I apologize for the last chapter. In my head this last chapter did not work out amazingly. I seemed lost through most of that. I also was unsure how to carry that chapter. I might have been tired and that screwed me. I hope this one is plenty better.

Draco found himself walking out of McGonagall's office. It had been two weeks of straight detention. He was tired. He was running late on his homework. His friends were even wondering what he had done to get detentions for so long. He of course had made up some excuse involving McGonagall making some bullshit story up to get him into trouble since he had been harassing the mudblood, Granger. It took a bit to tell the story just right but in the end they seemed ok with what was happening. However, things were not okay with his parents. He had received two different letters both on the same day both very long in length. He had been glad neither was a howler but he could only guess his parents didn't want to let it slip he was caught with a mudblood. He had held off on reading them until he was in the privacy of his dorm. His mother seemed rather distraught over the whole thing and yet seemed to blame herself. Yet, being the mother that she was she loved him still and wished that it was a once in a life time thing. A smile had come to his lips with that letter. His mother would always love him no matter what and he was grateful. His father was of course a different story. Lucius had not been so forgiving. Lucius had pretty much all but abandoned him. He was still unsure of that and when he was to return home he would see how his father would really act. Of course he'd give it a shot later on. He just didn't know if he wanted to return home for Easter. He might need to give his father some more time to relax and cool off.

Draco worked his arm and sighed. In all of the mess he was still having dreams about Hermione. It was weird. Draco turned to head down towards the dungeons and work his way towards his dorm. He wondered how Hermione was doing with hers. Snape had the pleasure of having her in his class and he wondered what pleasures she was doing this evening. It was no surprise that between him and Hermione nearly everything within that classroom was taken care of. Draco turned a corner and collided with someone. He stayed on his feet and watched as a fluff of brown hair moved past his face. Suddenly Draco felt a smile slide onto his lips. Just the person he was thinking about. "Damn it." He heard her say. Draco reached out and took hold of her hand and pulled her to her feet. Hermione's eyes were wide when she realized who it was. She quickly turned the corner and started to walk away. Draco grinned and followed after her. "Where are you off to?" He asked quietly though loud enough for her to hear. "To my Common Room. I don't need any more detentions Malfoy." She started to pick up speed and took the stairs two at a time. Draco laughed and kept up with her. "Hermione." Once they reached the top of the stairs Draco grabbed her wrist and pulled her around. "What's got you running?" He knew what was wrong. She was embarrassed when they were caught and she had the same punishments as he did. Draco had been having a time trying to get her alone. It had been impossible until now. Draco licked his lips as he watched her look into his eyes. He started to grin and felt her pull her wrist away. She started back up the stairs and he followed after her. "Hold on woman." He called to her.

Hermione was at the top of the stairs and turned around with a glare. "You will address me by my name not woman!" She hissed at him. Draco kept his grin and moved up towards Hermione. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close and whispered softly. "Hermione." He smirked as he felt her melt against him. Draco began to kiss over her neck and working slowly higher up to her lips where he kissed her roughly. He heard her moan into the kiss and felt her arms wrap around him. Draco flicked his tongue against her lips and felt her open up completely to him. There was always something pleasing in over powering Hermione Granger. He let his tongue play with hers and after a short time he felt her pull back. Draco looked at her and saw the same lust in her eyes that he was feeling. Hermione grabbed his hand and lead him along through the halls quickly. He followed without a question. His eyes occasionally glancing over her body. Lord how he wanted her. He wanted to strip her down and have her. He wanted to feel her warm skin against his. They stopped somewhere in the middle of a corridor. He wasn't sure what the hell they were doing. He just wanted to have her in an empty class and to take advantage of her. Hermione began pacing and suddenly a door popped open. Draco was ready to slap himself. How could he forget?

Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her through the door. He glanced around. A bed? She wanted it too. The room was dim and candles were there only bit of light that they had. Draco turned and shut the door. When Draco had turned around Hermione had thrown herself onto him. Draco wrapped his arms around Hermione and kissed her roughly. Hermione moaned into the kiss once more and Draco felt her fingers in his hair. His tongue played with hers. There would be privacy and no one barging in on them. It would be great. He ran his fingers up over her back and pulled her robes off. Hermione pulled completely away from him and smirked as she pulled her shirt off and lay upon the bed. Draco climbed onto the bed and started to kiss over her neck. The mark he had put there when they were caught had left her skin. He gave a smirk and started to kiss over her collarbone and along the top of her breasts. Her breathing was already fast and shallow. Draco pulled the straps of her bra down over her arms. Draco began to suck on the top of Hermione's breast. He heard her moan and he reached under her beginning to unsnap her bra. Hermione arched up and let his hands have more room. He got it undone and pulled it free moving his lips down to take her nipple into his mouth. Hermione gripped his hair once more and arched her back again.

