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Chapter 2: The Definition of 'Moron'.

George woke up the next morning thinking of Padma. He had never really been rejected by a girl he had flirted with. He was used to being popular and having all the ladies laugh at his jokes. He couldn't figure out how he felt about her. She was beautiful but so damned serious. He couldn't be developing a crush on a prefect! The very thought mortified him as his thoughts drifted to the git Percy was being. No. Prefects didn't know how to have fun. They were only loyal to rules (though perhaps not Ron and sometimes Hermione). However, he decided in that moment that he didn't like her. Anything he said to her would only be to mock her goody two shoe-ness and set her on edge. He wouldn't flirt with her, he wasn't even flirting with her last night - he just wanted to tease her because she was a prefect and he knew he would get a rise out of her. Yeah, that was it.

Apparently George Weasley is good at lying to himself.

Believing that he was mocking the nerdy prefect who rejected him made it a lot easier for him to talk to her again. It was as if he found a new toy to play with.

At breakfast that morning Padma forced herself not to look at him. She wanted to check if he was looking at her but she refused to give in to such a ridiculous impulse. She spoke to her close friend Sue Li about an upcoming test while mentally convincing herself that the Weasley twin would have forgotten about her outburst by now and that she had nothing to worry about. After all he was very popular and had many other things on his mind like all the joke products he had been making and selling.

A minute after Sue left to go to the Owlery, she was proven wrong. Her thoughts were interrupted by the Weasley twin plonking himself down in the space next to her and handing her a few pieces of parchment. He leaned back lazily with his back against table and his arms crossed. His long legs were stretched out in front of him and a smarmy grin spread across his face while he waited for her reaction. She looked at the parchment curiously.

"Why are you giving me your potions test results?" Padma asked, confused.

"I received an 'O' for 'Outstanding'. A moron by definition is a stupid person, I think this proves that I am not one wouldn't you think sweetheart?"

Padma realised what he was getting at and although there was not much room between them, she threw the test back at him which he caught easily.

"So since you don't fuck morons and we have proven that I am not one, where would you like to go? The Room of Requirement might be a good idea..."

Padma hastily got up out of her seat and crossed her arms as she stood up. My God, he was worse than Cormac! Even though Padma now had the height advantage, George looked up at her looking very pleased with himself.

"Just because you're academically smart, doesn't mean you're not a moron." Padma looked furious on the outside but there was a part of her that felt incredibly alert around him. She couldn't explain it. Why did he have to have his sleeves rolled up to his elbows with the white parts of his shirt sticking out at the bottom? She couldn't figure out why she liked that look on him but it was very distracting!

"There are other ways of being stupid, for example, thinking that you can make a living selling joke products."

George's eyes narrowed at this. That was hitting below the belt. He stood up, towering over her. She took a few steps back but he followed her by taking a few steps forward.

Her heart was now beating quite fast. He placed his hands in his pockets and leant down to whisper in her ear.

"No, need to get nasty love. If you're sexually frustrated anger is not the answer. I believe we already have a solution for that. But if you like, we could go on a date first if that would settle your moral compass?"

Padma gritted her teeth and spat out her retort.

"You are stupid if you think you would ever have a chance with me! I've tried out Weasley before. Never again!"

She stormed off out of the Great Hall before he could ask he what that meant.

George sat back down next to his twin quietly. What does she mean she's 'tried out Weasley before'? Did Fred get to her years ago and not tell him?

"Oi! What was that all about?" Fred asked gesturing to the hall doors that Padma had exited through as he stuffed another piece of bacon into his mouth.

George turned to Fred, his brows furrowed.

"You've only slept with Angelina right?"

Fred had not seen that coming and promptly spilled some pumpkin juice all over his robes.

"Damn it George, what the hell?" Fred picked up a few napkins to absorb the juice.

George barely noticed, he was still lost in thought. He was mentally going back through the years through all the girls Fred had taken out on dates. He was interrupted by Fred punching him in the arm not gently.

"Oi! What is wrong with you? Yes Angelina is the only girl I've slept with! You know that you wanker! Why?"

"But you did other stuff with other girls."

"Why are we talking about my love life? What are we really talking about?"

George sighed.

"Did you ever date Padma Patil?"

Fred scoffed.

"What you think I'd go out with ickle Ronniekins sloppy seconds?"

"WHAT?" asked George almost viciously.

Fred cocked his head to the side to examine his brother, then a wide grin spread across his face.

"You like her!"

George ignored this. "What do you mean she was with Ron? He couldn't get a girl like her!"

He then turned around to look down the Gryffindor table to find his younger brother. Poor Ron chose the moment that George's eyes reached him to look up and found himself understanding the phrase 'if looks could kill'. He couldn't figure out what he did wrong but he knew he would find out soon.

Fred watched in amusement and started laughing at his brother's jealousy.

"I don't think they did anything brother."

George turned his attention back to Fred. "What? When did they even..."

He couldn't get the words out.

"At the Yule Ball remember? He took Padma and Harry took Parvati. I don't think there was even a kiss goodnight. Remember he spent the whole time sulking over Hermione and Krum?"

Fred saw his twin visibly relax.

George did remember that vaguely. He had lost his virginity to a Beauxbaton's beauty that night so he hadn't really been paying attention. Her name was Marchelle. The very next day he had seen her flirting with a Durmstrang guy. Not that he was upset, she had been clear about what she was after when she asked him to the Ball. He had actually been pretty proud of himself boasting to Fred and Lee. But after a while his high from it wore off and he found himself jealous of Fred and how he had his first time with a person he loved.

Fred brought him out of his reverie.

"You like her!" he repeated.

"Please, she's an annoying goody-two-shoes prefect who spends her Friday nights studying."

"And you want show her what she could be doing instead," Fred wiggled his eyebrows at his brother while trying unsuccessfully to keep the smirk off his face.

George glared at Fred but said nothing to protest. His eyes then wondered over to his younger brother. What a tosser Ron was not to realise the chance he had had.

Poor Ron, couldn't for the life of him figure out what he had done to offend his elder brother.