Roses are Red, Squishies are Soft


100 Theme Challenge: Theme Eight: Soft


The city day had started off as any other normal robot filled city had. Bumblebee and Sari had just come back from some race, both laughing loudly.

"Hey, Sari, I've been thinking lately," Bumblebee turned his helm, looking at the girl sitting beside him. She looked up at him, rubbing her cheeks because they were beginning to hurt from all the grinning.

"Yes, Bumblebee?" She asked, smiling rather cheekily as she flung herself on the cement sofa.

"You're soft." Bumblebee stated suddenly as he grinned down at the girl, joining her on the sofa.

Sari blinked, "Huh, soft?" She stared at Bumblebee weirdly.

"Yeah, you're weird soft squishy skin, and your weird red mane." Bumblebee chuckled, staring at Sari with wide innocent optics.

Sari arched her eyebrow. "Uhh, you mean my hair?" She snickered. Bumblebee nodded, even though he quite didn't understand.

"A mane is like, hair for a lion, or something like that." She tilted her head to the side, blinking in deep thought.

"Will you two be quiet?" Both their heads snapped in the direction Prowl was in. He was sitting in front of the big TV, meditating.

"Uh, Prowl, you're the one making weird stupid sounds." Bumblebee rolled his optics. Prowl turned and glared at him.
"They are not stupid. It helps me to meditate." He replied, seething.

"Whatever, Prowl!" Bumblebee stuck his glossa out, glaring back at the black and gold Autobot.

Prowl only sighed, as he outright chose to ignore the yellow mech and the young girl behind him.


Wow. The shortest thing I have ever written. Ever. *shakes head* Anyways, I totally forgot about this, and wanted to start it up again. Maybe I'm going through another Transformers-phase...

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