Draco ran his fingers over her skin as he let his mouth move to her other nipple. His teeth dragged lightly over it and he felt Hermione's fingers tighten on his hair. Draco started to let his fingers move over her stomach and then began to move them over the skirt she was wearing. Lord how Draco was thankful that the girls at school were to wear skirts. Draco started to move his hand up over her thigh and under her skirt his fingers brushing over her panties. He felt her legs open more to him and heard her breath catch. Her fingers were there tightly in his hair. Draco knew Hermione wanted this as bad as he did. Draco let his hands work up her skirt and pull her underwear down over her legs and off completely. Draco flicked his tongue over her nipple before he let his mouth cover hers in a kiss. His fingers were moving back up over her thighs and brushed lightly over her pussy. He could feel how wet she was smirked as she broke their kiss and gasped. Draco let his finger run lightly over her clit and felt her arching up and pressing against his fingers. Draco smirked and let his finger slide slowly and started to slip it inside of her. Hermione seemed ready and pleased with the way it was going. She let out a moan and her eyes were shut. Draco let his finger slide completely into her. Draco leaned down and let his mouth suck roughly on the top of her tit as he worked the one finger slowly. Hermione was moaning and as Draco started to slowly add a second finger she took a moment to adjust.

"Draco." Hermione moaned out. She looked at him. He smirked and kissed her. His fingers were working slowly still as he flicked his tongue over hers. She was starting to work her hips against his fingers. Draco pulled back from Hermione and started to pull his robes off. He hadn't gotten it all the way off when he felt Hermione starting to get his shirt off. Draco laughed as it seemed like Hermione was ripping his shirt off. He pulled his shirt off completely and before he could do anything else Hermione started on her pants. Hermione paused for a couple of seconds and looked at Draco before she pulled his pants down leaving him in his boxers. Draco watched Hermione and took in a deep breath. He ran his fingers through her hair. He wanted her so bad right now and he didn't even know how long he would last. Hermione looked up at him before she looked at his boxer shorts. Her fingers had wrapped around the band and started to pull down on it. Draco licked his lips as he watched the so innocent good girl pull his boxers off. She seemed unsure what to do and he gave a moan of his own as he felt her fingers wrap around his dick. Draco watched as she started to move her hand over the length of him and he took in a deep breath. Draco let his head fall back as he felt Hermione's tongue flick over the tip of his cock. He couldn't believe what was going on. Draco found one of his hands wrapped in her hair as she continued to work her hand. Every now and again she would flick her tongue over the tip.

Draco kept a hold of her hair and moved her head closer to him. Hermione glanced up and seemed to know exactly what Draco wanted. She slowly opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. Draco let out a shaky breath as Hermione took to sucking lightly. His mind was lost in all of this. He just wanted the pleasure to keep going. Draco began to work his hips slowly, letting his cock work her mouth. He heard Hermione moan and Draco started to work his hips a bit faster. Hermione's hands came up and gripped Draco's hips as she kept her lips around his dick. Draco was caught off guard when Hermione even took control and started to work her mouth further over cock, taking it deeper. Hermione started to squeeze one of her tits as she worked her mouth over Draco. Draco gave a moan and tried to control his breathing. She was new at this but it was still so great. It felt amazing. It was perfect. Draco pulled his cock from Hermione and heard a slight whimper. She wanted it as badly as he did. Draco smirked at Hermione and kissed her roughly. He had her on her back his tongue was playing with hers. He was hard and ready. Draco felt Hermione wrap her legs around him and felt her pressing against him.

Draco needed this and needed it bad. Draco found himself pressing his cock against Hermione's entrance. She was ready for him. Draco broke the kiss and watched Hermione as he started to ease into her. Draco watched Hermione shut her eyes and bite her lip. He was being as careful with her as he could. Draco kissed her roughly and thrust completely into her. Draco held still as he felt Hermione buck up against him and give a whimper into their kiss. Hermione finally settled and Draco began to move slowly. He listened to Hermione breathing harder and moaning. Her fingers were running over his arms and down over his back. Her legs had found their way around his waist. Draco gave a growl as he began to work a bit faster into her. She was so tight and wet. She was amazing in every way known to man. Hermione began to work her hips against him. "Draco." Hermione gasped.

Draco found himself biting her neck and kissing over it. He began to move faster. Hermione had him in a tight grip and worked harder against him. God she was beautiful. He wanted this to last forever. He knew it wouldn't; nothing this good ever did. Hermione's breathing got faster and her moans louder. Draco felt her run her nails down over his back and gave a moan as he began thrusting faster. Hermione let out a scream of pleasure as her body shook and tightened. "Draco!" She managed to cry out. He gave a smirk as he let the feeling wash over him. Draco thrust harder into Hermione and found after a couple thrusts he had released himself in her. Draco collapsed on the side of her and tried to gain his breathing. Hermione started to kiss over his shoulder. Draco couldn't help but give a smile. This had been perfect.