Hermione found herself sitting in the Great Hall next to her two best friends, Harry and Ron. Everything seemed like a normal Monday morning, groups of people were talking loudly and eating trying to get ready for the day ahead of them. Hermione though, usually a book in hand could not get started. Her mind was still stuck on the dream she had been rudely woken up from. Her eyes kept glancing over to the Slytherin table to where a certain blonde haired boy was sitting in a group of his normal friends giving that same smug look he always gave. "Right, Hermione?" Ron had just nudged into her. She jumped just slightly and looked at him. "Wha-?" Ron frowned. "What is with you? You have been acting funny this morning." Hermione gave him a weird look like he was completely wrong. "I don't know what you are talking about Ron. I am just keeping my mind on the classes ahead." She said as she reached for her book bag, looking at her watch. Ron of course gave Harry a weird look and grabbed his book bag following after Hermione.

Draco sat there listening to the group around him. Goyle, Crabbe, Pansy and Zabini were all talking loudly and happily before they would go to their first class of the morning. Suddenly Pansy gave a noise of distaste and her dark eyes were on those of Hermione Granger. "There that mudblood goes with Potty and Weasel." Draco let himself look over at Granger and found himself giving a slight sneer. Though underneath the sneer he couldn't help but let his mind wander, especially since last night. For some strange reason he had had a dream about Hermione Granger. The worst part was it didn't involve torture, it didn't involve teasing. It was just her and him in one of the lower corridors and eventually leading them to a classroom that wasn't locked. Of course he had let his mind wonder off way to easily because Pansy was pouting and looking at him like he was purposely ignoring her. "Sorry I was just wandering how her parents didn't just dump her at a corner bin." That seemed to make things better for Pansy since she gave her ungodly loud laugh.

Draco watched as Pansy picked up her bag and looked at Draco expecting him to stand and walk with her to their first class of the day. He gave her his charming Malfoy smile waited for the rest of the group to stand before they started towards their first class.

Draco sat quietly in the Great Hall. His gray eyes staring at the food that he had barely touched. He was starting to become the last of the people to head off to bed. There was just something wrong with the young Malfoy he wasn't hungry and he didn't seem to be in the best of moods. His hand held a fork and he continued to push his desert around on his plate. Draco had gone and told Pansy and the rest to go ahead without him. The only two to remain behind were Crabbe and Goyle. The best part about it was they were always so busy with this part of dinner he really didn't have to think about them annoying him too much. Draco sighed slightly and after deciding that pushing his food around his plate wasn't going to help his mood he stood slowly from the table and without a word to Crabbe and Goyle started towards the hall that would lead down to the Slytherin Common Room.

Draco stopped about halfway to the corridor when someone caught his eye. She was alone for some odd reason. He had never seen her by herself in this area unless she was running off to the library. As she moved up the stairs Draco made a quick decision, he started to follow her but at a bit of a distance. Hermione had her nose in a book as she was walking the corridors so it made it a bit easier to follow since she wouldn't be looking around and actually paying attention. His mind was wondering over how she looked, he couldn't get it to stop. But as they climbed up towards the third floor Draco finally smirked as he decided it'd be good enough to call her attention. "Why so alone, Mudblood." It obviously would work. She had stopped and spun quickly around to face him. Of course she was less like Weasel and Potty, she didn't have her wand in her hand. "What are you doing up here, Malfoy. The Slytherin Common Room is down below. In case you were too slow to remember." Her book remained open and in her hands. Draco continued his simple smirk as he walked towards her. "Oh, I came for a little bit of a stroll. Now, where's your boyfriends. How strange to see you on your own, did they realize what they were hanging around and decide to throw the mudblood out of the group?" Hermione looked ready to spit fire at this point but her tone was cool when she spoke to Malfoy next. "Unlike the people you call friends mine don't ditch because of their blood status."

Draco moved yet closer towards her. His gray eyes were locked on her brown eyes. "You call those two friends? You Gryffindors are so lost." He said laughing. "Then again with them so attached to you one would think there is more going on." Hermione frowned and raised a brow. She rolled her eyes after a minute and started to walk along the corridor. "Get lost Malfoy. I would hate to have to send you running like the ferret that you are." He noticed that she had a smirk on her face as he started to go after her. He didn't reach for his wand. He simply grabbed her wrist and spun her around with a growl.

She had no fear in her eyes. She was still smiling. He glared down at her. How much of a bitch could she be? Hermione kept that smile on her face. Draco pulled his hand away from Hermione's wrist. "I'll need to be careful. I don't want to be infected with what you mudbloods carry nowadays." He gave a turn and started walking away from her. He gave a glare to himself. It was terrible! He had been beaten by the Granger girl again! He walked quickly trying to get back to the common room as fast as he could. What the hell happened? He couldn't have found anything at all to fight back to her? He was bothered by that. It was not his best battle and he knew it. Next time he would be prepared though. She would pay for making him look like an idiot.

Draco found his hand going through his blonde hair as he made his way through the dungeons now. He'd need some of his friends to keep his mind off of his failed attempt of pissing Granger off, of coming out on top.

Draco nearly jumped as he felt a hand on his arm and spun around suddenly. He only got a flash of brown hair and a strong push and he was suddenly slammed up against the wall. He was of course shocked as he felt a pair of lips press themselves against his. He had the idea then who it was. Or some sort of an idea of who it was anyway. Draco wrapped his arms around the woman that had pressed him against the wall of the corridor. He felt the hands of Granger find their way into his blonde hair.

He felt her pressing herself so tightly against him he knew what she was wanting. He smirked into the kiss and after a moment pulled the woman away from him. He had to have breath even though he wanted it. Draco looked into the woman's eyes, it was only a second but it felt like an eternity. Then it was back to the passion. Draco was unsure if it was from the hate and the disgust that made this so strong and right. One of those moments of what was wrong and right and the wrong made it so much better. He could feel her hands on him and the touch coming from her just seemed to set his skin on fire with want. There were so many moans coming each of them and nearly constantly. The touches were all different and strange. It wasn't like when he was with Pansy, it was past enjoyable. It was amazing!

Draco found himself breathing hard as Hermione pulled back from their kiss. Her hands were working under his shirt feeling his abs and running her nails over them. Her teeth found his bottom lip and she tugged on it with a growl. He found himself unable to resist the woman. What was going on? He felt his shirt being pushed up and he allowed it letting her remove his shirt. His mind was racing with questions and he knew keep your mouth shut don't ruin this feeling. Her lips were back on his as she started to work on his pants and his arms were around her as she started to push down on them.

Then it happened, a loud bang and suddenly his eyes were open and he was staring at the ceiling. Where was he? He looked over and saw what had happened, Crabbe had fallen out of his bed and created a ruckus. He made a slight face, annoyed with what happened. He rolled over as best he could, trying to get as comfortable as he could. What the hell was going on in his mind? That was the second night in a row he had a dream with Granger in it. He made a slight face. Great there would be something in his head all day tomorrow again. Draco rolled his eyes slightly and shut them a slight smirk coming to his lips. What was the possibility of it happening again? It was a fluke right? It was a phase. Something that comes and goes and hopefully this one would stay away completely.

((I know it's short and I apologize ahead of time for it. Hopefully they'll get longer.))