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Summery: Kensi never really liked Valentine's Day. could this year be different? Who is making her change her mind about this day full of Love?
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Valentine's Chili

Before today, Kensi never really considered Valentine's Day as something important. She experienced it a few times in the past, getting chocolate, fabric hearts and flowers from Jack, but it was just not her. In the seven years after he left her, she decided to invent a tradition- much like the one she has on Christmas. She would just avoid the crowded malls or the extremely happy public because the flowers and the love made her sick.

On February 14th 2013, the day began as normal as always. She woke up at six sharp and drank her first cup of coffee in the kitchen, the donut firmly in her hand. On Valentine's days she would have a double portion of them, just to keep her happy. After she took a long shower, she went to work, always accompanied with the thought of seeing Deeks on this day- a day on which he would be more chipper than usual. When she entered the slightly hidden NCIS building, she spotted Hetty immediately. The small women was always first at work, even before Callen would show up. After smiling at her boss, Kensi made her way over to her desk. The large amount of paperwork struck her and she sat down sluggish. Seeing how much work she would have to do, her mood went from bad to much worse and she unenthusiastically grabbed her pen.

Fifteen minutes after that, she could hear her partner coming into work rather bored. He threw his bad into the corner right before the couch, sat down and put his head on his folded arms. Before Kensi could ask him, how he was doing, Sam and Callen came in, laughing over something that could only be discarded as so not funny.

"What's going on with him?" Sam asked.

Kensi just shook her shoulders and the three of them waited for an answer.

"Today's Valentine's Day," could be heard muffled.

"And?" Kensi dug deeper. After all, she wanted to know what was keeping him from being his charming, chipper self.

Callen asked, "Don't you have a Valentine's Bunny or something?"

"Well, I do have one. She just doesn't know that she has me." And with that Deeks was back to his old self. He raised his head, grinned at his colleagues and emphasised the me part with a hand gesture from the top of his head down.

Kensi snorted. "Yeah, like some woman would want to have that."

"Baby, you know you want it!"

While Callen and Sam just smirked and started working, Kensi rolled her eyes and thought about her partner. If she was being honest, there was a small part in herself that actually wanted the whole Deeks. Just not on Valentine's Day.

She wondered when she changed her mind about the platonic friendship. In the last few days, after his birthday that she had mistaken for a week later than it actually was, she found herself thinking much more about the shaggy haired man.

He was everything she searched for; in many ways. He could bring her to laugh, make her smile and every time he did something stupid, she couldn't just be mad at him for forever. He completed her in a way she wouldn't imagine someone could do that.

But even if she admitted it to herself, that there was in fact a thing, she could not say that out loud. That would make Deeks dancing the I-told-you-so dance, it would boost his ego on cloud nine and Kensi wouldn't accept that.

"Hey partner, are you still there? Look who's here!" She could hear his voice through some clouded thoughts and looked up slowly. Before her stood the mail carrier, a letter and a small box in his hands.

"Delivery for Kensi Blye?"

"Yeah, that's me." The mailman nodded, laid both items out on the table and handed her a small clipboard for her to sign.

"Thanks," she said and smiled at the man.

"Have a good Valentine's Day, Ma'am," he told her before leaving. She just rolled her eyes at his Valentine's Day parting comment.

"Why is it that everyone is so happy about this day? I don't understand it. It's all chocolate and love and happy kissing around, which I consider lousy," she argued and waited for her colleagues to answer.

"You want to be kissed?" Deeks asked and her eyes widened.

"What? No! I never said that."

"But you implied it."

"No, I didn't!"

"Did too!"

"No, Deeks. Let it go. If I wanted to be kissed, I would go out."

"I could always do it. You know, kiss you. It would be like the kiss we shared on our undercover assignment, you know, when we were Melissa and Justin. House-sitting for your uncle."

She could feel the surprised looks of Callen and Sam and looked up a little flushed. "That was an undercover assignment, like you said. It was to maintain cover, okay? Who would want to be kissed by you anyway?"

"Are you seriously doubting this?" Again the gesture over his body. She just shrugged; feeling exhausted by explaining to him for the thousandth time that it was just an undercover kiss.

