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Chapter 4: Padma beats George

George found it difficult to sleep that night. He had played Padma's reaction to him yesterday over and over in his mind. When she had slapped him he had had to restrain himself from pulling her to him and kissing her right then and there.

He couldn't understand how she was single. She was beautiful, smart and fierce. She could certainly take him on. He hadn't met any girls who could resist his charm.

The next morning when the mail arrived Padma had to resist the urge to look his way to see his reaction to the massacred rose. She was also anxious to see how he would retaliate.

She was happily surprised when nothing happened within the next few days. In fact a whole week went by and she had hardly seen him. The only time she had seen him was when she had gone outside for a walk around the Lake. On her way back she had seen him from a distance with Fred and a few others on the castle stairs trying out a few of their joke products. She had decided to take the long way back to Ravenclaw tower to avoid him.

As the days past Padma came to the conclusion that he was no longer interested in playing whatever game he had been playing with her and that he had moved on.

What she didn't know was that Angelina Johnson had scheduled extra Quidditch practices and that the twins had received a high number of requests for their joke products and that George had been busy making more canary creams and puking pastilles in his spare time. He had definitely not forgotten about her.

Their next meeting actually happened by chance but George took full advantage of the opportunity to get a rise out of Padma. George was waiting outside their History of Magic class with the rest of his classmates while Padma, her friend Sue and a few of the other Ravenclaw 5th years were walking past to get to their Transfiguration class. They both noticed each other. George's face split into a cocky grin while Padma looked away immediately hoping that he would leave her alone.

He didn't.

He followed her, his long legs catching up quite quickly.

"Hello love," he greeted her with a smirk.

Padma sighed and simply kept walking pretending that he wasn't there. Sue looked between George and Padma finding their interaction fascinating. But she loyally took a cue from Padma and kept quiet.

"Are you still angry with me my Indian goddess? I am glad. You're so sexy when you're angry."

As he said this he swerved in front of her so that he was in her way and facing her. She had no choice but to stop. She avoiding looking in his eyes tried to step around him, but he blocked her at every turn until she gave up. She glared up at him but he just chuckled and leaned in towards her.

"Are you going to slap me again?" he whispered as if the thought of her being so feisty excited him.

Padma could no longer say nothing.

"What do you want from me Weasley? Seriously what will it take for you to never speak to me again?"

Padma's outburst attracted a bit of a crowd from the students walking past on their way to their classes.

Unbeknownst to both of them Professor McGonagall had opened her classroom door nearby to let her class in. As they filled in the volume of Padma's voice led McGonagall to investigate the source of the voice. She was more than shocked to hear the exchange between George and Padma.

George smirked, "Your naked legs wrapped around my waist should do it love, we could go to the library if you like. I have a feeling you'd like it there."

Padma's cheeks turned red as she remembered her reaction to him being so close when they were in the library. This angered her. She would never show such weakness in front of him again.

"I told you before, I don't fuck morons! Especially those who don't know the first thing about women. Oh i'm sure you know how to receive pleasure Weasley, but do you know how to give it?"

She looked him up and down in disgust.

"It's obvious, you couldn't make me scream if you tried. Stick to making joke products because that's the only thing you're good at."

It was George's turn to turn red. He had no response but to stare in surprise and in awe of this feisty beauty before him.

There were sniggers and hushed whispers from crowd who in awe of Padma as well. All but one.

Padma moved to pushed past George but stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Professor Mcgonagall's voice.

"Mr Weasley! Ms Patil! Your behaviour is despicable. Meet me in my office at the beginning of lunch!" Then she addressed the crowd. "By the time I count to three if you are not out of my sight, you will be joining these two at lunch."

They were out of sight in two.

For the next two periods Sue grilled Padma for all the details about George. Padma was actually relieved to tell someone about it. She told Sue about everything except Dumbledore's Army.

Fred having witnessed George's humiliation spent the next two periods mocking his twin. Fred made it clear that he approved of Padma and that he looked forward to the next time she would best his brother in public.

Padma was first to arrive at McGonagall's office and was simply met with a steely glare and a gesture to sit down in one of the chairs opposite Mcgonagall on the other side of her desk.

George arrived shortly after and sat next to Padma who folded her arms and refused to acknowledge him.

McGonagall began her lecture on how horrified she was to open her door and hear such vulgar things being said. She knew that George was cheeky but never expected him to cross the line into sexual harassment. His consequence was to apologise to Padma and complete a 5 minute oral presentation in front of his class about the way to treat females respectfully.

McGongall then expressed her shock at Padma's behaviour and questioned whether she should still be allowed to be a prefect if she couldn't set a good example to the other students.

Padma was surprised when George came to her defence.

"Professor, I started it, I was teasing her and she told me where to go. She shouldn't be punished for that."

McGonagall raised her eyebrows in surprise and hid a smile. Padma decided that she didn't believe he was being sincere.

"Very well, Ms Patil your consequence is similar to Mr Weasley's. You will give a 5 minute oral presentation to your classmates on respectable language and behaviour in public and it is your turn to apologise to Mr Weasley."

Padma grit her teeth as she heard the last part. She knew that the right thing to do would be to apologise even though she was not sorry. But McGonagall didn't know about the other situations where George had been an absolute dick. So for the first time in her time at Hogwarts she did not listen.

"I'll do the presentation Professor, but I was always taught to tell the truth. I'm not sorry for what I said. I meant every word."

McGonagall's nostrils flared. She had not expected this.

Padma was not even scared as she would have been in the past. Her anger was fuelling her bravery to go against one of her favourite teachers.

"Right then, that's your choice Ms Patil. But I've decided that neither of you will need to complete the presentation. Instead you will report here every day at 7pm after dinner starting tomorrow to complete certain tasks for me. You will do them together until you learn to tolerate each other."

Padma froze. Every day with him? Why hadn't she just apologised?