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Human Talk: Wazzup my homie?

Thinking: I'm cool bro

Demon Talk: We should stop talking in Gangster style…


At the very beginning when Naruto was born there was the Kyuubi attack. Before that, the Yondaime Hokage cannot kill the powerful demon and spent day and night trying to figure out a backup plan if Kushina's seal fails. At the very end he decided to add the Shikki Fujin and seal the rest into Naruto.

-At Night-

After Naruto was born Minato was extremely happy and Kushina was smiling at the new born baby.


"Yondaime-sama, move away from the host or else" the masked figure moved his kunai closer to the Naruto's neck "your son dies of a ripe age of 1 minute…"

"Calm down!"

"I'm perfectly calm Hokage-sama"

Dang it Kushina's seal is not stable right now thought the Yondaime

The Yondaime threw a kunai at the masked man and Hiraishin to the kunai and the masked figure threw Naruto into the air and about to stab him. Minato grabbed Naruto in midair and the masked man activated some exploding seals up forcing the Yellow Flash to Hiraishin and got a small injury. Minato put Naruto in a safe house and Hiraishin to Kushina. However too late he released the Kyuubi and Minato teleported back to the safe house again and put Kushina next to Naruto. However no one knew Yondiame had a brother. His brother is almost as strong as Yondaime and seals just as good. His borther sealed Kyuubi into Naruto and making him the third Jinchuuriki.

The causality was only a nurse, some ANBU and Biwako was injured and now at the hospital.

The Yondaime was extremely nervous and about to announce his son and wife to public.

"People of Konoha I have brought you today to announce my marriage and my son…"

Yondaime took a deep breath "and I am proud to present you my family"

Kushina came up holding Naruto from her hands, and waved to the people.

There was a great celebration to the people that day with festivals. Kids were laughing and a joyous feeling in the air.