Wow, three red bells before bed time really keep you up all night but apparently get the creative juices flowing (which I should be using for my revision and exams but oh well…). It' s been years since I've written anything but this is just flowing into my head! And before you ask, yes, I am English and while I'll try to keep things American, I can't guarantee it'll be anywhere near perfect ^_^;

I would also like to say thank you to LionsOnASee-Saw, as I used her fic (A Sarah and Elliot Story) as a guideline to the characters' ages, nicknames from the films, etc.

Full Summary:

An AU of the second film – Tom and Kate Baker decide to take their entire brood to Lake Winnetka three years later instead of when the film set it. Three extra years means more teenagers and "young adults", more hormones and more craziness. Sarah earned herself a sport scholarship into the highly prestigious Royal Trinity Boarding School and has been attending there for the last three years along with Elliot Murtaugh and his younger siblings. Both families will be at Lake Winnetka and both families will meet again but Sarah and Elliot are already close friends, unbeknown to the Bakers. How will it turn out this time.


Elliot/Sarah (main pairing)

Tom/Kate, Jimmy/Serena, Nora/Bud, Charlie/Anne, Calvin/Lorraine (side pairings)


The Bakers

Tom Baker (51 years old)

Kate Baker (48 years old)

Nora Baker McNulty (28 years old)

Bud McNulty (28 years old)

Tom Jr "Tommy" McNulty (3 years old)

Charlie Baker (23 years old)

Lorraine Baker (22 years old)

Henry Baker (17 years old)

Jake Baker (16 years old)

Sarah Baker (16 years old)

Mike Baker (15 years old)

Jessica Baker (13 years old)

Kim Baker (13 years old)

Mark Baker (12 years old)

Kyle Baker (8 years old)

Nigel Baker (8 years old)

The Murtaughs

Jimmy Murtaugh (50 years old)

Serena Murtaugh (32 years old)

Anne Murtaugh (23 years old)

Calvin Murtaugh (22 years old)

Becky Murtaugh (21 years old)

Daniel Murtaugh (19 years old)

Elliot Murtaugh (17 years old)

Robin Murtaugh (13 years old)

Lisa Murtaugh (13 years old)

Kenneth Murtaugh (12 years old)