." she says sarcastically, making me want to snap her neck.

I knew I was out of line, but I grabbed her by the neck and slammed her into the wall.

"Don't ever speak to me like that again." I said putting pressure to her neck.

Her face was turning red, but she didn't even attempt to stop me. Even with her eyes beginning to water and redden, she gave a small smile. I finally let go.

She stayed at the wall breathing heavily, letting fresh air fill up her lungs again. She started to laugh madly, making me confused and even more angry.

"Oh Cato, how did you know I like it rough? Next time please do it harder." she says walking past me. This girl really was fucked up.

As she reached the door Bane appeared, he stepped aside letting her pass. "Bye." he called after her, but she only flicked him off.

"She's a little feisty one isn't she? Bane wants." he said to me. He must of noticed how upset I was because he asked what was wrong. "Nothing." I snapped.

On our way out, we had ran into Tamara, I told her she would be coming home with me. It wasn't a request, Tamara nodded and walked with us in silence, until Bane parted ways to make his way home, which was on the other side of me.

"That new girl Clove is something huh?" Tamara asked, attempting to break the silence. She was trying to distract me form what ever was upsetting me. But she unknowingly choose the wrong topic to bring up. I looked at her harshly, making her stop talking. We walked in silence until we arrived home.

My mother swung the door open, before I could even take my keys out.

"How did today go dear?" my mother asked.

I pushed past her not even looking at her. "Don't disturb us." I say walking up to my room, Tamara behind me.

"Cato I don't think we should fuck while your moms here." Tamara says as we reached my room.

I grabbed her by the hair and threw her on to the bed. "I don't re call asking you to think."

"Take it easy Cato, I'm really not in the mood for you to be so rough on me. It was a long day today." Tamara complained.

I pulled my pants down and was already ready for her. "Tamara."


"Just shut the fuck up already." I said grabbing her head and forcing her mouth on me.


"Damn Prick. I grabbed my neck swallowing a few times in hope it would help massage the inside. I didn't know who the older boy was so when I saw his lips utter.

"Clover.. its you." I was surprised he acted like he had recognized me. He must be confusing me for someone else, because I had been home schooled all my life. And I didn't have any friends for him to claim to know me by association. But even then what could this mystery girl who reminded him of me done to him? He must have some unfinished history with her, because for him to act the way he did today wasn't normal.


"Owwww Cato stop, don't hit me so hard." Tamara complained as I spanked her again.

"Shut up." I said pulling her hard by the hair.

I could tell she was on the verge of crying and I continued to roughly pound into her.

I pulled out of her just to push her over to her side. Flipping her around so she was now on her back on my bed, and I quickly went back in her.

"Why.. are... you... so... mad?" she asked in between breathes.

Why was she still talking? She was gonna kill my mood, and if I got soft right now, well lets just say I won't hold back. I could already feel her beginning to dry up, so I knew it would start hurting her.

"Cato... its... really... hurting." she said trying to sit up.

But I grabbed her by the neck and pushed her head back down on the bed.

"I'm... not... fucking done!" I snapped at her, not slowing down.

I closed my eyes and kept my grasp on her neck, I could feel her trying to pry my hand away from her neck, making my tighten it.

In between it all, the choking noises Tamara was doing, the scratches she was making on my arms, and the heavy breathing I was doing. Clove appeared in my mind, the way she looked as she shot all her daggers to the Avoxs body, the way she had just let me choke her. Oh Clove. I thought as I released myself into Tamara and finally letting go of her neck.


"Dad? Mom? I'm home." I set my keys on the small table by the door.

"Hey Clove" said my dad coming to greet me.

"Wheres mom?" I asked as I kicked my shoes off.

"She went to your aunts house. How was it?" he asked sitting in the armchair by the door.

"It was alright." I said opening the cabinet where I stored my daggers at. I unzipped my vest and began putting away my daggers back into their spots. Until I reached to the last sport, where I always put my first dagger in. The one my father had gotten engraved or me. Where was it? I felt around my vest, and my pants pockets. Shit... I must have left it with the Avox. "Oh no." I groaned.

"Whats wrong?" my father asked.

"My dagger, the one with my name.. I think I must of left it at the academy.. what if someone finds it?" I says frowning.

"Its okay, we can always get you another one." my father smiled reassuring me.

"But that was my very first dagger."

My father smirked."Do you remember how you got that dagger?" he asked.

"You bought it for me, because I stole it." I say remembering the story my mother had told me.

"Yeah after I pulled you away form the young man you had stabbed." he says smiling.

"I did what? Why?" I asked surprised, my mother had never told me this. Even at a young age I was already cold blooded.

"The young man claimed you had taken his money, so you stabbed him. Thats all I really remember. It was a long time ago." he says.

"Did... did I get my first kill when I was little?" I ask. I had always thought my first kill had been my brothers ex girlfriend I had helped him dispose of.

He shook his head. "Oh no, of course not, you stabbed his hand. I'm sure he's still very much alive, I think his name was... what was it?" he asked himself.

I turned to look at myself in the mirror, touching my sore neck I noticed a few bruises on it.


I jumped at the sound of his name. How did he know Cato had done this to me?

"His name was Cato Hakley... Hapley.. no that wasn't it...HADLEY! Cato Hadley!" my father said happily, as if he had just passed an exam.

"Cato?" I repeated. Shit... was it the same Cato? Is that why he hates me?

"Yeah I know! What kind of name is that right?" my father chuckled at himself.

I didn't listen to the rest he said, because my hand was already back at my neck... "Cato." I repeated.