She grabbed the letter and turned it around in her hands.

"And? Who is the letter from?" Deeks stood up and walked over to her desk.

"I don't know, Deeks. I haven't opened it yet!" and again she rolled her eyes. Inside she wondered from who the letter could be from. She saw the impatient look on Deeks' face and said, "Deeks, this letter is for me. So I have no intentions of telling you something about it, okay?"

He pouted a little but he remained where he stood.

"Open it." She heard Callen say and asked herself what side he took- Deeks' or hers.
"Okay, okay. But it's mine, okay? I will not tell you anything about it!" The guys nodded and she opened the letter.

She unfolded it and read the neatly written words:

Dinner. Tonight, 7 p.m. at Valentino's, Santa Monica. Be on time!
x, your secret admirer

"Wow. That's… wow…" Kensi murmured and stared at the paper.

"What is it? Do you really want to not tell us about it?" Sam asked and looked up for what felt like the first time.

"Do I have a choice? Do you know Valentino's in Santa Monica?"

"Yeah, dinner for like forty dollars for one person. Why?"

"I'm invited for Valentine's Dinner…"

"Seriously? Who's that guy?" Deeks asked not believing what he heard.

Kensi just smiled and said, "I don't know. He's probably well educated, rich, wears expensive suits and dark, polished Italian shoes. Very handsome."

"You talking about me there, princess?"

"Never. You are the opposite."

"You wounded me there, Fern!" For the third time in a few minutes, Kensi rolled her eyes.

She tucked away the letter and took the box in her hands. Standing up, she got out her knife and opened the tape on the top. What she saw in the box was completely mixing up her mind. A dress. A simple, beautiful, black dress. She lifted it out of the box by the straps and showed it to the guys.

"Wow. I really want to know who the guy is… Are you going?" asked Callen and smiled at her.

"I don't know. I mean I really have no clue as to who this guy is… What if he's a pervert?"

"Just be careful," came Deeks' response and he sat down on his desk.

For the rest of the day, everyone except Kensi and Deeks worked a lot.

Kensi was debating if whether she should go on her date or not while Deeks was in deep thought too, thinking about his dark haired partner and her evening plans.


It was 7:01 when Kensi went into the restaurant where she was going to meet her secret admirer. She had spent almost two hours getting ready for this and even left work earlier than usual. If she was feeling anything at all, it was nervousness. She never had blind dates, not even when she was younger. She wondered who the guy could be or if someone just set her up.

The lady at the entrance smiled at her and said, "Happy Valentine's Day. You must be Kensi."

Kensi moved an eyebrow. 'What is going on here? Why does she know my name?' she asked herself.

The woman led her to the table and the agent noticed, that all the others were covered up with the usual restaurant items, but not one was occupied by happy couples.

"He will be with you shortly. Can I get you something to drink?"

Kensi ordered a water and observed her surroundings. The walls were painted in a deep red with some profound quotes every now and then. She could hear slow music coming out of speakers and smell something delicious being cooked in the kitchen. Her excitement grew with every second she had to wait for her secret Valentine.

When the waitress came back with her water, Kensi asked, "Can you tell me something about him?"

She didn't mind at all that it sounded a little crazy- having a date with someone you didn't know.

The women just smiled and said, "I'm sorry, but he told me not to give you any clues…"

Kensi only nodded and took out her phone. She sent a quick message to Deeks, who had asked her to be kept up to date.

Okay, this is seriously wrong. There's just one waitress in the restaurant and she's not telling me anything… Any thoughts? K.

Seconds later her phone vibrated and signalled an answer from her partner.

Nope, sorry. If you're feeling uncomfortable should I come get you? XO D.

She smiled a bit at his caring manners.

No, I'm good. She typed back. I'll wait a few more minutes. If something is happening, you'll be the first one to know. K.

Thanks, Kens. Have fun and I want to know everything! XO D.

She rolled her eyes. Sometimes he was being a girl, wanting to know everything just to babble it out at some point.

Quit being so girly. And leave me alone. K.

^^ will do. XO D.

She put her phone away, took a sip of her water and waited. And waited. And waited.

Then, suddenly the door opened and she turned around.

Who she saw completely knocked her out off her perch…

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