I'm obsessed with Harry Potter all over again and I've finally discovered POTTERMORE Love it!

So even though I have already started and George and Padma story, this one popped into my head. I just had to write it down.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter in anyway but damn I'd love to.

Chapter One: The Meeting

Even though it had been some time since the beginning of fifth year, Padma still felt anxious every time she passed Cormac McLaggen in the hallways or saw him at dinner – basically whenever she was in the same general area as him. The reason being that most of the time when he would see her he would mock her for being an innocent virgin or conversely would brag to his friends loudly that she had given him a good blow job or two. She couldn't understand how he could make her feel like both a prude and a whore.

Over the break between fourth and fifth year her family had gone through a difficult time. They were still going through it. Her father had cheated on her mother and to make it easier for their parents to deal with it, Padma and her twin sister Parvati had been shipped off to their Aunt Marathi's place. Their Aunt wasn't very strict and Padma had found out quite early on in the break that Cormac McLaggen lived only a few doors down from her. They ended up spending most of the break together. Padma needed a distraction and so she had let herself become reckless. She had been infatuated with Cormac. He was handsome, he seemed strong and he didn't ask many questions about her so she didn't have to focus on her own life and how bad it was.

Cormac was her first kiss. Kissing hadn't been what she expected. Her heart didn't beat fast and sometimes she even found it boring. But she was drunk on the fact that one of the hottest guys in school was interested in her. So one night when he told her he'd like her to get on her knees, she didn't object – even though she didn't really want to do it. He enjoyed it and it made her feel attractive. And for this reason over the summer she kept doing it.

It wasn't until one afternoon when she was sick with a bad cold that she would discover the mistake she had made in thinking that Cormac was a good catch. Even though she was feeling sick he asked her to pleasure him. She could believe he would even ask. When a girl is sick their boyfriend is supposed to make them soup and worry about them. That day she ended it and avoided him until fifth year started up and he had been horrible to her ever since.

Padma was on her way to the Room of Requirement when she passed him and tried to ignore him. He didn't move but he had two of his dickhead friends with him.

"Hey boys, if you're ever looking for a good cock sucker, I can tell you from experience that all that studying makes a Ravenclaw girl really horny. Right Paddy?" He yelled after her. His friends sniggered.

Padma felt her cheeks turn red but she just kept walking and didn't turn around. She was really looking forward to their DA meeting tonight and couldn't wait to let out her anger in a practice duel. She would imagine her partner was McLaggen, that would make it easier.

Padma's anger had not dissipated by the time she reached the Room of Requirement. She was so angry that she wasn't paying much attention when she opened the door and she bumped into a fellow DA member. She bumped into this tall person so forcefully that she stumbled backwards but he caught her around her waist and her hands gripped at his biceps.

Feeling quite embarrassed she looked up into the eyes of George Weasley that seemed to fill with mirth.

"I'm so sorry George," she said as she tried to pull away, but he pulled her closer and spoke softly in her ear.

"You know Padma, if you want to know what it's like being in my arms all you have to do is ask. I bet all the studying you do means you've got a bit of pent up energy. If you're interested, I know a perfect way to release..."

But he didn't get a chance to finish. His comment reminded her of Cormac's comment and she just snapped.

Padma pushed the surprised Weasley away as forcefully as she could and spat out her retort aggressively.

"I don't fuck morons!" And she marched over to where Parvati and Hermione were.

No one had heard this but George. He couldn't believe that the timid, little Ravenclaw prefect could be so fierce and so... beautiful.

He had barely exchanged 10 words with her during their time at Hogwarts so far, but he couldn't wait to do it again. She clearly didn't know how to take a joke but she was stunning. How had he not noticed it before? Throughout their DA session he couldn't keep his eyes off her. She noticed this but she thought it was because he wanted to get her back for her aggressive insult. George Weasley noticing her made her nervous.

This nervousness grew as she realised that the way he would get back at her would be through a horrible prank that would embarrass her. Padma didn't know that George's mind was occupied with thoughts of doing things with her that had nothing to do with childish pranks.