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PART 1- Survivor

Lara felt the ground beneath her swaying, rolling; up and down, side to side, left to right. Her body followed these movements, her head rolling with the ship. A moment ago, she had just vomited up her innards and now she was sitting on the floor. The call of promised peace sang to her again, and she felt her eyes drift close…close…

There was a knock on the door. "Lara," she head Sam say, "are you in there?"

Lara slowly opened her eyes. The Solarii sat mirror opposite her, appearing just as he was in his death. Trickles of blood ran down his tanned face, mixing with the mud, running into his big beard. A dark red splotch on the edge of his forehead, no larger than her thumb, marked the source of his demise. His eyes: dark, wrinkled and accusing, met her stare. From his throat came the chilling gurgles as he choked on his own blood.

Vladimir, Lara remembered dimly, Vladimir was his name.

"Lara, are you okay?" The voice came again, louder, more panicked. There were several bangs on the door. Lara glanced over then back. Vladimir was gone.

He's not real, she thought. She rubbed her temples and squeezed her eyes shut, then psyched herself to stand up. A slight rock of the floor caused her to fall against the wall, and she had to use all of her concentration to walk towards the sink.

With dead fingers, Lara picked up the roll of gauze and began patching up her side, covering the hole through her body once again. She had cleaned it before with antiseptic but it had already begun oozing out dark yellow pus again. The startling pain from the antiseptic almost caused her to pass out, which she thought was daft considering she survived a cauterization.

Lara popped two painkillers and shoved that and the dressing materials in the drawer then opened the door. Sam stood there, one fist in the air, about to bang on the door again. "What were you doing in there taking a shower?" she scowled. Despite that it was clear she was concerned.

Lara smiled and moved her way past her. "I was just changing my bandages," she told Sam.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" She turned back. Sam held up a rag of thin white cloth. "Your shirt?" she said.

Lara looked down and realised she had forgotten to put her shirt back on after she had fixed herself. "Oh," she took it back from Sam. "Thanks," she said, slipping it back on.

"So…" Sam began, "you either hate your shirt or something's wrong. Which is it?"

"Well this shirt is barely holding together. I could use a new one."

Sam cracked a smile then frowned and crossed her arms. "Lara, is everything alright?"

"I should be the one asking you that." She walked to her bed and searched around it for her father's journal.

Sam sat down on her bunk. "You have. Seven times but who's counting?"

Lara smirked. She found her journal and looked outside the porthole, seeing a golden world stark from the grey interior. "I might go outside and get some fresh air."

She was halfway out the door when she noticed two arrows, one aflame, stuck on the metal wall opposite her. The light from the fire cast an orange light over a section of the wall and highlighted the blood red sheen on the stone arrow tips.

A hand touched her shoulder and Lara dropped her journal, spinning around. Her hand was on the magnum holstered at her belt when she realised that it was Sam.

Sam held her hands up, "Don't shoot I come in peace." Lara blinked and dimly remembered Sam talking to her seconds before but being unable to hear her words.

"Sorry," Lara felt a bead of sweat run down her temple. She took a breath. "What were you saying?"

Sam looked at her peculiarly then continued without dropping the look. "I convinced Martian to let me borrow his laptop. There's a bunch of movies on it. Do you want to watch one tonight?"

"Sure," she said, picking her journal up. "So long as I get to pick the movie."

Sam laughed and patted her cheek, "Sure thing sweetie," which meant that she wasn't going to let her pick the movie.

Lara allowed herself a quick smile before looking back at the wall. The arrows were gone. She walked to the spot where they had been and ran her fingers over the metal. The arrows had dented the wall and left a splatter of blood, but now the metal was immaculate, not a trace that anything had been there.

Because there was nothing there, Lara thought. Another wave, stronger this time, forced her against the wall. Lara shook her head free of murkiness and headed off to find Reyes. She hoped the painkillers would kick in soon.